75 Ways Going Vegetarian Has Made My Life Better

I’ve been vegetarian for just about a year now (the actual date is fuzzy, since I phased out fish over time), and I can say without a doubt that this year represents the most my life has ever improved in such a short period of time.  Granted, there have been a few sacrifices.  But “no buffalo wings during the NCAA tournament” just doesn’t measure up to a list like this.  Enjoy.

75 Ways Going Vegetarian Has Made My Life Better

75. I don’t have to clean up animal juices in the kitchen.
74. I don’t feel like passing out immediately after dinner.
73. My wife got pregnant right away, when the doctor told us it would be tough.
72. I love my dogs even more than I used to.
71. I took 10 minutes off my marathon time.
70. I discovered Thai and Indian food.
69. We have more grocery money to spend on expensive specialty foods.
68. There’s no reason for me to even think of stopping at McDonald’s.
67. I’m helping the environment without trying.
66. I spend less on vitamins and supplements because I need them less.
65. We’ve started recycling.
64. Erin’s pregnancy has been completely free of complications.
63. Random moles and bumps on my body have disappeared.
62. I haven’t gotten sick once.
61. It gave me a reason to start a blog (and maybe even help some people).
60. I have a cause to care about.
59. It has made me want to donate money to help animals, not do it out of guilt.
58. I pay way more attention to what I eat before and after runs.
57. When I wake up in the morning and forget for just a second that I’m vegetarian, I feel really good about myself when I remember.
56. Cheese, one of most unhealthy foods I still eat, isn’t nearly as appealing as it used to be.
55. I am sympathetic to people who feel passionately about other issues.
54. I don’t even have to think about adding vegetables to my meals.
53. We’ve started composting.
52. I ran my fastest mile, by a whole minute.
51. I ran my first ultramarathon.
50. I sleep a million times better when I don’t go to bed all bloated and full of animal parts.
49. I’ve discovered my local health food store (David’s!).
48. I spend 80% of my grocery shopping time in the produce section.
47. I’ve learned to appreciate nature a hell of a lot more than I used to.
46. Number of runs missed due to injury since going vegetarian = 0.
45. I discovered almond milk.
44. I haven’t weighed myself in months.
43. Sometimes people send me free cookbooks and fitness books.
42. I have more in common with my stepmom, who doesn’t eat mammals.
41. I am closer to my sister.
40. My dad eats so much more healthily than he used to.
39. My mom eats less red meat.
38. I realize that there are a lot of alternatives to the “common knowledge” about nutrition and health.
37. I discovered Michael Pollan, and went to see him speak.
36. Summer mornings at the farmers market with Erin and the dogs are the best.
35. We probably eat twice the variety of foods we used to.
34. We bought a juicer.
33. There’s a lot more room in the freezer.
32. I’ve never tried so many different smoothies.
31. I’ve started sprouting.
30. I think way more about the other stuff in food besides protein, carbs, and fat.
29. I discovered coconut oil.
28. I learned that I like kale, collards, lentils, quinoa, bulgur, and okra.
27. I’ve learned that starchy carbohydrates aren’t the best running fuel (for me).
26. I tried more new recipes this year than I ever have before.
25. When I went to the dentist after a 10-year hiatus, he attributed the cleanliness of my teeth to raw fruits and vegetables.
24. I don’t eat gross school food anymore.
23. Erin is very conscious of pesticides and hormones in the food she eats that feeds our baby.
22. 250 other people around the world wear No Meat Athlete shirts to show everyone else what you can do with plant power.
21. We put some serious miles on our food processor and blender, appliances that used to just sit on the counter.
20. I’ve gotten to talk to and exchange emails with pro athletes and authors.
19. I’ve learned the importance of supporting small farms.
18. I lost a lot of body fat without trying.
17. Almost none of my food comes in packages.
16. I discovered Ezekiel sprouted-grain breads.
15. I eat more nuts and beans than ever before.
14. Doctor visits last year (besides physical exam) = 2. Doctor visits this year (besides physical exam) = 0.
13. We’ve started using natural toothpaste, deodorant, and household cleaning products.
12. When I see a stray dog on the road, I stop.
11. I ran my fastest 5K.
10. I found motivation to quit drinking caffeine, because it’s the most unhealthy thing I do.  (Still working on completely eliminating it, though.)
9. People at races yell, “No Meat!”
8. I make my sports drinks and gels at home now, instead of drinking commercial shit.
7. I got addicted to hemp (protein and oil).
6. I qualified for Boston, something that I had been trying to do for seven years.
5. Qualifying for Boston allowed me to get into trail running, through which I’ve met some incredible runners and people.
4. A friend of mine has become almost completely vegetarian.
3. Thanks to readers like you, I have a voice to share what I’m doing with lots of other motivated people.
2. When I hear about horrors of factory farms, I feel angrier, but less guilty.
1. Lots of people tell me “thanks,” something I’ve never experienced on this level before.

