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At the beginning of the year I wrote a post called The Frictionless Kitchen, about the little tricks — hacks, if you will — we employ at my house to stay on track with healthy eating, without having to think about it.

Well, today’s episode of No Meat Athlete Radio might as well be called The Frictionless Runner.

As a dad, I’ve learned just how precious my time is. There’s plenty I’d like to do, and so little time to do it — so when it comes to the really important habits, running included, I do everything I can to grease the wheels a little bit. That doesn’t mean I cheat my way out of the difficult days (that’d be missing the point of running), but it does mean I take advantage of easy tricks that make a difference.

It turns out Doug’s the same way. In today’s episode Doug and I pulled together our favorite running hacks to help you remove a few obstacles from your running routine.

Because if you were given the opportunity to make something inherently difficult a just little simpler — and more likely to happen — why wouldn’t you?

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • The difference between a hack and a cheat
  • Running shoes — how to buy all you need without going broke
  • Simple nutrition tricks to get the job done, without extra stress
  • How to turn “not enough time” into your best workout of the week
  • And a dozen more genius (if we don’t say so ourselves) running hacks

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  1. It is awesome to read through your blog and see how much work you have do for no meat athletes! I’m looking forward to sharing my story, but I have a feeling I will be coming to your blog for some great tips!

    -Veggie Fueled Runner

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