iHerb.com Shopping Spree and Immune Punch Giveaway

Lots of exciting stuff today!  Before we get to the giveaway, here are two other things you might find interesting:

1. Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Scott Jurek, vegan ultrarunning legend and inspiration to so many vegetarian and vegan athletes.  We talked about vegan nutrition, ultrarunning, his new American 24-hour record of 165 miles, the Brooks Green Silence, barefoot running, the Tarahumara, and a whole lot more, so you won’t want to miss it.  I’ll do my best to get that one published on Thursday, in both audio and text formats.

2. We just got in a big new shipment of about 175 No Meat Athlete shirts for the holidays.  And—bonus!—this time we have a limited number of long-sleeve shirts available, so you can show your NMA pride without freezing your plant-powered ass off!

As always, the popular sizes will go quickly, and I expect the long-sleeve shirts won’t last more than a few days, so if you want one for yourself or as a gift for somebody else, don’t wait.  (I’ll get new pictures on the shirts page soon, but for now, here’s one.  All the shirts are made by a new company, so none are v-neck anymore.)

Alright, let’s get to this sweet giveaway!

Madre Labs Immune Punch

Let’s all take a minute to toot our own horns.  NMA readers are pretty awesome, because: (a) Most of us are runners or triathletes; and (b) We’re vegetarians, vegans, or at the very least, reduced-meat-eaters or “selective omnivores.”

This means we’re motivated, active, and not likely really into sitting around watching TV, sleeping a lot, or doing a lot of “normal” stuff.

That’s why much of my focus over the past few months has been on finding a way of eating that maximizes energy, so that I can sleep less and be awake doing awesome stuff more.  But even if you’re not quite as psycho about it as I am, the simple fact that you’re an NMA reader makes it likely that you’re pretty busy every day.

And when you get sick, it wrecks it.  Who wants to stay inside on the couch or in bed all day?

This is why I was excited to try out Madre Labs Immune Punch when iHerb.com offered to send me a 45-day supply to review.  Even better, they’re going to give away a tub to one NMA reader, along with a $50 iHerb.com shopping spree to spend on whatever you want!

Immune Punch is a blend of superfood juice powders (elderberry, pomegranate, chokeberry), six organic mushroom species, dried yeast, and berry extracts including Camu Camu (which is kind of a big deal, apparently).   Immune Punch is a vegetarian-friendly, red powder that you mix with water, juice, or a smoothie and take once per day.  The company claims Immune Punch helps to eliminate free radicals and support immune function.

So, does it work?

Honestly, I can’t say one way or the other.  That’s no knock on Immune Punch, it’s just that it’s hard to say if the fact that I haven’t gotten sick is evidence that it works, since I don’t get sick too often anyway.  (I actually did start to come down with something earlier this week, but it didn’t really materialize, for whatever that’s worth.)  The only way to really test its effectiveness would be to study a large number of people, not just one random dude like me.

But here’s what I can tell you about it.  I’ve found the taste to be pretty neutral.  The name “punch” had me expecting something really sweet, but it turns out that it hardly affects the taste of whatever you mix it in.  There is the slightest “earthy” quality to the taste, presumably from the mushrooms, so I prefer to put mix Immune Punch with juice rather than water.  But it’s mostly berry-tasting, so not a huge deal.

As for the texture, I’ve found that using a shaker cup, as the instructions suggest, is definitely better for getting it to dissolve completely than stirring is.  A single serving is only a teaspoonful, which is good, since that way you don’t need to store a huge tub of it, and it doesn’t change the texture of what you’re drinking.

So that’s what I’ve got on Immune Punch. If you’re getting sick more than you think you should be, it might be worth a try.

iHerb.com Shopping Spree + Immune Punch Giveaway

So here are the details on the giveaway.  iHerb.com is giving away one tub of Immune Punch and a $50 iHerb.com shopping spree to one winner.  To enter, all you need to do is visit iHerb.com and leave a comment back here listing one or a few things you’d choose if you won.

The winner will need to register at iHerb.com (it’s free, and nothing scammy), and if you’re outside the U.S., you’ll need to pay any additional taxes, duties, or customs fees.

That’s it!  As always, Tweets and Facebook shares are greatly appreciated, but to keep it fair for those who are not yet social media dorks, these will only boost your Karma, not your number of contest entries.

I’ll choose the winner at random and announce it around Wednesday, December 15.  Good luck!