What did I miss?  What’s been the biggest impact reducing meat consumption has had on YOUR life?

This post is part of a series on how to start eating a vegetarian diet, for new vegetarians or endurance athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.



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  1. Great post! It’s amazing what can happen in year, isn’t it? I just feel better since going veg… It was awhile back, so I’m fuzzy, too.

    • Wow, sounds great. I just became a vegetarian. It has not been that long only about 6 weeks. I can not tell u how much better I feel. I have more energy and I am sleeping better. I love all the dishes. I have tried several new recipes and they are great. I truly do not miss meat. I stopped eating eggs and milk. So so good. Thanks everyone for all the comments. This list of 75 ways thst has make life better is great!

  2. I can say the same on almost all of these, except of course the pregnancy thing since I’m not married. This one intrigued me though.

    63. Random moles and bumps on my body have disappeared.

    I have ad some small benign tumors shrink, but not totally disappear and I’m high raw. I have had other moles I was hoping would go way, but have not. Maybe I’m still eating “too much” processed crap, which really isn’t much. I need to look at that more.

    Perhaps one of the things I like best about going Veg is something you mentioned, about family changing their diet. Although MY family still thinks I’m crazy a lot of my friend have started changing their diet. One even recently went all vegetarian.
    .-= Caleb´s last blog ..Mango Dwarfs, Stardeath Grapes and Flaming Strawberries =-.

    • I’ve been a vegetarian for so long at this point, I tend to forget everything that it’s done for me and how much it’s changed my outlook on the world. Thank you for reminding me! This is truly an inspiring post.

    • Caleb, have you tried removing dairy ? This could have something to do with it. R

  3. Great post! I have no idea how everything’s changed because I’ve been a vegetarian since 14.. Too busy with puberty back then! 😉

  4. Great list! Thanks for sharing it with us and thanks for all of your great info/resources on vegetarian eating/living. I love reading your blog!

    Here are some of the great things for me about becoming a vegetarian (almost vegan!):
    * my husband and I just feel healthier, stronger, and more energetic.
    * My 2 1/2 yr. olds extreme eczema has decreased dramatically.
    * I am exposing my two boys to a variety of foods that most of their friends have never had (eggplant, chickpeas, kale, chard, portabellos, flaxseed, lentils, quinoa, etc…). And, they love it all. There are no picky eaters in my house and they are not afraid to try new things!
    * Knowing that I can do a half ironman without the huge amount of meat protein that a lot of people say is a necessity. It’s not!!
    * Exploring local farmer’s markets to get fresh produce

    There are a lot more reasons, but those are just some of the ones that popped into my head. Oh, and I totally want one of your shirts. I’ve been meaning to get one for awhile, but haven’t got around to it. I’ll order one soon! 🙂
    .-= Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)´s last blog ..Humpastry Day – Irish Soda Bread =-.

  5. Been able to start a really good compost bin, for the garden.

  6. Wow thank you for this post. It’s been about 2 months since I gave up meat and I find it difficult sometimes. I caved once and ate a little. I didn’t enjoy it all but I still get a little frustrated at time. This post really inspired me and reminded me that going meat free really is overall beneficial to my health and those around me!

    Thank you!

  7. Although i’m not a vegetarian I can say that since I’ve been incorporating more raw and cooked vegetables to my diet I’ve felt more energetic and my stomach has felt less troublesome too.

    A funny thing that’s happened since I nixed coffee a few weeks ago is that my energy levels have seemed to increase too… No longer am I feeling the need for coffee at certain times of the day or getting the slump I’d tend to get a few hours after I drink it.

  8. Way to go, Matt! I try to eat better, less meat with hardly any red meat at all. Not quite ready to go veg again yet but was one for over a year in college.
    .-= Nicki´s last blog ..The Tulips =-.

  9. Great Post! I see myself in so many of your items. Since going vegan, I’ve noticed major improvements in my health, energy, and appreciation of food. One of the best decisions I ever made.

