What Do You Listen to While You Run?

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… which segues nicely/awkwardly into the topic of the newest NMA Radio episode: what we listen to while we run.

Both Doug and I big fans of wearing headphones during runs. But unlike a lot of runners, we listen to more than just music. Especially if you’re putting in the long, slow miles that ultrarunning tends to encourage, that time out on the road can be an amazing to opportunity to feed your mind or to “read” those books you just can’t find time for otherwise.

Having heard from many listeners who like to listen to our podcast while they run, we figured a “meta” episode — something to listen to on your run about what to listen to on your run — would be fun.

In this episode we talk about our favorite audiobooks and podcasts to listen to while running, plus touch on Doug’s upcoming 100-miler and “the dream” that has haunted us both before races of a new, scary distance.

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Links from the show:

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  1. I actually prefer to listen to… nothing! while I run. My runs, excepting those awful mid-Winter treadmill training runs, are outside to get away – no jibber-jabber, just peace and quiet with my own thoughts.

    • Agreed! Though I used to listen to music and audiobooks constantly while running, now I prefer to pay attention to what’s going on around me. I think I run better because of that.

  2. Gayle Smith says:

    The sounds of my feet on the trail, breathing and my body on solo runs. The sounds of other runner’s near me, while racing. The sounds of the surrounding environment whether on the road beach or trail.

  3. I love audiobooks and podcasts! I am almost always listening to a great fiction book or informative podcasts. I love informative ones and comedic ones as well. Everything from Marc Maron to 5am Miracle, I love it all.

  4. Wendy LaPointe says:

    Usually, I am listening to a podcast, but if I am current on the three that I frequent, I will listen to music.

  5. On my short weekday early morning runs I don’t listen to anything except the quiet and the occasional bird and animal sounds. It’s both meditative and safer, since it’s usually dark and I’m near a road. On long weekend runs, I’ve been listening to language lessons and nonfiction audiobooks. I find podcasts and fiction harder to focus on while running, for some reason.

  6. I mostly walk or bike these days without much running. But I love podcasts (books less so). My favorites (besides NMA):

    Approaching the Natural
    Rich Roll
    Run Run Live
    The Extra Mile
    Wellness Wonderland
    Wait Wait Don’t tell Me

  7. Sebastian says:

    Hi Matt,
    Try to do it through this way, could you please answer the email I send you earlier about my registration. Accidentally filled out the wrong email adres and now I can access the content.

  8. When I can run outside, I love either music or just listening to my surroundings. But we have a long winter up here, and even when it seems like summer the wind can gust to 30 mph. (Like it did today.) So I spend a lot of time on the treadmill! I’m learning to love it, for shorter runs. But as I train for a half marathon, I need something to help me through. I’m excited to check out some of these recommendations!

  9. FreeSpirit says:

    HaHa. I find Eckhart Tolle quite soothing, especially when I am running in the rain.

  10. franklinsang says:


    History of Rome
    British History Podcast
    Inquiring Minds
    In Our Time with Melvin Bragg
    Planet Money
    Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
    This American Life
    Fresh Air

    Good stuff. I run a lot.

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