A plant-based diet can make you fitter, faster, and happier

You’re not here to be preached to. And I’m not here to preach.

In fact, I’ll come right out and say that a plant-based diet might not be for you. But I’ll also say this: You won’t know until you try. And the potential benefits are enormous:

  • Weight loss, which often leads to increased speed
  • Easier digestion and faster recovery after workouts
  • Improved energy levels to help with not just athletic performance but your day-to-day life
  • Reduced impact on the planet

Just ask some of the best endurance athletes in the world, who do much more than “get by” on a plant-based diet: they choose to fuel with plants, because that’s what they’ve learned gives them the best results.

No Meat Athlete is about giving you tools, not preaching. We’re all about training tips, recipes, advice on how to transition, and the occasional dose of inspiration — so that even if now isn’t the time for you to start eating less meat (but especially if it is), you’ll know you’ve always got someone in your corner to help you out.

our community

The No Meat Athlete community includes thousands of individuals and groups who are interested in plant-based health and fitness. We don’t preach. We don’t judge. We just encourage each other to live our best lives, and for many of us, that includes a lot of plants!


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Real Life:

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what others say about NMA

“I love your no-pressure, non-sanctimonious approach. I’m finding so much amazing useful content on NMA, I can’t even begin to tell you how much you are helping me.”

-Maureen O’Donnell

“I had no idea where to start my vegetarian journey, and your site has been so incredibly helpful. Being an endurance athlete, fueling and eating properly are so important not only to my overall health, but to my athletic performance as well, and I have learned so much from you site already in the two short months that I’ve been reading. Thanks for all your help!”

-Courtney, Neenah, WI

“Your website is an IMMENSE source of assurance and hardcore info. It truly helped ease any fear and doubt as to being able to first, get all the nutrients I needed as a vegan and athlete.”

-Ricky Ferdon, Georgetown, SC

“I had been seriously debating giving up vegetarianism because I thought and felt that it was detrimental to my training. How wrong I was! No Meat Athlete’s advice and practical information educated me on not only how to be a better healthier vegetarian but also a better, faster athlete, runner, triathlete. I am now considering going not only pro but also vegan with Matt’s help.”

-Chris, Sewanee, TN

“Your insight into training meat-free has been a true inspiration. I was vegetarian for 10 years and then became a meat-eater to train because I thought it was the only way. Boy was I wrong. I’m so happy to know that I can train, run, be healthy and still be a vegetarian. THANK YOU for being my cyber coach in all of this!”

-Jess, Burbank, CA

“I came across your blog shortly after making the decision to go veg and can’t even begin to tell you what an awesome resource it’s been for me. I look forward to every email and can’t wait to get your Half Marathon Roadmap! I don’t consider myself a runner, but hey — until recently I didn’t think I could be a vegetarian either and now it’s been 5 months and I feel better than ever.”

-Nicole, Chattanooga, TN

“I have been plagued by running injuries for years, but last Sunday I ran my first marathon in 3:44 and it felt great! No Meat Athlete was my number one source of information during my training, and I couldn’t have done it without your information on nutrition, form, gear, training, and motivation.”

-Cait, Worcester, MA

meet the team

Esther, Matt F., Susan, Will, Andrew, Doug, Matt T.

Matt Frazier

Asheville, NC


No Meat Athlete was founded in 2009 by Matt Frazier, at about the same time he went vegetarian. Six months later, Matt qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:09:59 at the Wineglass Marathon, over 100 minutes faster than his first marathon time seven years prior.

Since then, Matt has run several 50-mile ultramarathons and in 2013 ran his first 100-miler at Burning River in Ohio.

When he’s not running, cooking, or blogging, Matt enjoys martial arts, reading, gambling, music, and brewing beer. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife, two children, and two rescued dogs, and is the author of No Meat Athlete: Run on Plants and Discover Your Fittest, Fastest, Happiest, Self and The No Meat Athlete Cookbook, which was named one of “The Top 7 Health & Fitness Books of 2017” by Sports Illustrated and People.

No Meat Athlete currently has over 250,000 email subscribers. In 2014, Greatist named Matt one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness. Matt and No Meat Athlete have been featured in several books, including:

Doug Hay

Black Mountain, NC

COO and Senior Adviser of Keeping It Real

How I joined No Meat Athlete: I chased after a dude wearing a NMA shirt at the 2011 DC VegFest. It turned out to be Matt, and we struck up a friendship from there. A few years later he came to me asking for help organizing the first NMA Training Group in DC. The job has blossomed from there. Moral of the story? Chase down people wearing NMA shirts.

What I do at No Meat Athlete: Co-Host NMA Radio and run the day to day operations that keep this community blossoming.