  10. What an awesome list, thanks! Reading through it I heard so many things I directly relate to, since I went vegan about 5 months ago (at that point all I needed to cut out was minimal fish and cheese). One item I will add is a newfound appreciation for so many kinds of tea! I know it still has caffeine, but I started subbing it in for coffee since it’s less harsh on my body. I’m proud to be one of the 250 shirt wearers! I can’t wait to set some vegan PR’s this season!

  11. Since you and Erin became vegetarians, I have started eating mushrooms and fresh tomatoes!!! In addition, we pay more attention to what we eat, we cook more creatively, vegetarian meals have become part of our weekly diet, we read food labels, I only eat lunch meat about 1% of the time, I have reduced my soda intake by 99%, I cut aspartame out of my diet, I look for greater variety when going to restaurants, I enjoy farmer’s markets, and I eat tempeh, bulgar, lentils and lots of other things!! This is just the short list of how your voice and choices have impacted my life for the better…I am sure it has done the same for many others:)

  12. By my becoming vegetarian, my husband eats way less meat than he used to, and has dropped 2 pants sizes without trying, dropped diet coke from his diet and has never felt better.

  13. After just a month of going back to veg (I was a vegetarian for ~5 years until unhealthy college habits crept up), I feel INCREDIBLE. As you know I love this blog and I love your incredible advice & recipes. I can now relate to a lot of your 75 reasons and maybe in a year I’ll be writing my own?

  14. While I still choose to eat fish, I find that being vegetarian has made it easier for me to stop counting calories and obsess [a little bit] less about my weight. I feel better about not eating animals and if / when I do (parents are still avid meat eaters so I can’t avoid it 100%) I make sure to give my thanks before eating.

    I feel like I can eat as much healthy food as I want and know that it’s all good stuff that I’m putting into me.
    .-= Daniel´s last blog ..Just a Quickie =-.

  15. SUCH a cool post! I love so many of these facts, but this one is just super cool: “Almost none of my food comes in packages.” I definitely love that I am helping the environment without even trying! Also, I was having a lot of stomach issues prior and have been pretty much incident free since going veg!
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Wholesome Foods Bakery Gluten-Free Giveaway =-.

  16. Great list Matt!!! I’d say I’m about 90% there now and this list sure motivates me to eliminate that last 10%. LOVE IT!!

    Oh, and as for the coffee thing, I recently found a decaf herbal tea that is an excellent replacement for coffee, it’s called Roastaroma by Celestial Seasonings….try it!!

    Have a great day!!

  17. I stopped eating meat only a month ago after seeing Food, Inc. I think the best parts are knowing I’m not supporting meat factories and trying new recipes.

  18. An increased compassion for animals. Some days, even watching a burger commercial on TV makes me cry…

  19. I can’t tell you how perfect this list is for me, and I haven’t even fully given up meat! But everything you mention rings true and is a blessing. Unfortunately, I still deal with 74 and got some stains on my sock last night because of it 😉 Otherwise, right on!
    .-= Evan Thomas´s last blog ..Balance And Contradiction =-.

  20. I’ve been vegetarian all my life … and i look at your blog its whole different experience … I am runner too and love the recipes for the energy gel’s and of course the easy way to sprout …

  21. Thanks Matt for the shirt, just got it today.

  22. This is an amazing list!
    I have a bunch of races lined up this season and I have my NMA tshirt ready to go! So excited to wear it!

  23. Thank you so much for posting this!! It’s great! going to put it on my frig (can I do that?) 🙂 Thank you for being such an inspiration, and congratulations to you and your wife on baby!!!

  24. I started eating better (less processed foods, even less meat) at the same time that I started running, so I don’t know how much is due to which, but I went without a cold for 10 months and the severity was drastically reduced from last year’s. I’ve lost weight and generally feel better. I’m trying to cut back on dairy because I think it helps my skin to clear up (working on testing that hypothesis). I have absolutely no interest in meat these days, but I’m probably going to fore go the actual vegetarian label, just in case something appears worth trying.
    .-= Caroline´s last blog ..New shoes, new race! =-.

    • Kathleen Ryan says:

      My skin has totally cleared up also! That is my most selfish reason / motivation for sticking with the veg thing. Not only because I want to maintain my clear complexion, but because it is a reminder that meat _really is_ bad for you (or at least me).

