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  • Love all, Robert Cheeke’smstuff. Guess I have a new book to buy. Thanks Robert for being a voice and an inspiration. Wow, amazing transformationin just 30 days!

  • I’ve got a question slightly off the subject. In trying to go completely vegan (I’ve been almost that for most of my adult life) I have developed dental caries for the first time in my life (and I’m 70 years old). Research has indicated that the higher phytic acid content of grains and legumes often does contribute to cavities with vegans. Your recommended recipes are high in these ingredients. Any thoughts?

  • I’m trying to lose fat while building muscle. Are these incompatible goals since you need to increase calories to gain muscle but decrease calories to lose fat? Do you have to do one before the other? If so, how do you safely raise your calorie intake to allow muscle gain without regaining the fat? Thanks in advance for your help

    1. If I may offer my 2-cents, I am of the understanding that yes, when consuming more calories to increase muscle mass, fat will also come with it. One solution is to “zigzag” your training and eating plans. I’m no expert but Google it; Thomas Tadlock has some great info about this. Not sure NMA has info on this but search the page just in case. Or read about Vanessa’s training style in their new book, I recall she incorporates cardio regularly with her lifting regimen to keep body fat in check. Lastly, you can focus on building mass, all mass, then finish with a shredding routine to cut fat. That’s what my trainer wants me to do… We’re focused on gaining mass and if my body fat goes out of our goals, we’ll incorporate some HIIT cardio training to cut. Again, no expert but you can look at these styles of training online.

  • I have the same question as Jennifer. I’ve also heard to lose fat you need to cut it down but I’ve also read you need fat to fight fat? Everything is confusing could you please explain the correct way this is supposed to be done. Thank you so much laura

  • This is a good article covering strategies for bulking up but it does not provide any guidelines for cutting. I was wondering what Robert’s recommendations are, such as how to do it effectively, when to bulk and when to cut etc..

  • Very informative, but these articles are always catered to men who workout. Would be nice if you could also provide a realistic meal plan for women who strength train.

    1. Some of those meal plans are Vanessa’s from their book. I use a lot of those as the basis for my meals and training goals. You can reduce the total amount but keep the ingredients (ratios) if that makes sense? Like discussed in the article, figure out your calorie targets and then modify these recipes, they really are great! Their e-book is helpful too. I bought it to get the perspective of a female who lifts.

  • What about fasting. Ive always read and heard you need to give your GI a rest. In your meal plans you are eating 6 times a day

  • Hello,
    I’m really struggling. I switched over to a vegan diet. I did a show back in October and I was eating meat. I can find no one to help me. I just can’t seem to get the right amount of macros to help me stay lean. I feel bloated and gross. I don’t want to go back to meat. Please help. I know how to weigh my foods while eating meat but for some reason I’m struggling with eating the correct vegan macros. Please help. My maintenance daily intake in cal is 2165. to bulk its 2382 and to cut is 1732. I dont want to. bulk anymore than I am and I don’t know what to eat as far as a meal plan. or how to figure it out. What should I do?

  • Thanks, I’m starting my bodybuilding again. I want to do my first show and look amazing. Great transformation on 30 days, wow! That’s motivation right there;)

  • Great stuff! I went over to a mostly vegan diet after moving in together with my girlfriend. Been struggling with the weightlifting ever since, hoping my results will go back up with these tips.

  • As a vegan active person I eat regularly tofu, quinoa, rice, tofu, chia seeds, and hemp seeds for protein. Maca powder as stimulant. BCAAs as a protein supplement

  • actually I am more confused you share the totals after one days meal plan which consisted of 122.5 g protein,
    My understanding from most bodybuilders is to eat 1.5 to 2 grams of protien per pound of body weight . therefore would not the total grams of protien far exceed 122.5 grams for one days total ?

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