Matt’s Dad on How Going Plant-Based at Age 63 Has Drastically Improved His Health


Me and my dad with Dr. Greger at Remedy Food Live Toronto, 2016

Over the years, my dad has made several appearances on No Meat Athlete …

Well, he did. It took a few years and a heart-health scare, but he finally read that book — among many, many other books, talks, and interviews he’s consumed in these first few months of his plant-based journey.

And in just that short time, he has transformed his health.

Motivated by a laundry list of health issues, of which the heart scare was only the most recent, he hasn’t only gone plant-based … he’s been so thorough about eating healthy, micronutrient-rich food that he has motivated me to do better in my own diet. And his dietary changes have been led to the reversal of nearly all of his health issues, including the atrial fibrillation that first motivated the change.

More visibly than all of  that, he has regained the energy levels I remember him having when I was a kid … and now my own kids get to benefit.

All of this is wonderful, and I’m endlessly thankful that he found this lifestyle and that it has worked so well. But it’s hard not to ask:

My dad has watched me and my family do this for almost eight years, with the blog, the book, the podcast … so why did it take so long for him to give this a try?

In this episode of No Meat Athlete Radio, my dad, co-host Doug, and I sit down for an interview to talk about why and how he made the change, and just as importantly, how a typical NMA Radio listener might motivate his or her own parents to give a plant-based diet a try.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • The interview he listened to that sparked the change
  • My dad’s daily routine: what he puts in his smoothie, and much more
  • Small steps, or massive action?
  • How an immersion event in Toronto helped him turn the corner
  • His cardiologist’s reaction to his improvements
  • How a trip to Italy actually brought back his old symptoms (and how they disappeared again when he resumed his healthy diet)
  • Why did it take so long to get here?
  • The books and movies he recommends to interested friends
  • His advice for plant-based adults who can’t seem to reach their parents with this message

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  1. Great episode with a great inspirational story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Selva Thompson says:

    Great interview. I have to say that because of your dad ,Tim Frazier, my husband and I have also embraced a plant-based diet.
    Everything he’s learning from you, he’s passing along to whoever wants to listen and I’m so glad that I was paying attention on my last trip to wonderful Bel Air, Maryland.
    Thank you both for caring so much and willing to share your knowledge with the rest of us.
    My husband and I are feeling a lot better and now we are trying to pass on whatever we learn to our children and friends, and whoever wants to listen to us.
    I feel that all the cows, chickens, turkeys, fish, bison and lambs in the world are loving us a lot more.

  3. This is the first cast I have listened to completely. Your dad rocks! thank you

  4. Bradley Noble says:

    Your dad’s story gave me a new look at my life and where it is slowly going. I retired last year at the age of 60, mainly due to my health and energy issues.While my blood pressure has become more stabilized due to less stress( I was a teacher), I still seem to catch almost everything that comes down the pike. Chronic bronchitis has been ongoing for 7 months now.
    I also do not want to be in a nursing home or have my child spend her best years having to take care of me. While I am not a big meat eater, I do eat a lot of diary and processed foods. I enjoy fruits,vegetables and beans; I just don’t like the preparation time involved.
    I am very encouraged by how much better your dad feels so I definitely going to change my eating habits NOW!

  5. Such a great interveiw! Good for him (great idea from your wife Matt) taking charge of his health. I think it is hard to talk to your family about such things, especially from an adult/child. Real change is intrincite based on my opinion, so sometimes it takes a health scare to motivate someone to move in that direction. Without your family living such a healthy lifestyle this valueable information may never have shown itself so know although talking may not have worked at first the way you live Matt, did have influence. I have a feeling doctors think that if patients had the ability to live a healthy life style then they would already be doing it and so they tend to prescribe medication. Go Dad Frazier!

  6. I really enjoyed this episode. As Tim listed his health issues, I checked off almost all of them as well. Last year, at age 50, my cholesterol was out of control, I had BPH symptoms, an increasing PSA level, pain in my finger joints, etc. I was also experiencing memory issues that really scared me. I had been on a low carb diet for a decade to keep my weight under control. As it turns out, that was the exact opposite of what I should have been eating.

    I started cutting out animal products last November and went fully vegan in March of this year. All of these health issues resolved very quickly. My weight is the lowest it has been since college. I am running faster than ever and set a 5K PR at age 51 last month.


  7. Hi Matt,
    I am 53, been a veggie since 1990. I am sure that has helped me stay reasonably healthy and not suffer from stuff that many of my friends around me have and do suffer with. I have not been scientific about it. But been listening to your podcasts for a while now (and others) and am slowly getting off the other ‘bad’ foods, oils, dairy, etc. The dairy is making a real difference, I havn’t had a blocked nose in ages, even when I caught the ‘family cold’ I seemed to be best off and not be blocked up.
    Anyway this is not about me. It’s about your dad. Awesome story. I have passed ‘his’ episode on to several older folk, meat eaters on 20 pills a day, and said, listen to this, then go buy Dr Greger How Not to Die on kindle and I will pay for the book…
    Please pass my contacts to Tim – if he has time I’d really like to learn more about the reading and research he did (he mentions it in the podcast) that brought him to the conclusions of what he is doing today, what he eats, etc. This is so important… if I can help any of these folk I know who are suffering (well they will have to choose to help themselves) then great…
    [I am on the other side of the pond btw – a Brit!]
    Thanks guys…

  8. First podcast, I listened to, very interesting and it proves that healthy eating, plant-based eating is the best medicine. However, it seems a little sad that someone going to Italy has to bring along some of his food. Vegetable in Italy is so much better because it mostly grows outside with lots of sun. Yes, Pizza, Pasta and Gelato aren’t so healthy but if you see what people cook at home, there is much vegetables involved and the mediterranean diet is well-known, olive oil is very healthy, too. We use it with most stuff we cook, not vegetarian, not even vegan but mostly plants.

  9. Chuck Eubanks says:

    I’m 67 years old, can I still build muscle with the vegan diet. I’m 6’1″ around 153 or 154 played sports growing up. Try working out with dumbbells 3 times a week. Just need some insight. I feel good in my body, but have always had trouble putting on weight. Can you help?


  1. […] episode of No Meat Athlete Radio talking to Matt’s recently-gone-vegan father was great because he openly discusses his health problems, being a critic of the lifestyle prior, […]

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