  25. You missed a very important one.

    Reduced trips to the bathroom.

    Congrats on the one year mark, thats a great accomplishment. You’re the reason why I have changed my diet and given up caffeine. I even tried giving up meat completely for Lent, but I ravaged some corned beef and cabbage yesterday. Thanks and don’t forget about the little guy on your way to the top.

  26. An impressive list!! I love it! Since I’ve now been a vegetarian for longer than I wasn’t, all the benefits can sometimes blur. This list is a great reminder!

    For me, I’d have to say the greatest impact by far has been health-wise. I had asthma and a lot of allergies as a kid and got sick pretty easily. While running has also had a lot to do with this, I’d say that going vegetarian has greatly improved my overall health. Sure, I still get colds like everyone else, but in the almost 14 years that I’ve been Veg, I’ve only been really & truly sick (as in bed-ridden, throwing up sick) ONE time — and that was last year, when I lived with many meat-eating roommates. So I’m half convinced that I accidentally got some contaminated meat in my system to cause this….

    Also, it’s been really great to see my boyfriend (a big-time carnivore) start eating more healthfully…and actually liking some of the “crazy” vegetarian dishes I make him try.

    (Finally — I want to be NMA-shirt-wearer #251!! 🙂 I’m going to order one asap.)

  27. well this was a pretty fantastic list for those thinking about going no meat. I am greatly reduced meat and hardly ever any red meat, maybe once a year…It all happened so gradually I’m not sure what changes it’s caused
    .-= RunToTheFinish´s last blog ..Time Change or Sugar =-.

  28. i havent been sick in over a year since becoming vegan. not a cold, not the flu, nothing, and i work in academics where everyone is constantly sick and shedding germs all over the place.
    i’d only add to this list: number of instances of GI distress due to possibly sketchy food safety practices = 0

  29. What an amazing list!! congrats matt!
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..A Food Fete with RD Jessica Maillet =-.

  30. I LOVE this post! I have been veg (though I would sometimes eat fish) for over 3 years now and I feel great! I can ditto a lot of the things about improved performance and less sickness. I also got pregnant really easily and had a perfect pregnancy and now have a perfect baby! I even lost all my baby weight (and then some) in no time at all. I’m a believer!

  31. I like item #39! Yes! I do eat less red meat and a lot less meat all around. And I owe that you. Thanks, Matt!

  32. I love your list – it’s so full of joy! I just thought I would add my favorite thing about transitioning from a pescetarian diet to becoming totally vegan: discovering my local farmer’s market. I get excited about fresh fruits and veggies like never before, and I always look forward to going each weekend.

  33. Wow…

    I’ve been getting more and more alienated the last couple of months with the new direction of this blog, but today pushed me to the point of deleting the bookmark. I realize it’s your space to do with as you please, but I’m just not down with the elitist tone it’s taken on as of recent (maybe I’m misinterpreting it?). Either way, I was an avid reader in the past and am just no longer on board with the new agenda, so will be spending my blog reading time elsewhere.

  34. Great list!
    I definitely have noticed a greater compassion for animals since going veg, which I never expected. I always considered myself an animal lover, but when I finally stopped eating them, I looked back and realized that I could not have been an animal “lover” at all.
    I just feel like I’m living a truer version of myself as a vegetarian.

    Thanks for your blog!!

  35. I recently starting reading your blog after seeing Caitlin from (Health Tipping Point) sporting one of your shirts! I am transitioning into vegetarianism as we speak (still eating seafood right now) and your list just made my decision that much more solidified-thanks for sharing!
    .-= Stephanie @ The Bright side´s last blog ..Weaknesses =-.

  36. Great list, many things I’ve experienced twice. (I backslid)
    Two quibbles:
    1) Again: give up the OIL. It’s junk food. Check Drs. Esselstyn, McDougall and Fuhrman for motivation. You won’t regret it.
    2) MORE room in the freezer?!
    My freezer is so stuffed with frozen fruits, veggies, and leftovers I’ve had to cut down on ice cube trays! I envy you.

  37. Heather @ Side of Sneakers says:

    I love the impact going vegetarian has had on your life- thanks for sharing! I always wonder when I hear about such big impacts though, what people’s diets were like before they go veg. I guess I eat so little meat as it is, it’s not much of a change, so I don’t see much impact on myself. (I’m still probably going all the way soon, just wondering thinking out loud here..) 🙂

  38. I love the impact going vegetarian has had on your life- thanks for sharing! I always wonder when I hear about such big impacts though, what people’s diets were like before they go veg. I guess I eat so little meat as it is, it’s not much of a change, so I don’t see much impact on myself. (I’m still probably going all the way soon, just wondering thinking out loud here..)
    .-= Heather @ Side of Sneakers´s last blog ..Back to Oats =-.