P.S. If you decide to shop at iHerb.com, you can use my code RAZ652 and five dollars off your first purchase there.  I earn referral commissions when you use my code, and after your purchase, you have the option of getting your own code to share with others and earn commissions if you’d like.



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  1. I would get chia seeds, probably!

    I could definitely use that immunity punch for when I start training for my next marathons. I find it always helps to do something extra during those times…

  2. Would love to try the Omega 3-6-9 or one of the probiotics. So would my gut 😉

  3. Lauren Mathie says:

    Loads of chia seeds!

  4. I would some hemp protein powder since I eat that stuff up like mad

  5. I could really go for some cacao nibs for my oatmeal or a tub of nutritional yeast!

  6. I might try one of the Vega products or even the immune punch! I got sick a couple weeks before my last big race and would not want that to happen again!

  7. I’ve heard a lot of really good things about Amazing Grass, so I’d definitely get myself their Amazing Meal in chocolate to add to a green monster – yum!

  8. Ryan Wachter says:

    Can’t forget about Health From the Sun. Pumpkin and Chia seed suppliments…plenty of goodies to have “just in case” or when on the road and can’t take all your normal meal goodies with ya!

  9. I would try out some of the Greens formulas/mixes you and others have mentioned. Also, my wife and I have been flirting with becoming vegetarians. We’re slowly consuming the meat from our freezer as we have more meatless meals.

  10. I’d stock up on more hemp seeds and Amazing Grass chocolate powder.

  11. I would feed my crazy baking addiction by trying out some of those fun flours- almond, coconut, chickpea. I’d probably stock up on some chia seeds too!

  12. I’d really like to try some of the Amazing Grass products, since I’ve heard such good things about them! Maybe some spirulina too…

  13. Hi Matt,
    Do you have a size chart for the T-shirts?

  14. I would love to be entered in your contest! Also in future postings would you mind elaborating on if you have been able to minimize sleep at all (what may have helped with that, how many hours you typically get during training, lessons learned etc.)

    What I would buy on iherb:
    1. Probiotics – Dr. Ohhira’s, Essential Formulas
    2.Amazing Grass Green Superfood
    3. Living Harvest hemp protein
    4. Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer
    5. More vega 🙂

  15. i definitely need to re-stock my chia seed supply and i would stock up on some Bob’s Red Mill baking supplies too 🙂

  16. Chia seeds! And probably some shampoo and amazing grass!

  17. Yeah, definately Amazing Grass & Vega Health Optimizer.

  18. Jessie Creamean says:

    I would get the Life Time, Noni Mangosteen Goji & Acai Blend, yay super fruits!

  19. I would buy Sun Warrior protein powder or probiotics.

  20. I would get the Rainbow Light, Just Once kids multi-vitamins.

  21. I already shop at iHerb and I think they have great vegan protein powders!

  22. Mary Ellen Reimers says:

    I love iHerb!! I found it originally because of NMA, so I’m forever grateful! I’d restock my Chia and my Vega Sport Optimizer (lemon lime)!

  23. I’m all about the food bars and I’d try some of the vegan protein powders.

  24. I would probably order some macasure chocolate bars. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while but they are pricey!

  25. Rebecca Black says:

    Greens, hemp protein and chia!

  26. I am already swimming in chia seed! I would try some of Vega’s Macasure and Twinlab’s Creatine Fuel Stack.

  27. I’m sitting here with a raging migraine, so I would try one of the homeopathic migraine treatments. I hate taking these heavy drugs. (And whyyyy does my migraine medication have aspartame in it?? I stopped drinking diet coke because the aspartame TRIGGERED migraines! Gaah.)

  28. Jenny Primm says:

    What a great give away! I would stock spend it on some vega smoothie infusion or chia and hemp seeds…decisions, decisions!

  29. I have been wanting to try the Ultima electrolyte replenishers so maybe that, but honestly I could buy many, many things from iHerb. Thanks so much.

  30. I would love to try out some of the Vega products!

  31. I really want to try immune punch!! 🙂 I’d probably use the gc to buy more of it, or some hemp protein, it’s my favorite! 😀

  32. Lindsay B says:

    Definitely the superfoods!!! Spirulina, chlorella, cacao, hemp seeds, green powders, mangosteen, etc., etc. What a wonderful website! Thanks for the link and the code! 😀

  33. I’d restock my Nunaturals Stevia Powder, Aubrey Organics Vegecol Face Cleansing Lotion, and maca. Or, maybe I’d use it to try some Vega products. Either way, I’m sure the $50 would just be a start–I love iHerb.

