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  • I think you totally nailed it here, the secret to consistently eating clean and healthy is good planning. My husband and I plan our week on a sunday morning then head to the gorcery store so that we have everything in we need.
    Boring? Yes, but it makes eating cleaner a breeze.

    1. I’m with you Sam, good planning is totally key to stay on track long-term. Thanks for the kind words and helpful comment!

  • I love this Matt! As a mom of 3 it took me too long to learn this very thing. All the time wasted planning, cooking, cleaning, only for no one to even like it! I only cook this way – and it’s perfect for everyone in the family to tailor their meal the way they like it best and keep everyone happy. One tip is a rice cooker! It’s a life savor – all grains come out perfect and you can make them in the morning and they are warm and ready when you get home. Thanks for the great post!

  • where’s the recipe for totally yummy sounding ‘Thai Almond Butter Sauce’? I would love to try that as I am avoiding peanuts and anything with them in it for now. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  • Yep, you got this right. Planing your meals in advance is the key. I live in and cook in a 20 foot motor home with a 5 sq ft kitchen. Keep it simple and tasty. Great post and info. Thanks.

  • Another thing that’s worked for my family recently is to take a few hours on the weekends to cook a few meals together in larger portions. Then we can easily heat them up during the week, plus we can all eat together but potentially choose different items on the same night. It has helped us avoid the mac and cheese and frozen pizza that had become too much of a staple in my kids diet.

    1. Love this Deserae, especially the idea of preparing different meals, so you can eat together but choose different options if need be.
      I know a lot of people who end up cooking two or three separate meals to meet the preferences of different family members, and this is a great way to meet needs and save time.

  • Another base can be patties like bean and veggie burgers or pancakes made from different gains (polenta cakes are a favorite).

  • This is awesome! Stuff I know intuitively… and yet I can’t help planning on meals that involve hour long marinades and the like. I think you saved me from myself…!

    1. Yeah I’ve found many people drift towards this way of eating naturally, but sometimes it helps to have a reminder! Glad you found it useful 🙂

  • I love this so much. People think cooking is hard and time consuming, which means they just don’t do it. Thanks for simplifying the process.

  • Great post!! I often get stuck in the ‘veggie sandwich’ rut – these are some great ideas. I also like the idea of spreading out the prep work to just a few times a week. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • Thank you so much! I love system-helps, especially Matt Frazier’s smoothie blueprint and his ultimate energy bar formula. The Chipotle Method is a perfect addition. I also appreciate the idea of simplifying with only 2 big recipe meals a week. That alone makes the idea of eating healthy regularly considerably more achievable. Keep up the good work!

  • It’s amazing how you really can take pretty much anything, add some guacamole and wrap it in a tortilla, and it tastes awesome.

  • Thanks for simplifying things and spelling out the basics. I am just finishing a gentle cleanse that is gluten free, dairy free and does not include oats and various veggies. I found it difficult to eat enough and stay energized because I had not meal prepped properly. My husband is a meat eater with diabetes and we recently watched fork over knives. He would like to try this plant based approach and I need as much help as possible in the kitchen LOL!

  • I am no vegan and I have no intention to start changing my diet habits. But this piece simply makes me want to try some Vegan food and see the difference. Certainly love how everything is presented here and the pictures look absolutely delicious. I am a certified meat lover but I would make an exception for this dish and see how it goes. Nutrition Club

  • Do you have a similar method for breakfast? I’m vegetarian, but I’m trying to cut way back on eggs, and I tend to get stuck at breakfast time. My kids get into a cereal rut and I usually just do oatmeal or hummus and veggies. A 5-minute method that provided a healthy variety would be super helpful.

  • Thank you for this great idea! I tend to be pretty good about planning my meals ahead and eating healthy, except when I’m out of town on the weekend. I try to do all my meal prep on Monday/Tuesday evening but never end up making enough and then I’m eating out 3-4 meals later that week. I’ll try this method. I think it will help tide me over until the next time I have 2-3 hours to prepare meals.

  • This was very helpful for someone like me who doesn’t always have the time to make a good healthy meal for myself. I would how cooking has been simplified with the Chipotle method.

  • wow.wow.. great article. before running I ate bread + 1 cup of milk. it makes feel better in the process of running, but when I read your post I think it is very detailed and complete. thanks for the article very helpful.

  • I might be to get stuck in the ‘veggie sandwich’ rut – these are few great ideas. I also like the idea of spreading out the prep work to just a few times a week. Thanks for the inspiration

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