  39. I’m a new reader, and just curious if you also try to eat organic as well. We switched to organic, & more flexitarian diet ( try to limit meat to two or three times a week) and I’ve noticed more energy, and my running pace has gotten much faster. Maybe it’s a combination of less meat/ more veggies and the elimination of processed foods.

  40. Wow, great post. You really put everything into perspective, i feel i have a ton in common with this list although i have been veg for nearly six years now. I love seeing that it has changed someone else’s life this much! What an inspiration you are for a lot of people! Congrats on the 50k, very impressive.

  41. Thanks for this great list! I’ve been vegetarian for almost 7 years now, and have noticed many of the same benefits.

    During that time, I have taken over an hour off of my marathon time and will also be running Boston in 4 weeks (never thought I’d be able to qualify).

    Good luck to you at Boston!
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Double take =-.

    • Thanks, Mary. It’s so amazing to discover that being vegetarian HELPS your running instead of hurting it, my initial concern. Maybe it’s not that way for everyone, but it sure has been true for me. (And you.)

      I actually won’t be in Boston this year; my wife is due on that exact day with our first baby. But I’ll see you there in 2011 if you run it again. Good luck this year!

  42. Matt

    I stumbled onto your site a few months back after reading “Born to Run” and googling “Chia Fresca,” and have been enjoying it quite a bit (your running shorts stuff, too). In fact your site and Born to Run have motivated me to get back into running after taking a long break due to knee issues. I’m not a vegetarian, but I minimize processed foods and have been cutting back on meat. I have 2 questions for you:
    1) How has coconut oil make your life better?
    2) Can you recommend a first vegetarian cookbook(s)? My wife and I like all types of food and enjoy trying new recipes. We really like dishes with bold spices, esp eastern/asian (thai, vietnemese, indian, etc). Any suggestions?

    Thanks! Also, we have a 6 month old daughter, our first, and we are having a blast. You have a lot to look forward to – congrats!

    • Hey Jody, thanks for commenting and for letting me know you’ve enjoyed my stuff. 🙂 Love to be mentioned in the same sentence as Born to Run for motivation!

      Hmm how has coconut oil made my life better… well, mainly as a fat that acts like a great carbohydrate for energy while running. It’s in a lot of homemade energy drinks. It’s also really good for cooking; I know some people don’t like it because it’s a saturated fat but it has so many great properties. Apparently, it can be used for a lot of other things too, like hygiene. Haven’t tried that yet though.

      As for a first cookbook, one that I recommend is Williams-Sonoma Food Made Fast Vegetarian. I got it on the discount rack at Barnes and Noble and I’ve really enjoyed it; lots of easy, tasty recipes. You might find it on Amazon.

      Another is 1000 Vegan Recipes. It’s vegan, but if you want you could add cheese to a lot of the pastas. I never find the need though, the recipes are good as they are. And most of them are quick.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have other questions I can help with.

  43. After giving up meat 15 years ago I realized how many steroids and hormones were in meat because my system went wacky for two years. My menopause symptoms have been minor compared to meat eaters and I rarely get sick.
    .-= Michele´s last blog ..But mom! He’s a good boy. =-.

  44. Joe Richardson says:

    49. I’ve discovered my local health food store (David’s!). Next time you’re at David’s, say hi to my daughter Emily, who work’s there and is vegan!

  45. What about being open to different cultures? I had never tried Indian or Thai food before going vegetarian. Now, they are two of my favorites! 🙂
    .-= Layne´s last blog ..Why I Became a Vegetarian =-.

  46. Hi, just want to share with everyone some good things that happened to me after I started reducing animal products to the minimum 6 months ago. I call them miracles:

    -lost 30 pounds (from 203 to 173)
    -cholesterol went back to normal (in just 2 months)
    -allergies disappeared: to apples, pears, carrots and many nuts that I couldn’t eat since I was a teenager.

    All this in less that 6 months. Can’t wait to find out what’s next in there for me. Maybe Boston? 🙂

  47. Most of these things could easily be accomplished by eating a healthy omnivorous diet as well. I do my best to eat a clean, natural diet; which does include meat, and nearly all of these apply to me. (I’m not a runner, so those obviously don’t.)