  34. I’m checking out the hemp proteins. I live not near places that have such things. That has been my excuse but it’s time to bite the bullet and invest! Give it a try!

  35. I would get some of the Avalon Organics products. Love their stuff!

  36. Fishback Boy says:

    1. Amazing Grass brand Chocolate Infusion powder, chocolate flavored greens? Gotta try that one.
    2. Living Harvest Hemp Protein
    3. Vega Optimizer
    4. Vega Protein

  37. Pam Ruhland says:

    Wow, what a great site (well, both yours and iHerb :))
    If I won I would have an awesome time in the grocery section of the site. Organic snack foods – those clusters looks pretty terrific – as well as the organic coconut, cranberries and such. All those Bob’s Red Mill goodies, my goodness……

    What a great giveaway!!!

  38. Julianne Hyma says:

    At the top of my list is Vega’s Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer (Vanilla Chai).

  39. I would get liquid stevia because I can’t justify the price for such a small bottle without a giftcard!

  40. Michelle Novak says:

    Hi! I’d love to buy some more vega products, especially the sport performance optimizer and protein and also the chocolate vibrancy bars. Yum! I just registered at iHerb, so maybe I’ll get lucky!

  41. I’m going to have to go with Hempstead Tea Organic Fairtrade Darjeeling Tea paired with Nature’s Answer Chia Seeds for a great start to the day.

  42. I would love to try something new – probiotics!

  43. I would get Garden of Life’s Perfect Food. I have loved the products I have gotten from them so far (Raw Protein and Primal Defense) and this one is next on my list! Crossing my fingers!

  44. There are so many amazing products at iHerb, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. But a couple of things that really interest me are:

    1) Twister power super seed blend: http://www.iherb.com/Navitas-Naturals-Twister-Power-Superseed-Blend-16-oz-454-g/9005?at=0
    2) Vibrant Health PureGreen Protein: http://www.iherb.com/Vibrant-Health-PureGreen-Protein-Natural-15-12-oz-428-6-g/23114?at=0
    3) Madre Labs Madre-C: http://www.iherb.com/Madre-Labs-Madre-C-Vitamin-C-6-35-oz-180-g/17628?at=0

  45. Tea! For my roommate, who keeps the refrigerator organized, who is amused by my flopping on the living room floor after practices, and who will be an NMA yet. (Just give me more time. Extreme dog-walking totally counts! Now on to the NM part.)

  46. i would buy some amazing grass because i haven’t had it in a while. thanks for the great giveaway matt!

  47. I would totally get some chia seeds, some chic pea flour and maybe some probiotics! WOOT!

  48. Id love to try Amazing grass and restock on chia seeds!

  49. If I had an IHerb gift certificate, most definetly I would get the Vega Chocolate Whole Food Health Optimizer!

  50. chia seeds + cacao nibs!!

  51. I’d definitely get some Vega products. I finally got to try some the other day and they’re amazing!

  52. I’ve looked at iHerb before but haven’t yet purchased. I think the best for me would be the macro greens, which I could take with me when I travel for work to use in smoothies. helps make sure i get in some good vitamins regardless of the busy day http://www.iherb.com/Macrolife-Naturals-Macro-Greens-Nutrient-Rich-Super-Food-Supplement-10-oz-283-5-g/7385?at=0

  53. I would get some Jason bath products

  54. I’d love to try some hemp protein powder!

  55. I would use it for Life Time plant protein powder.

  56. I recently read the Thrive Diet and am really interested in trying it out! I would get some Living Harvest Hemp Protein Powder, Raw Maca Powder and White Chia Seeds!

  57. I would order chia seeds, flaxseeds, cornmeal, green tea, Ultima, and electrolytes.

  58. Because I do home childcare and my husband is a Police officer we are around germs daily. I would make sure that I purchased all of the things to prevent illness and to help when we are sick. I could use something right now. Have a bit of a Rumbly in the Tumbly in Stereo nonetheless and Johnny Cash Ring of Fire I can’t get outta my head. Cramps so bad I should have had a child come out of me to at least explain the pain and so as you can see, if I had my aresenal ready, I may be feeling better. I have been drinking Yogi chamomile tea steeped with fresh ginger and that is what I call my Ginger Ail! Nausea has stopped and hopefully will get better soon. So as you can see, I would be purchasing get better and feel better physically, mentally products to keep the bugs at bay and to soothe the soul should they arise again. Have a peaceful day! Tamela Hill

  59. With the resent move. I took a look at my “goodie box” in the bathroom. And find I am out or need to replace several items. Arnica, and Asthmatic relief and brews yeast for the animals… and sooo much more! LOL

  60. How do you really choose? Wow! Super exciting giveaway!

    I’ve heard great things about L-Glutamine Double Strength for recovery, would love to try that. Also have heard that the Amazing Grass is fab. I’ve always wanted to experiment with Spirulina….also Hemp protein, though not sure which brands to go with for either of those. I’m sure that I could figure it out, though!!!

