Where Do You Get Your Protein?


The simple answer: it’s not that hard. But I don’t expect you to believe that (yet).

Sure, if you’re plant-based diet is filled with lots of processed, vegan junk food (that which has much of the protein, fiber and nutrients removed), then yeah, you can have a protein problem. But with a whole-food based diet — even one free of animal-products — a protein deficiency in the absence of a total caloric deficiency is exceedingly rare.

Still, if you’re considering the shift to a more plant-based diet, especially as an athlete, then you’re probably not satisfied with that. I get it; it’s hard to undo 20 or 30 or more years of believing “we need lots of protein, and protein comes from meat.”

You’re in the right place. Below is a list of links to the best articles we’ve published about protein — how much you need, and where to get it in your plant-based diet.

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