    I’m not saying that being vegetarian is good or bad (I personally follow more of the Nina Planck philosphy, but everyone has the right to choose to eat how they feel is best); I’m just wondering why most people never venture outside their comfort zone and try other cuisines, or try to eat better, until they “go veg”.

    (The one thing I will plug is this: Please don’t feed dogs and cats a veg*n diet. I haven’t seen anybody on here saying they do, but I see it frequently on pro-veg groups and it’s really not the best diet for the animal. (I feed prey-model raw to my dogs; no pre-packed overly-proccessed crud, it’s just as bad for them as it is for us!))

  48. Chanda DeFoor says:

    You’re awesome! Thank you for sharing this information and for having such a wonderful blog. I can’t wait to wear my No Meat Athlete at my next race!

  49. “7. I got addicted to hemp”
    Yeah, ganja is that good 😉 😀

  50. This is a great list and everything, but I don’t really see what stopping for a stray dog has to do with being vegetarian. I’m kind of in shock that you didn’t do that before. Perhaps you’re implying that being vegetarian makes you more compassionate towards animals, but it upsets me that this is what it took for you to care about animals. I guess it’s good that this change took place, but even when I ate meat years and years ago I would never even think of blowing on by a stray animal. 🙁

  51. Love this list! I agree – being veggie has allowed me to open my heart completely to love ALL animals even more. There is a cognitive dissonance that had to occur for me eat animals that has been SUCH A RELIEF to get rid of! You can love bluebirds and chickens, dolphins and tuna, cats and cows, dogs and pigs, and you are living your love for these animals by choosing not to have anyone kill them on your behalf (no matter how happy their lives or “good” their death, you are still ordering them killed when you eat them).

    Ps: perhaps youve posted about this, but dogs can be totally happy veggies!

  52. Hmmm Hasn’t your pooping improved? Most people feel pooping becomes easier and easily more frequent due to becoming vegan.

    Also, don’t you feel lighter? I heard one person desribe it as feeling like a “butterfly”. Do you feel lighter?

  53. Usually I don’t comment on blogs but you’ve moved me to start running again. I went completely vegan about a year ago after the birth of my son (much to my husband’s dismay) and haven’t looked back since. I used to be an avid runner but stopped after high school. After reading your blog I’ve gotten back into training and will be competing in my first 5k in almost 6 years.

  54. As of now I’m 16, almost 17, and I’ve been vegetarian since I was five and vegan off and on for the past year. Because I chose to give up meat at such a young age, I had no idea how much it can really change your life style. This article was a real eye-opener!(:

  55. I agree with this post completely and in response number:

    “50. I sleep a million times better when I don’t go to bed all bloated and full of animal parts.”

    I need less sleep! I used to sleep 7-9 hours a night. Now as a vegetarian who eats some cheese and some fish, I’m sleeping more like 5-7 hours a night and feeling like I got a better nights sleep!

  56. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thank you! Since going vegan (and the brownie recipe was the final push to stay), I have dropped 80lbs, eat so much more healthy, my skin looks better (no crazy breakouts) and my energy level has been compared to that of a squirrel on pep pills. I sleep better, have not had any anxiety attacks and have let other people know going vegan isn’t just because you don’t agree with eating a living creature…sometimes it’s because of health!


  57. I’ve been vegetarian forever, closer to vegan the last couple years. I’ve been pretty clean with the healthy whole foods since the end of last summer, which is also when I got back into serious exercise, and I have not been sick (knock on wood) at all this winter. Hubby had cold/flu/cloe to pneumonia something awful twice and I did not get it.

  58. I think a great (missing) reason for me would be:

    Every day – even if I’ve just lounged around – I feel like I’ve “done something!”

  59. Jordyn Hernandez says:

    Hey I love everything that you have to say! I am a high school runner and my parents don’t think that it is a good idea for me to become vegetarian because I’m a teenager and I am still growing. Is there anything that I can say to them that will make them open their eyes and see that me becoming a vegetarian is a good thing and that I am not going to keel over and die because I don’t eat meat?

  60. Mandy Luton says:

    I’ve been easing my toward vegetarianism while executing a 90lb weight loss across year and a half. I barfed up a ribeye last night. Upon reflection,I realized that was the first animal part I’d consumed in weeks. I found this article, and shared it to fb. Thanks for showing me I’m not alone, and that I’m not making mistakes with my nutritional choices. At least not the ones people think.