  61. I would be interested in the Udo’s 3-6-9 oil I read about in your recent post. I would also love to try some Vega supplements!

  62. How exciting!

    I would get oil of oregano, because it’s also supposed to be good for your immune system and mine is awful. (I’ve been wanting it for a while.)

    Also Dr. Woods Pure Almond Castile Soap with shea butter looks quite nice.

    PS Did you know there is a terrible popup that comes up when you try to comment here that only lets you click out of it if you sign up for the newsletter?

    • Hey Amanda, can you give me some more details about the popup? (technically a “lightbox,” since it just goes in the current window) I did set it up, but I tried to make it as un-annoying as possible…so for example, there should be an “X” at the top right you can click to close it (without signing up), and once you do close it, you should never see it again on that computer.

      Is the “X” not showing up for you? Does it appear multiple times on the same computer? Please let me know, because if it’s not working right, then I’ll consider getting rid of it. Thanks!

      • I don’t know if it was just my computer being glitchy, but there was no X. And it kept showing up so it took me a few times to be able to comment on the post, because I had to click out of the screen to get rid of it.

  63. I would get some spices and Vega!

  64. Awesome giveaway. The Immune Punch sounds interesting. I love the idea of an all natural on-line drugstore! If I won, I would get some Jason facial moisturizer, some lotion, a bottle of agave nectar…really, it would be quite a random array of stuff.

  65. I’ve really wanted to the some of the vega product line. And I like iherb for probiotics.

  66. I would buy one of the anti-aging beauty products like those Source Natural vitamins. Or some food-based multi-vitamins.

  67. I’d probably get some, uh, everything. Some Vega and/or Amazing Grass, maybe some spices, and some fancy pants not-bad-for-everything nail polish :]

  68. I would definately load up on herbal teas, like the Yogi Teas Kava Stress Relief.

  69. I am the Droid you are looking for!

    I’d buy a canister of Vega Lemon Lime Performance Optimizer. This stuff got me through my first year of marathon training and my first marathon!!! Excellent stuff.

  70. ooh, i’d probably try out some of the vega line, or pick up some amazing grass or mesquite powder as i’ve been wanting to try that too!

  71. Bath salts for stress relief and recovery, and Natural Factors Tranqil Sleep

  72. I would go with the cacoa nibs (I’ve never had them and have wanted to try them) and I’ve had great results with the maca powder. Thanks

  73. I would get some Salba or Chia.

  74. I would get some Reishi, Astragalus, Ginseng and Cordyceps formulas for strength and stamina.

  75. Matthew Smith says:

    Larabars. Lots and lots of Larabars!

  76. Janice Phillips says:

    I would definitely choose melatonin among other things. 😉

  77. If I won the iHerb giveaway I would definitely stock up on Larabars – I can’t buy them here in Belgium!

  78. I would love to try some hemp protein powder, and I would order chia seeds.

  79. Vega Sport
    more chia seeds
    A ton of Kukicha tea and sea veggies from Eden Foods
    more hemp protein powder
    Now Foods Sprouting Jar
    Weleda Skin Food hand cream

  80. I’d pick up some more Agar Agar – iHerb seems to be the cheapest place to buy the stuff! (and maybe I’d get some more chia seeds too, since I’m running low).

  81. I would probably spend it all on dried beans and quinoa. But I’m going to check the Whole Foods for those in bulk so I can use my own bags to buy them. So I don’t know. I could use a refill on vega protein though.

  82. I would try out some new teas.

  83. I would buy either a cookbook or alfalfa seeds to sprout!

  84. I would definitely pick up some white chia seeds, as I can’t find them locally. Also on my shopping list would be mesquite and coconut flour to make trail energy bars and dulse to add a nutrition punch to salads and smoothies. 🙂

  85. I’m a fan of iHerb. I’d get more coconut flour (and other gluten free flours) and white chia seeds.

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