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  • Great post! My mom is a new vegan and she’s the type who just eats lettuce and fruit all day. I have been striving to get more beans into her diet and these are great recipes to keep the variety going!

  • We eat some combination of beans and (brown) rice more than once a week. I never get tired of it, since the variations are endless. These are great!

  • We tried out the Mexican beans and rice tonight in our house and they were delicious. Thank you for the recipe.

  • I am very excited about these recipes. I recently moved and decided I want to simply everything including my spice rack! I could probably live on these recipes. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • wow this was a ridiculously helpful post! i keep thinking I need to include more beans and this will do it!

  • I’ve now tried all of these recipes, they are all great. I did use green onions in the Asian beans and rice putting them in when everything else was almost done.

  • This is a great article, I’ve used it as a reference several times! You guys should do more variations of the beans and rice!

  • I have tried a couple of experiments based on the recipes in this post. Italian with cannellini beans, sundried tomatoes, cured black olives, basil and oregano; and Spanish with pink (also called navy) beans, green and red bell peppers, canned tomatoes and paprika. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I literally make the Indian version of these 4-5 times a month. Thank you so much for these recipes!

  • i’m trying the Baltimore version for tomorrow’s lunch. i was born & bred in B’more and never thought of this combo – awesome!

  • huh? I’m still confused here, I live in Vermont,
    I thought the article would be about 5 different kinds of beans. I only grow green organic bush beans and green organic pole beans. I buy brown rice.
    Am I o.k.? Am I getting my protein? I throw in other organic garden vegetables, tomatoes, pumpkin, squash, cabbage, etc.

  • Writing that “[t]he amino acids in rice and beans come together to form a complete protein…” is a little misleading. Specifically, rice and beans each have an amino acid that, when consumed together, combine to create lysine, as opposed to every last protein your body needs.
    Most, but not all, animals have the ability to synthesize lysine. Humans are not in that group, so they typically receive lysine by ingesting animal proteins. If you’re vegan or non-pescatarian veg, then you’re not going to bite a cow, so rice and beans becomes kind of a mandatory part of your diet.

  • Great basic recipes. I was worried about how to handle lunch at a big tennis event without eating overpriced salads every day. Just making any of these and stuffing tortillas solves the problem. Lunch is served! Thanks.

  • i decide to tray being a vegetarian wen meat mad me sick wen i eat it OS i jest quit eating meat and i fell better then i have in years and i’m a diabetic i got my sugars in Chick now and a lot moor energy then i had it jest a different to cook food that we can eat but i’m read a lot of labels wen i go shopping and i love farmers markets

  • Wow, I love beans and rice and just decided to look for some recipes to see what was out there that could change it up a bit. Not vegetarian or vegan, I like my meat OCCASIONALLY. When I google searched I got Red Beans and Rice and Black Beans and Rice recipes galore. Thanks so much for providing something so easy with so much variety that provides a flavor in your mouth that seems too good to be true!

  • im making red beans and rice to night wthe green pears and onion and garlick for super to night i lick to us chili beans in mine it give it a kick and i see some on hear i well betraying

  • Hello, what size cans of tomatoes are we talking about here? like 400g or less? I don’t want to be wasting >.<

  • Hi Christine,
    These are some solid recipes 🙂 I like how you keep things nice and simple and don’t use any ‘hard to find’ ingredients.

  • If you are looking to lose weight or are just a health conscious person, leave out the oil and use water instead. Also buy the eden so salt added beans and they also make the tomatos and green chilis with no salt as well. Comes out just as tasty. Great recipes though thanks.

  • I’ve tried all of these recipes & they’re great. Even though the basic recipe is the same for each, they all have such different flavors! Thanks for sharing them!

  • Hi, great recipes! Yum by all means. I have a question. Do beans and rice make A complete protien or is it complete protien with all aminos and protiens?

  • I use pineapple in the Asian version, not much of a mandarin orange fan. I also try to vary my grain choice; my go-to is quinoa, and barley and kidney beans goes over quite well, too, but barley has gluten so it’s not celiac friendly.

    1. Thanks for the pineapple suggestion, hadn’t thought of it (but only like oranges as a sweet fruit, never in my supper).

  • My friends were talking about this wonderful website with vegetarian and vegan recipes. As busy homeschool moms, they were excited about a particular post of easy bean & rice recipes. I’ve made Mexican Beans & Rice and Indian Beans & Rice. Love them both! I’ll be making all of these before the week is over!!

