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  • I am looking forward to your protein powder! In the meantime, what are some of the healthier protein powder options on the market?

    1. Very informative read on Plant-based proteins! Look forward to hearing more and ordering the protein that you and your team have developed.

  • Am moving to an animal free diet, slowly. So so far absolutely no pork, only free range, grass feed beef (and not much of that, same for chicken and eggs). Thanks for the info on protein powder as that is my next step along with eliminating dairy). Any reasearched info is greaty appreciated. Thanks again for the info.

  • What an eye opener. Thank you for sharing your findings. I feel duped — I thought my organic hemp protein powder was one of the best quality out there. I’ll be watching for your next email for pre-order of Complement Protein!

    1. Yes! Please keep me posted! I’m excited to hear from you soon and how I can I can get my hands in this protien powder. Thank You.

  • Hello! Thank you for all the info you have given, especially this round. Im wondering what plant based protein powders have these ingredients and which ones are higher in bad ingredients than others?

    1. Thank you for connecting with us, I’ve been searching for a good healthy protein for bodybuilding still have not come across one that I feel safe with.

  • Hi
    Thanks for the “scary” info about protein powders -WOW
    Let me know when it’s ready to be ordered & price
    Thk u

  • I like you just wanted a boost in a protein powder and not all the additives. I can’t wait to read your protein powder label.

  • So this is just an article-length advert for your protein powder. That does explain why fibers “from soy and corn” are called “totally unnatural”. Conflict of interest much?

    1. I’ve been on Keto for over a year now but eat very little meat. I’ve have a protein smoothie every day for breakfast but have had challenges finding one that contains safe ingredients. I try to get most of my protein naturally but have been doing these smoothies as I said for a year and they have helped. I am looking forward to receiving more info ftom you as this has been a year of research and experimentation for me. But commitment and endurance was the key 120 lb loss later. Thank you for your on going efforts. Karin

    2. Where do we learn more about the new protein you’re developing? I’ve been trying to avoid the heavy metals.

  • Yes!! Still been using the commercially available products with some hesitation. So excited about this!

  • I use Gold Standard 100percent Whey Protein I have done some reading and research on this whey protein and so far it has been ranked among the top protein powder to use, we often use a quote that no fisherman will ever call his own fish spoil, the question is should I do more research on this product or is this safe to use?

  • Ok so you list all these things found in popular protein powders but you don’t bother recommendations for one that are best for human consumption, Why?

  • I am not a athlete but I am trying to get in better shape I’m very interested in the protein that you all are creating

  • I dont get why these products are being sent to our shelves full of poison. These products need to be regulated when people are purchasing them. Why are they not being approved or not by the FDA??

  • I am very interested in all the information I can get on nutrition, and very thankful that you’ve taken the time to research protein powders. I look forward to purchase your new protein powder product.

  • How do I get a list of the good n bad providers? Hope you get the UK on your distribution list for your supplements soon. Love NMA

  • Hello. Thank you for this information. In the past I have used Boku Super Protein who claims to have a low metal count and pays attention to the ingredients in their protein. Also I am currently using Vega Premium Protein which also is supposed to cognizant of the metal count. Were these a part of your research? If not do you know anything about their products?

  • Thanks for the valuable info on protein powders. Now, we are all eager to have you rate them….and recommend your favorite brands and varieties.

    I sure will start scrupulously reading those ingredient labels!!

    BTW: My fitness club exclusively uses SWIIG brand. Reactions?

    Philadelphia, PA

  • Thank you for the in depth article. I am glad you are creating a healthy protein powder. For real public service, it would have been in integrity to share your list of findings and share the list of the safest protein powders out there. You might have considered sharing all of your references if you declined to do that. I know you may have to make a living. However, trusting the universe to support you when you are generous with your resources and findings will lend more credibility. Plus people are more likely going to purchase from you as you are showing mutual respect and integrity. Wishing you the best!

    1. Seconding what Skysong said!!! The blogs would be received better and more credible/sincere with references included to help inform the readers. I would even recommend having a policy call-to-action that is in line with the subject matter- see Humane Society /policy focused org for a take action link? We come to your site seeking information to make informed choices. Without references or greater substance, the blogs simply read as product advertisements.

  • Frankly, most of what this article discusses explicitly resonates personally at an implicit level. Arsenic? No thank you.

    Soy, in general is controversial, and I’m conflicted. I’d appreciate something in layman’s terms that spells it out. “Pros” and “cons,” what are they? Does it deserve the demonization I’ve long assumed?

  • I would love to have a list of the “clean” protein powders. I take good care of myself (or thought I did before this was published), and looks like taking really good care would be to be sure to take in no
    harmful chemicals or additives.

  • Hello!!

    Thank you for making a clean plant-protein powder!

    Any chance of a nut-free version?!?! I know some very active folks with a tree nut allergy/sensitivity that would like to be plant-based.

    Thanks for your consideration!


    1. Hi there,

      I’d love to know this answer too. I would like to use your powder in our household but my husband is highly allergic to all nuts. Do you have a nut-free alternative?

  • Where can I see the breakdown of which products were tested and what the results were? I use an plant based protein powder and I want to see if it is on the list.

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