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  • I have difficulty getting certain vitamins, and because I get in a comfortable rut with food. I don’t necessarily WANT to switch things up once I have found something I like or that works with my workouts. Last year I was vegan (with about 3 slips) for 6 months. I felt good. Slept good. Skin was good. But I started eating meat. It also tastes good. Then I was vegan again a couple of months, and got stuck in a rut of half whole foods, half processed. I felt I was eating more poorly trying to stay vegan than I do when I allow animal foods. At least I am eating whole foods. I need help doing a whole foods vegan diet that is affordable, sustainable, and doesn’t make me feel like my stomach is eating itself.

    1. Try Happy Herbivore Light n Lean cookbook. There are simple recipes that wont break the bank or take forever to prepare! She has kindle and paperback cookbooks available and a website. She even sells meal plans with grocery lists if you need help planning!

  • Great post and perfect for MeatFreeWeek …. hopefully it will inspire a few more people to make the change on a more permanent basis. I think these tips are also great in general for anyone looking to make a change in their lifestyle.

  • Great post, love all of the tips. I want to be vegan at some point, as I feel it is closer to my true self. It seems a natural evolution of who I am. I am at the stage that I have eliminated a lot of meat and still have a bit of seafood in my kitchen, but I already eat vegetarian and vegan most of the time so soon, I’ll eliminate fish and seafood from my diet.
    The thing that causes me the most anxiety is social situations. I don’t like to be an inconvenience on others and I suffer of social anxiety. It’s hard enough for me to be in the presence of people, but having to feel like a burden on others, adds to my issues. Even with my husband, who accommodates me a lot. It still feels a bit wrong, but I’ve always told him that it’s ok if he wants meat, I’m not going to prevent him from having any… As I am the main cook in the house, he often is just happy to eat what I serve and has the occasional meat at work for lunch or at a restaurant when we go out.
    However I am determined to make as many changes as I feel I can do in my condition, and this post is very helpful for this. I hope someday to feel comfortable to be fully vegan and not feel ashamed or like a burden for it.

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  • Few questions, why not eat egg? Also what alternatives for egg can I have? I’ve read also that you cannot have bread but, have heard mixed things on that, like you can but only if it’s gluten free. Thanks in advance for your response.

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