  61. Very good post. I can tell you that I know you’re blood type A just like myself. In line 28, all of the foods listed are beneficial to your health and you can see in http://www.dadamo.com/typebase4/typeindexer.htm – Eat right for your type.

  62. Hello evrybody!!

    I am 30 years old and i have been consuming meat all my life, my parents did too and so my grandparents. I wanna give up meat so badly…i have thinking about it for 3 years but the main concern is my health, Now.. am very very healthy and energetic and sporty and all that.
    I just do not want to stop the meat and then generate a health problem by not consuming meat anymore…does any one truly know if that could be a problem____ Please can someone direct me on the right path to become a vegetarian without putting my health at risk

    The reason for me wanting to stop the meat is My love for animals and the cruelness they endure throughout their short lives in the farms where they live.
    Every spoon full of meat is a thought of cruelness and uncleanliness

  63. WoW!! I too have adopted the vegetarian lifestyle and get excited to hear of others who are the same. It has been around seven months for me and I am proud for starting at an early age, (20). I can relate with you on almost everything you’ve posted and fast-food is a big NO! NO! for me as well. I want to eventually be RAW altogether. Eating vegan keeps you full for way longer than eating meat with out the side-effects. I am just so happy that I stopped consuming muscle tissue. It takes way less time for meals to digest and I am never constipated. Living food tastes so much better than dead food. And yes, you do lose weight without even trying. So everyone listen closely… ; )

  64. Angela Hanlon says:

    LOVE your website and the example you set.

  65. When I used to eat meat I had such painful backpain, like I would get out of bed and honestly felt like my back was in knots, it has been about a month of no red meat and I wake up and feel no pain in my back and my body felt like it was detoxing all the chemicals and bad stuff that meat has. Thanks for your post, it really is wonderful!

  66. Hi
    Love this post. I am 3 months in as a veg and already seeing the benefits, so much more energy!
    Love the blog. Keep up the good work!

  67. This is a brilliant post! I declared a 3 month ‘veggie diet whilst travelling’ challenge….2 weeks in and I already know this is for life. There was a huge disconnect with my love for animals and the you know – EATING THEM!

    Sir Paul McCartney says it better: “Animals are my friends, and I don’t eat my friends.”

    I suppose it’s better late than never. Really enjoying this blog and everything it stands for. Thank you 🙂

  68. A year ago my favorite food on earth was meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Now my favorite food on earth is brown rice and tofu with a seaweed salad. I feel better than I ever have in my life and my energy, mental focus, skin, and hair are all vastly improved. The surprising thing is that I have no cravings for meat or animal parts. I lift weights, run, swim, box, play tennis, boogie board, etc and do not feel impaired in the slightest with my diet change.
    Once I realized the people on earth who live the longest and have the lowest % of disease are vegetarians and vegans, i realized I had been misinformed my entire life.
    Thank you for providing such useful information. I have a lot to learn still about all the vegan food options and appreciate your site so much !

  69. Jessica Langille says:

    I turned to the vegetarian lifestyle almost two months ago, and I already feel fantastic. My next goal is to get back on track with my running. I’m determined to run my first 5k in a few months.. Up the one thing I didn’t give up was Salmon.. I’ve only had it two or three times since I stopped eating meat, but I’m curious as to how I can completely stop eating it. I quit meat cold turkey, but salmon is rather difficult. Any suggestions?

  70. Only from a peaceful perspective, your consumption of cheese (not sure about your egg or milk consumption) does a lot to support animal cruelty. Have you considered the benefits of going vegan?

  71. 12. When I see a stray dog on the road, I stop.
    Does that mean, you didn’t stop before??? lol

    I found your article to be really inspiring and it’s something I’ve been thinking of for a long while now… I”m not completely ready to take a jump at being a full vegan but it feels good to know how it affects others like yourself.

    I find it hard to relate to people around me because they act like I’m some out-of-space alien that just landed right in front of them and the things that I enjoy talking about is some foreign language that they can’t understand. So, for me, I always find it exciting and fun to speak with other people who have the same common interests about eating right.. or wanting to LEARN how to eat right.

    Great article and grats on that baby!

  72. courtney says:

    I started eating vegetarian and very low dairy, almost vegan about a month ago and I have to say, my usual roller coaster of anxiety has decreased so much! It’s so weird, but so wonderful!

