How to Go Vegetarian

Are you you thinking about eating less meat, but don’t know where to start?

Becoming vegetarian can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re an endurance athlete and worry about how it will affect your performance. And that’s where this page can help you.

fruits and veggies photoThe good news: It’s not that hard, especially if you go in phases. Start by eliminating red meat from your diet. Once you’re comfortable with that, lose the poultry. And finally, phase out fish.

You’ll likely find that after a few weeks without these foods, your cravings will cease and you’ll notice more energy than you’ve ever had.

But when becoming vegetarian, there are a few things to watch out for.  The most common is protein—while we might not need quite as much as most Americans eat, protein deficiency is a serious concern. But it’s one that can be addressed by making sure to include one of the many high-protein vegetarian foods at most of your meals.

Below are several posts that outline the basics of a vegetarian diet for endurance athletes, how to make the transition a smooth one, and a few ideas for your first meals after becoming vegetarian.

Congratulations on taking an interest in such a clean, conscious way of fueling your body. You’ll likely discover what so many others have—that once you become vegetarian, you have more energy and can become a better athlete than you ever thought possible.

And for a little motivation…

When you’re done here, don’t forget to check out the entire page of vegetarian recipes for athletes.

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