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  • I love pasta! Quick and nutritious, for sure! One of my favorite ways to make the sauce substantial is to roast an eggplant, then scrape the flesh out (save the skin for another use; I top salads with it) and blend it with tomato sauce. It gives a wonderful, smoky flavor to any sauce, homemade or jarred. I give the goddess of vegetarian cooking, Crescent Dragonwagon, credit for this idea!

  • Wow, kinda makes me wish I was more indulgent with pasta.
    I’m not a vegan but I imagine that a big challenge is to NOT defer to the simply made, ubiquitously available and cheap grain-based foods. This is true for omnivores as well, but they at least can eat from a larger menu.
    So, I’d like to share two pasta-looking meals that’s not wheat (or rice or whatever else pasta can be made from). One is made from Spaghetti Squash and the other from plan ole Zucchini.
    Here’s what you do:
    1. If using Spaghetti Squash, cut it in half and either bake, steam or microwave it until you can take a fork and scrap out the squash, which will resemble spaghetti.
    2. If using Zucchini, grab a carrot peeler and pretend it’s a carrot. The result will look like fettuccine.
    3. Substitute either the Spaghetti Squash or Zucchini for the pasta in any of Matt’s recipes that include pasta, except of course, in this case your “pasta” is already cooked — the Zucchini only needs brief heating when included with the other ingredients, if you like it al dente.
    Eat it all with gusto and the righteous feeling that you’ve eluded a grain-based carb once again; after all, you’ll get plenty just from osmosis. 😉

    1. Hi Joe,
      Great ideas! In Italy they make pasta out of many different kinds of flour. You can make flour out of any grain or bean for that matter. Which opens up to endless possibility.

      1. So true, Pasquale, but when I’m in Italy, I go for flour-based pastas and love it… the veggie pasta can wait till I return to the USA.

  • As a vegan runner I say YES to pasta! I made a delicious dairy free fettuccine Alfredo yesterday and even my non vegan husband devoured it. Love your recipes.

  • Pasta is awesome! My current favourite is 100% buckwheat pasta (about 18% protein!). I like to add it into a big bowl of salad to bump up the nutrition. (On a side note, hummus as a pasta sauce works in a pinch.)

  • Yes! Pasta is the best! I like to go crazy with the food processor and make protein and greens packed marinara sauces. It’s like a savory smoothie for pasta (which sounds disgusting but I swear is delicious!)
    That Italian adventure sounds amazing, may have to convince the husband we need a European vacation this summer!

  • I don’t know why, but we haven’t had pasta in a long time. But your article inspired me and just this weekend I discovered Sopa Seca – a pasta dish with beans. It’s delicious! The CooksIllustrated version used Vermicelli. It has great flavor from Chipotle in Adobo Sauce. Plus, it was pretty easy to make.
    So a fancy name, easy to make, and it’s delicious!

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