  • Hi,
    I also have a Greek variation. You need:
    450gr spinach, well washed (or frozen 450g frozen spinach)
    2 tbs olive oil
    1 red onion, chopped
    1 garlic clove, crushed
    50 gr olive, halved and stone free
    425gr chick peas
    400gr (1 can) tomatoes
    1 tsp oregano (or mixed herbs)
    Optional – feta and Greek yoghurt
    And you make it like this:
    • Cook the spinach for 5mn until tender. Don’t add any water
    • Chop up the spinach
    • In a separate sauce pan, fry oil then onion and garlic
    • Add olives, chickpeas, tomatoes and herbs
    • Bring to boil then turn down heat and leave for 15mn
    • Stir in chopped spinach (and feta)
    • Season with salt and pepper
    • Heat through and stir for two minutes
    • Spoon it into a warmed bowl (and add a spoon of Greek yoghurt)
    • Serve with bread
    I make this recipe with out the feta or yoghurt or the olives and it tastes yummy and I’m sure it would taste even better with a serving of brown rice instead of bread, enjoy!! 🙂

  • I found your variations of rice and beans and they all sound delicious. My question is what is a lunch portion of rice and beans if I make one of these recipes????? Or is it a cup of rice and a 1/2 cups beans???
    Thank you,

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  • […] Beans and Rice Variations – No Meat … – Five ways to make beans and rice, the classic complete-protein meal for vegetarians. […]

    1. There is basically no gas if you follow this method. When prepping your beans. Soak them for a minimum of 24 hours or up to 36 hours changing the water when you see bubbles on top of it approximately every 6-8 hours. This process will rid the beans of any toxins that cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Of course if you use canned beans you’re on your own. You should also soak your rice for at least 12 hours rinsing it every 4 hours until it is super clean…

  • This is my second day meatless, I am feeling very encouraged, thank you for sharing these great meals and the information!!!!

  • Honestly… not bad for college peeps who can’t cook but there are so many more creative options that are doable for average cooks. Turkish Bride soup, coconut red lentil dal, Moroccan loubia, dal tadka… There is a whole world of different vegan and runner-friendly cuisine out there. Google is your friend.

  • These are so great! I was in a rut of the beans and rice combinations I was making, and just adding a few (easy-to-find) ingredients makes all the difference. I’ve made the Mediterranean and Mexican Beans & Rice and both were delicious. Can’t wait to try the others! Thanks for the post! 🙂

  • I’m rereading and can’t figure out how much of these recipes we’re supposed to eat ..like is it 1 serving per recipe or more???
    Please help!
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Lentils and rice form the basis of almost all South Indian vegetarian lunches. I ate rice with boiled pigeon peas, cooked with chopped tomatoes and seasoned, and potatoes, for lunch. Sometimes, I bring cooked pigeon peas plus spinach to a quick boil and season it with a typical South Indian seasoning. We eat it with either rice or Indian flatbreads called rotis.

  • Appreciate these recipes. Can’t find a print button or even a way to email it to myself. Now I have to copy them by hand. ugh but I will because they look really good.

  • Love the recipes on this page I will use them in my cooking!

    I cook seven different beans together kidney, navy, black eyed peas, black beans, chick peas, pinto, and cannellini. I then spice them up with Mexican spices and pepper while cooking, don’t add salt because it slows down the cooking process. Cook them for about 3-4 hours.

    Also while there are cooking I cook two cups of brown rice with a spice combo of 3 tbsp each turmeric, yellow curry, jerk spice mixture, and salt & pepper to taste. Cook for about 30-45 minutes until the water is gone, you can use a rice cooker if you like. After the rice and beans are cooked I rinse them in a tight metal strainer until the water runs clear. I then combine them in a large bowl. You now have a delicious spiced up rice and bean mix that you do different things with. My favourite is burritos. I heat a pan with olive oil add onions, garlic, rice bean mixture, 1 can of chopped/diced tomatoes. mix up some flour tortillas and fry them up and enjoy. Another quick snack I take a bowlful of the mixture and add a couple of tablespoons of Miracle Whip and mustard. Very tasty and super quick nutritious snack…

  • Surprise! Amazon is sold out of canned meats, has only some nasty stuff left due to corona virus shoppers and who wants to eat canned meat anyway? I want to be prepared since store stocks of many items are depleted here in Northern Virginia. If the corona virus continues, are the nutrients in these recipes complete if I buy lotsa beans, stock up on the other ingredients, and rotate them for a month? With a multi-vitamin to fill in any holes. Please answer ASAP.

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