The Best Stuff I Read Last Week

Once again, my “weekend post” comes at the very tail end of the weekend… only three hours to spare!

It was a busy weekend, but I’m not complaining — “busy” comprised a 9-mile trail run (my last of any real difficulty before Boston next Monday), brewing beer (a dunkelweizen) and grilling up some vegan sausages, and cooking a big vegan Spanish tapas menu for a little family celebration of my son’s first birthday (we’ll be in Boston for the real thing).

Not too many links today, but a few stellar ones.  I’ll get right to them while it’s still the weekend.

The Other Side of the Paleo Coin — Get Fit Slowly

This is a must-read for vegan/vegetarian athletes.  It’s a guest post from Mac’s wife, Pam, whom I had no idea was an elite ultrarunner (she just ran a sub-8-hour 100K).  And guess what?  She’s vegetarian!

Recently, a reader emailed me asking how she might justify being a vegetarian, when so many strong and successful athletes are advocating the Paleo diet these days — Pam’s post is the answer that I didn’t have the knowledge to write.  While I’m not sure I agree with every point here, it’s the best set of counterarguments from the vegetarian perspective I’ve yet read.

The Human-Animal Connection — Mark’s Daily Apple

Former pro triathlete Mark Sisson isn’t Paleo, but he’s close: He’s Primal.

There is a difference. I’m not totally clear on what it is, but both still depend on consuming large amounts of meat — which is why I was pretty surprised to see this potentially compassionate headline in my feed reader.

Anyway, the post is a departure from Mark’s normal content, and it’s a nice read.  He displays an appreciation for animals’ roles in our lives, but seems also to consider hunting a part of our “connection” with them.  Overall, it’s a fair and thought-provoking post, neither anti- nor pro-vegetarian, from what I can tell.

The line that I keep thinking about is one Mark cites by someone else, regarding domestication of animals: “In groups without domestic animals, both human and non-human animals are viewed as having an intellect – that is, sentience, sociability, and intelligence.”

Screw You, I Quit! — Illuminated Mind

It wouldn’t be “The Best Stuff I Read Last Week” without at least one post to make you want to go kick ass, right?  Here it is.

What I like about this one is that it’s not just ra-ra, go-get-it stuff, but a few slighty more-concrete steps you can take to change your situation.

And the “screw you” is a more subtle one than screaming at your boss as you burn every last bridge with your current employer — it’s more about giving the finger to the cultural expectations so many people feel pressure to meet, and end up wasting their time living the life someone else designed for them.

Have a great beginning of your week. 🙂



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  1. I’ve been looking for a good dunkelweizen kit. Did you buy a kit or follow a recipe? I try to get my ingredients from the organic homebrew coop, and they don’t have a dunkelweizen kit. I’m not cool enough for all-grain brewing though.

  2. Hey Matt: Thanks for the link. Both Pam and I are struggling with coming up with the diet plan that works best for us. Pam’s not a total vegitarian, by the way, she does eat some seafood and dairy. Our diet boils down to what we call “eating clean.” It’s a fairly common term that means we try to eat a varied diet of foods that we prepare ourselves with limited sugars, alcohol, dairy, and grains. NOTHING is off limits, but we try and stick to colorful veggies for our sources of carbs and vitamins/minerals, lean meats for protein, and avocado, EVOO, and nut and seeds for our healthy fats. So it’s paleo-ish, without all the would “Grok” have been able to eat it stuff.

  3. “The Other SIde of the Paleo Coin” sounds fantastic I’ve always wanted to know more about the diet.

    and although I don’t need screw you I quit since I’m a full time blogger I think we all know a lot of people that need to read it!

    thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  4. Jon Weisblatt says:

    Good luck in Boston!!! Have a blast and run easy!

  5. read the anti-paleo post and some of those arguments are a little off base. Justifying dairy by point out we’re the only animals to wear clothes? Not sure about that. Good luck in Boston!

  6. How about a link to the dunkelwiezen recipe?

    Hooray beer!

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