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  • I love this challenge and it sounds like just what I need, but I have to say that speed work in March in Minnesota is rather more treacherous than in North Carolina. Is the order of these monthly challenges important, or can I swap around the monthly goals so that I’m not trying to run fast uphill on icy pathways?

    1. I’d like to change Jan with June. Am resting now as my thigh is not ok, planning the year seems great in Jan (already signed up for three Halfs in spring but need to find a Marathon in fall, then I want to run a few 10k and women’s runs during summer) while it does not make sense to me to aim for a running streak while I have to run in the dark instead of in June when the days are the longest.

    2. Rashelle,
      I live in Colorado where the winters are icy and snowy. Microspikes (purchase at REI or elsewhere) are perfect for less than optimal conditions. Give them a try!

    3. Hey Rashelle,
      I was thinking about mixing it up too. As a Canadian, it would be stupid for me to try to set a 5K PR in November when it is below freezing and snowy. Also, since I already run as many miles as I want and have a rough work schedule I just can’t do the 30 day challenge.
      My plan it to do as many challenges as I can in an order that works for me. For me I want to start with the push-up challenge. I need to get these lanky spaghetti arms turned into some solid beef 🙂
      I say you adjust these challenges to meet your needs, make a plan now and then stick to it.
      Good luck and have your fastest year ever!

  • Sounds awesome! But I don’t know if I like run streaks very much. I did the Runner’s World holiday streak the past two years, but decided not to do it this time because it always just felt like kind of a drag to have to get out there every day. That happens when temperatures are at or below zero…
    Also, I found that knowing I only had to do one mile meant that I only ever did one mile, so my total mileage would actually decrease. I wonder if I would feel the same way if I were to do a streak in the summer. But I definitely could use these challenges to get myself back in gear. I think I’ll basically follow them, but postpone the streak until sometime in the summer. I’ll think a bit more about it, and either set a mileage goal or a goal to run a certain number of days each week for this month.

  • Thanks for this 2016. It’s just what I needed to kick my running back into a higher gear than it was last year. I kicked it off by running 4 miles in cold Chicago. Will be happy to finish the streak at home in Arizona :). Hope lots of other runners join the 12-month challenge.

  • Emily,
    I’m going to keep my regular run plan in place and add the one-mile days on all the others. I think it will be fabulous.

  • I LOVE this! It really gives structure to a running year – especially for some of us trying to get back into the swing of things. I’m doing it!

  • Lots of great ideas in this plan. Will definitely be a challenge for me. But as a 48 year old, injury prone runner, I’ve read a lot of comvincing advice to NOT attempt a run streak or even 5 days a week running.NreSt days are so importNt for avoiding injury prover training. How would you recommend adapting those two training challenges?

  • Love this! 100 pushups for me WILL be a bodacious goal that will take several months, even on my knees. But these are great mini-challenges to keep me motivated.

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  • This was excellent, Doug. Looking at the steps I can take, instead of the Big Picture, always make it more doable. Thanks for the tips.
    I continue to love listening to your podcasts. You two crack me up, but seriously, you also keep me motivated in my plant based life style. Thanks for the support.
    Sincerely, DiAne

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  • I DID IT! 30 day running streak complete and I feel so much stronger than I did a month ago. Bring on February and strength work!

  • Truly inspiring. I admit that any physical training program is incomplete without including running/jogging as a part of your everyday routine. Your advice is an eye-opener for guys like me who finds the silliest of excuses to not keep in shape. I’m happy to say that I’ll consider taking up your 12-month running challenge to improve my health.

  • Thanks a lot for the interesting challenges. I didn’t know what to do in the next month but after reading your blog i definitely decided to be runner))

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