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  • Nice, and good suggestions. I workout throughout the week, and am an avid long-boarder and mud obstacle course runner that is always looking for some energy foods that have long range sustainability.
    I am also generally found in the kitchen with my family watching on curiously as I invent new tasty sources of vegan and vegetarian meals and snacks. I have recently created several amazing vegan, organic snacks that have become the rage in our family. Using ingredients such as organic dates, organic raw cacao powder, organic raisins, organic hemp protein, organic coconut, organic sunflower seeds, organic sesame seeds, organic goji berries powdered, organic apricots, organic flax, organic vanilla.
    Have a great day!
    Peter Sabbagh | Founder http://www.thinkmatcha.com/

  • I’m eating the salt and vinegar chickpeas from Oh She Glows right now! I like to make a double batch so I’m fumigating my kitchen with vinegar smell half as frequently.

  • I love this post. There’s certainly something to be said for easy ways of fueling my body.
    I like many of these ideas, and have even done some of them myself, but I rarely have time to make granola, roasted chickpeas and energy bars myself. I have started using the athlete snacks from http://www.athleticfoodie.com and absolutely love them. They’re probably not right for everyone, but they make my life easy.
    Happy workouts to all my fellow no meat athletes!

  • […] I read this book The Runners Guide to the Meaning of Life by Amby Burfoot: despite being an excellent runner, he met with some failures. He was unable to get into the Olympics twice, and “I learned that losing isn’t contagious. It’s not a fatal condition, and it’s not forever. It’s more like a cold that makes you miserable for a week but then goes away, and quickly discovered that my 10-year Olympic quest hadn’t taught me failure. Indeed, the discipline and training goal setting had prepared me for success in other areas.” I really enjoyed reading it and found inspiration in many parts of the book especially because it’s a vegan runner! If you want to read more about this topic I’d like to suggest this article Eat Vegan & Run and if you want some ideas about vegan snack for athlete read this…. […]

  • Simple Tips For Becoming A Vegan Athlete + 7 Great Protein Sources For Vegan Athletes | Fun Times Guide to Running/ Biking/ Swimming says:

    […] Or, make your own high-energy plant-based snacks. […]

  • I used to eat heavy meals including meat and would often feel tired. I’m a vegan now and eat several smaller meals like this article suggests and I can testify that it indeed quenches hunger better and leads to sustained energy, esp compared to meat based diets.

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