  73. Everybody seems to say that when they turned vegetarian they got more energy and felt good. This is a common statement. When I stop eating meat for a week or two, I start feeling worse and have less energy. I wish I didn’t but its undeniable.

  74. This is so so great! I have been informing myself about meat farms and how animals are treated and have already cut beef and pork out of my diet. Still eat chicken and fish for now, but im towards removing those from my diet too. I supposed I wanted to do like a smooth transition, but now when I have chicken I dont even enjoy it so much like before. I feel so great and I look forward to my vegetarian life!! I love animals so much, and yes i have learned to love my dog so much moreeeeee


  75. Nice article.
    I have been trying to be a full Vegan since the last 6 months .. I completely left red meat but I still eat chicken, fish and diary products. I can definitely feel a difference in my body after I stopped eating red meat.. I feel light, skin is clearer, my stomach have less problems and I sleep better. I guess going full vegan will help me a lot more.
    But I don’t still get how being vegan will help me love animals more especially dogs. I just don’t like dogs lol..
    I don’t wanna treat them badly or something but I just don’t like being around a dog, hack even my Mom’s dog, forget about stray one..

  76. Donna Briggs says:

    I have been a vegan for over a year I love it my body feels great I’m healthier I rarely get sick or feel sick. Do I miss meat, chicken or fish no my body loves not feeling bloated. My monthly cycle is a walk in the park no cramps or headaches my doctor says the chemicals in all those foods cause negitive side effects.

  77. Alexandra says:

    That is so wonderful ! It brought me so much joy reading ur post ! LOng live vegans :)) hahaha :))

  78. Great that you found so many benefits! I wonder how many you would add 5 years on? I also wonder how you are managing your kids diets. I couldn’t persuade any of my 4 to be vegetarian, but at least I showed them how to eat natural foods with as much raw as possible!

    • Seems like the children either eat what you prepare, and buy or they will be hungry. Don’t worrie, they won’t starve. They’ll come around so long as you remember you are the parent, not them. I had 7 children, not a picky one ever but it was never tolerated. If they would not eat their meal when it was served it went in frig and put before them the next meal, cold. They were not allowed to eat anything else until they ate the good wholesome meal that had been prepared. Usually took only twice and they soon saw fresh and hot and tasty was far better than cold and left over. Today, many years later they have all thanked me for not allowing pickiness. Told them Mom is not a restaurant.

  79. Chandan (India) says:

    i’ve been a vegetarian all my life but had gained weight (20 pounds) & felt lack of energy since last 4 years – lot of vegetarian oily food & dairy. After reading this post i’ll cut on oil & dairy to get back in shape – adding new veggies also seems exciting.

    And yes, you would rarely see a doctor if you are a vegetarian – we vegetarians can vouch for that.

  80. I don’t see any benefit in dropping caffeine. Why bother?

  81. Eleonora says:

    Going through a rough point, was about to give up vegetarianism (maybe forever) and googled “Why be a vegetarian” as a last resort call for help. You pulled me through, thank you!!!!

  82. Jennifer Litsch says:

    Great motivating post! It has been two weeks since I’ve eaten meat. I feel a tremendous difference in my skin and hair. I feel lighter on my feet and feel even more compassion for all living

  83. Arun Johnson says:

    I am feeling happy and my digestion problems are all solved.
    I was able to save a lot of money.
    I felt more confident on standing before the public as i lost some weight.
    I am feeling to walk and run like an athlete.
    I am enjoying a large varieties of vegetarian dishes.
    I became a vegetarian since last two months.And want to be a vegetarian for life long.

  84. I’m just returning to the “light”?, After getting pregnant I didn’t have the will power to push through all the meat cravings plus not all the support in the world, so thanks for this I needed it. I guess for me symptoms of anxiety and depression pretty much went away after about a year on this “diet” not saying its a treatment option but I was more in tune to myself and nature as well.

  85. Pauline Sligo says:

    I’m 62, a woman and after searching how to become a vegetarian I found this blog, brilliant. I don’t run but I do climb, walk and do intrepid travelling. I feel inspired to start vegetarianism. I love animals and know cutting out all animal meat will benefit my health and hopefully help me lose 20 kgs. I also have a sugar addiction. I don’t drink tea or coffee and rarely have fruit o4 fizzy drinks, just water. I’ve got to start this fir life. Thank you

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