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  • As I’ve aged, my mobility has suffered so significantly. I run for a few days, get injured (hip bursitis, runner’s knee, pulled calf muscle, and so on. As soon as an injury clears up, I get back on track then suffer another one. It’s mentally exhausting and so discouraging – and it imapcts every day life, not just running. As a NYC marathon completer and with some great miles under my belt, I don’t even consider myself a runner anymore because of the cycle of injuries. I do think much of it come from reduced mobility which leads to poor biomechanics and different ways of compensating – and then the injuries come. Ugh. I’m really exicted to give this a try and I love that you tell me that I can do 10 minutes a day. That’s about all I’ve got so it seems achievable. I want to run. I want to be able to move without pain every day. Thanks for this post!

    1. ok, think about what happens to a car that’s been driven into curbs, potholes…it needs an alignment …if it doesn’t get one, then the tires will wear unevenly along with the extra loads on the ball joints,tierods,all causing more damage…the human body is no different…miles of fascia have been compromisrd from the trauma of acl,ankle,etc insults…the Fix,ms Linda, is to find a Rolfer [Structural Integration guy/gal] or an Osteopathic Doctor who does manipulation treatments…easy peasy…as well, dump the Dairy, as all the bacteria&viruses fuel the fire of inflammation. cheers

  • Just wanted to say thank you for this post–my hip has been giving me grief during marathon training and following your hip mobility video this morning was a lifesaver! It’s the first thing I’ve found that really felt like it stretched what needed stretching. Looking forward to working through the rest of the videos and incorporating these into my regular routine.

  • Such great and detailed information! I have incorporated yoga into my workout for the last 5 years, and it has greatly improved my stiff joints. Thank you for this great article!

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