Discover the Secrets of the Tarahumara: Stream the New Film GOSHEN in Its Entirety, This Week Only

It was six years ago that Chris McDougall sparked a revolution in running with Born to Run, the book that made seemingly everyone want to run an ultramarathon, do it barefoot, and eat pinole and chia seeds all the while. (Or was that just me?)

These behaviors, of course, are those of the Tarahumara, an indigenous Mexican tribe of incredible endurance runners whose way of life has been largely preserved by the geography of the Copper Canyon region.

That way of life, including the extreme lack of modern diseases that plague most developed cultures, is the subject of the new film GOSHEN: Places of Refuge for the Running People. And for the rest of the week, I’m thrilled to be able to offer it for streaming in its entirety here at No Meat Athlete. (April 11th is when the free streaming ends, so watch it before then!)

[Update: Since the free-streaming period has ended, I’ve replaced the embedded video with the trailer for GOSHEN.]


One message that Born to Run didn’t quite hammer home is that the Tarahumara eat a diet that is largely plant-based, with only small amounts of meat punctuating traditional meals of las tres hermanas, beans, corn, and squash.

And as we all know, it’s not just the Tarahumara who exemplify that when it comes to fitness, this diet works: as Chris McDougall says in GOSHEN, “When you start to look at super-performing endurance athletes throughout history, more often than not they’re vegetarians.”

It’s my immense pleasure to have been a part of this wonderful film, talking about my own experience of becoming a stronger runner when I became vegetarian (and eventually vegan). While my big-screen debut is only a few seconds long (beginning in minute 22), Born to Run author Chris McDougall, Tarahumara athlete Arnulfo Quimare, ultrarunner Will Harlan, and many other nutrition, health, and fitness experts are featured prominently throughout the film.

I find the Tarahumara culture and diet fascinating, and I think you will too. Enjoy the film, and visit the GOSHEN website to find out more or purchase the DVD.

And of course, feel free to share this opportunity to stream the entire film through April 11th!



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  1. Thanks, Matt. I can’t wait to watch this. Just like everyone else we really enjoyed the book and I’m so happy someone took the time to bring the Tarahumara story to life.

  2. chad henry says:

    Just wondering, since they’re so isolated, where they get their clothing and baseball caps? The men seem to be wearing a version of sarongs, but commercially made shirts and so forth, and the ladies have lots of colorful fabrics in their clothing. Seems like Copper Canyon is pretty permeable. But, nice movie.

  3. Is anyone else have issues with audio or with the video stopping altogether? At about 30 something minutes the video froze, I restarted it and had to repeat several times before I gave up….

  4. The book Born to Run is what inspired me to become a vegetarian, and really embrace distance running and eating healthy. So awesome to see a documentary made about those same people. It was nice to see the message from the novel reinforced, but also brought to life. Thanks for sharing, and for being a part of it!

  5. Thanks for sharing the movie!

  6. glendabeth brewer says:

    Thank you so much for making this beautiful documentary available, and for free. They are a beautiful people and a beautiful culture. Many many blessings to you all.

  7. Excellent Matt! Cannot wait to watch Goshen.

  8. Melissa K. says:

    What a beautiful, profound and achingly sad movie this is.

    When the next catastrophe hits the earth…it is the indigenous people who have a chance to adapt and survive…not so much our western culture. It is important to preserve those indigenous cultures, not swallow them up.

    I will help in that as I can.

  9. Ken Saveth says:

    As I am out of the country & still will be until this weekend, any chance of seeing this video still? What about downloading it for a fee?

    Ken Saveth

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