Primary Sport: The long, slow, wobble through the woods, aka ultrarunning.

Secondary modes of sweating: Biking around town and occasional long ride with friends. That, and chasing a 2 year-old around the yard.

Coolest thing I’ve ever done: A week-long trek through Chile’s Patagonia.

Mantra and/or favorite inspiring quote: “You can do anything for 10 minutes. Now get your ass in gear!” Repeat 10 minutes later or as needed.

I idolize: My daughter, who’s always searching to discover something new and exciting.

Favorite No Meat Athlete post: How You Can Run an Ultramarathon. I signed up for my first ultra less than 10 days after reading this post.

Matt Tullman

Boulder, CO

Managing Partner

What I’m supposed to do at No Meat Athlete: Try to stay out of Doug’s way.

What I actually do at No Meat Athlete: End up in Doug’s way

Primary Sport: Doug dodging. (Or Running)

Secondary modes of getting your sweat on: Kettlebell / Yoga

Favorite race: Ragnar (for the team spirit 🙂

Bucket-List race: Climbing all the 14’ers in Colorado

Foods I once thought were gross but now can’t get enough of: I’ve always had a deep love affair with food, and never met one that I didn’t like!

Coolest thing I’ve ever done: Becoming a dad.

Scariest thing I’ve ever done: Becoming a dad in a massive snow storm.

Mantra and/or favorite inspiring quote: “Trust yourself” or “Comfort is the enemy.”

Favorite No Meat Athlete post: Behind the Scenes look at NMA

Esther Jaffa

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Assistant to the Senior Advisor, Customer Service Wizard, and ‘Girl, Friday”

What I do at No Meat Athlete: Support! I support the NMA Team and NMA Community. If you need something, I’m your “Girl, Friday”

Primary Sport: Gym Rat

Secondary modes of getting your sweat on: Running and public speaking

Favorite race: St. Jude Memphis Marathon!!  (Memphis, Tennessee)

Foods I once thought were gross but now can’t get enough of: I LOVE brussel sprouts! Broccoli, Asparagus, and Beets. All the veggies you were forced to eat as a child, I can’t get enough of, as an adult. #Adulting

Scariest thing I’ve ever done: Starting my own business and joining the NMA Team. Excited and scary are interchangeable, right?

I idolize: Strong, Caring, Compassionate, Driven women. If you are out there doing your thang, I admire you!

Favorite No Meat Athlete Post: How Not to Be the Punchline of the Vegan-at-a-Dinner-Party Joke  This podcast was new when I was a baby-vegan, and new the plant-based world and it really resonated with me.

Wilfredo Benitez

Portland, Oregon

Pulse Community Manager

What I do at No Meat Athlete: Manage and inspire NMA Pulse members with riveting social community engagement and weekly newsletters.

Primary Sport:  Running – half marathons and ultras are my favorites!

Secondary modes of getting your sweat on: soccer and giving nutrition presentations

Bucket-List race: Tarawera Ultramarathon (New Zealand) & Grand to Grand Ultra (Utah, USA)

Foods I once thought were gross but now can’t get enough of: grapefruit and tea

Coolest thing I’ve ever done: moved straight across the country (Jersey to Oregon) with my life partner and then switched careers from being a school teacher to being a nutritionist.

Scariest thing I’ve ever done: I cliff dove once. Also, see above ^.

Favorite No Meat Athlete post: The Surprising Results of My Tart Cherry Juice Challenge – I started using tart cherry after this and my stubborn knee pain went away for good. Do you know how significant that is for a runner? I can’t recommend this stuff enough!

Andrew Carter

Evansville, IN

Content Editor

What I’m supposed to do at No Meat Athlete: Write and copy edit blog posts, newsletters, emails, and anything else Doug send me.

What I actually do at No Meat Athlete: Laugh at deadlines.

Primary Sport: Trail and ultra running.

Secondary modes of getting your sweat on: Cycling, burpees, laundry.

Favorite race: Yamacraw 50k in Stearns, Kentucky. The race is beautiful, the volunteers are incredible, and there’s a surprise vegan restaurant in Whitley City where they serve vegan brunch the day after the race.

Foods I once thought were gross but now can’t get enough of: Um…I’m not terribly ashamed to admit that I’ve never thought any food was gross. I will eat anything (if it didn’t come from an animal and is generally thought to be digestible).

Coolest thing I’ve ever done: Solo, self-supported thru-run of the 40-mile Tecumseh Trail in Indiana.

Favorite No Meat Athlete post: From Couch to Ironman — It’s one of the first ones I read from NMA. It made me realize that I am capable of a lot more than I can imagine, and there’s no “right way” to start working toward your goal.

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