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  • We moved to Asheville last summer – in order to live near our two daughters and their families who had both settled here. And we LOVE it. It is a great place to eat a plant based diet. Plant is awesome – but I haven’t had their s’nuts. Hmmm – they sound addictive. There are so many great places to eat here – and markets for groceries. My husband and I both run, too – although we’re in the over 60 age group and aren’t too fast. Are you going to run the 3/16 Biltmore Marathon?

    1. Deb, you’re right — roasting nuts changes the fat and probably (depending on who you ask) makes them less healthy. For my usual, everyday snack, I eat raw trail mix (though even those almonds must be steam-pasteurized, by U.S. law). But it’s also probably healthier not to run ultramarathons, and I still do that. 🙂 So same thing here. I try to limit my less-healthy foods, but that doesn’t mean I exclude them entirely.

  • You really make me want to move to Asheville! There was a time several years ago that my husband and I talked about moving to Asheville, looking back I wish we had taken the leap!
    I have your book but have yet to make those nuts, they sound delicious.

  • Those look freakin’ amazing! They sound good too with maple syrup. Can I substitute that with honey you think? Just to add variety 🙂

  • My fiance & I are eloping to Ashevile in a few weeks! I looked at Plant’s website and they look DELICIOUS! We will definitely be Any other suggestions for where to eat? He has a severe gluten allergy and we’re both vegan.

    1. Emily, there’s a place called Posana that’s gluten-free; I’m not sure what vegan options they have though (I’ve never eaten there). As I wrote to someone else, lots of places in Asheville (including Plant) clearly mark their gluten-free items though, and usually offer a good number of them. Rosetta’s and Laughing Seed also have a lot of vegan options, and Laughing Seed certainly has some gluten-free ones. I’m not sure if they’re marked at Rosetta’s.

  • Matt, I’ve been talking about Asheville for almost two days now with my wife. Never heard of the place, but you made it sound much nicer than Houston Texas. After looking at the official Asheville website, there is no doubt that it is. You’ve put it on our map as our top 5 places to live. The other 4 are still undecided.

  • We LOVE Plant! It is such a treat to dine at a place and not have to ask any questions or make substitutions or special arrangements… the food is divine, the presentation, and service and whole experience is just wonderful. We’ve taken our kids and they love it too!
    Emily- the Laughing Seed is also a great spot for vegans. I was going to ask Matt the same thing, about good places to eat in Asheville- we travel there a lot in the summer and have loved finding good spots for plant based eating. Maybe a ‘visiting Asheville’ post, Matt?

    1. Well, a “visiting Asheville” post may be a little narrow for the blog’s audience … but Plant, Rosetta’s, and Laughing Seed are the three vegetarian/vegan restaurants. What makes Asheville great (for us, anyway) is that so many places have vegan options, and they’re almost always clearly marked (as are gluten-free options).

    1. Chris, they should be sticky until they cool, but after that the coating should harden. I suspect they need to be baked longer if they’re staying sticky.

    1. Yeah, the weather is certainly great for outdoor sports. Our first summer here there were a few sweltering hot days, but the humidity always feels so much less than what I’m used to from living in Maryland. I actually wish we’d get a little more snow than we do, though — we got a good 6-8 inches in a storm a few weeks ago, and it was nice to go skiing with the mountain completely covered.

    1. Becca, this was at Asheville Brewing Company on Merrimon Ave (not the downtown location). There are other theaters that serve beer and food, but I doubt they have vegan pizza.

  • I’m thinking about checking out Asheville this year. It’s sounds like a great place. I’ve made this nut recipe twice now. They are delicious. Thanks for posting.

  • Your blog is the reason my husband and I are taking a trip there this year to scope it out as a potential place to live. This recipe sounds awesome and Plant is on our list to try when we’re there!

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