6 Rules to Follow for Your First Trail Run


There’s no way around it: trail running is intimidating.

You could get lost or hurt. You have to deal with uneven footing and steep climbs. It’s dirty, wet, and exposed.

But for NMA Radio co-host Doug, trail running is the only reason he’s still running, period.

And all that scary stuff? It’s much less of an issue than most beginners think.

Doug runs almost exclusively on mountain trails, is the author of the Trail Runner’s System, and gets more pleasure from playing in the woods than anyone I know. In today’s episode, I ask Doug to share the 6 most important rules new trail runners should follow to stay safe and easily transition from the roads to the trails.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • How to pace your trail run
  • Is trail running more dangerous than road running?
  • Bears and snakes … how to deal with wildlife encounters
  • Why it’s acceptable to walk during your run
  • Trail running gear vs. road running gear

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    I’d love to listen to each and every episode of NMA Radio, however sometimes it’s too hard because I really need to concentrate on you to understand everything. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s really hard for me as a non-english-native to follow you sometimes, just because you’re talking really fast. I know this would be really hard, but if you’d slow down a bit your talking, it would be easier for non-english folks to listen to your podcast. This way you could extend the range and influence that NMA Radio has.

    Kudos to what you created with NMA!

    Love to see/hear more. Regards,

  2. I love love love your podcast! I look forward to it every week! Thank you and please keep ’em coming!

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