Embracing the Suck: My First Ultra

It wasn’t pretty, but I made it.

Five hours and thirty-four minutes after I started, in temperatures that never got out of the twenties and fierce winds that numbed my face at times, I crossed the finish line of my first trail race, the PHUNT 50K, and officially became an ultramarathoner.

The group I run with (called RUT, short for “RASAC Ultra Team”) uses the phrase embrace the suck to describe the mindset required of an ultrarunner.  I think it’s more often applied to the misery one must endure to complete a 100- or 50-miler, but during the last eight or so miles of my 50K  — “only” 31 miles — I got my first taste of true, unmistakable suck.

In hindsight, there’s no reason why I should have expected anything less.  My oral qualifying exam at school, the holidays, soreness from a new weight training program, and helping out with finishing our basement to make room for the baby limited my December training to 40 miles — less than my weekly average during the month of November.  My longest and hardest December run, a hilly 15-miler to get back in the swing of things, took place less than a week before the 50K and left me sore until last Thursday, just two days before the race.

[RUT at PHUNT photo]

Somehow I had convinced myself that it would be ok, that trails are softer than roads and a nice slow pace would make for an easy introduction to the world of ultras.  But when my legs got prematurely heavy after only about 15 miles yesterday, the realization that I was less than halfway finished made it painfully obvious that there would be plenty of suck to embrace if I were going to finish this thing.

I have my friend, Ginn, and my “support crew” — my wife, Erin, and my dad — to thank for making this day a success, and not what it easily could have been, a bailout after about 20 miles.  Ginn, who was running the marathon-distance option, ran with me until our courses split off at about the 23-mile point (en route to taking second place in the marathon category!).  It would have been extremely difficult for me to finish the race after I started hurting if I had been alone for the whole thing — the loneliness and uncertainty of whether I was even on course during the final eight miles made that the hardest part of the day.  Well, that and the few-hundred-foot incline at about 20 miles that was so steep we had to pull ourselves up most of the way by grabbing onto the trees and literally climbing.

[Matt and Ginn photo]

And without having Erin and Dad there to give me extra clothing (thank you, Recovery Sock armwarmers!), exchange my shoes (my new ones gave me blisters after 10 miles, not surprising considering I had only worn them once before this), and to simply be familiar human faces and voices in the stark lifelessness of the woods and wind-exposed fields in January, there’s no way I would have made it.

[Matt and Erin PHUNT photo]

Our dogs came along too, and clearly had an extremely hard day:

[sleeping dogs photo]

I felt alternately terrible and elated during the final, lonely eight miles, at times wondering why I was doing this and at others, becoming overjoyed with a feeling of accomplishment and anticipation of finishing.  I knew there was hot soup, cold beer, and lots of congratulations and stories of others’ days waiting for me.  And at this point I realized what embracing the suck means.  Doing it sucks, having done it is ecstasy.  You suck up doing it to get to the having done it, and when the ecstasy wears off, you do it all again.

I kept going, and for a while, it did suck.  But eventually, I forgot about how much it hurt and managed to just put one foot in front of the other.  Walking some steep uphills, and eventually even the steepest downhills, but always pushing forward.  And, sure enough, I finished.  And then I was happy.

[Matt PHUNT finish photo]

And to think this was only a 50K.  I can only imagine the suck of 50 miles and beyond.  I have at least two more 50K’s, in the next two months, before I do a 50-miler, and I hope to do those much faster than this one by being more prepared and pacing myself better.  And speaking of 50-milers, you can read about my goal of doing one this year at Running Shorts, where Megan and I recently posted our resolutions for 2010.

What I ate, and a giveaway

As promised, I have a prize pack of the drink I used yesterday to give away to a reader.  But first, here’s what I ate, since it’s kind of funny to me.  I tried the no-sugar thing for a while, but soon realized that wasn’t going to work for me on this day, and the aid stations had such tempting stuff!  I’ll get there one day.

  • Handful of almonds
  • 6 pretzel twists
  • 2 cookies
  • Handful of potato chips
  • 2 Fig Newtons
  • 1 orange
  • 2 cups sports drink
  • 1 whole wheat bagel
  • 4 Gu Chomps
  • 40 ounces water with Nuun electrolyte tablets

And the last one is what I’m giving away!  Nuun is a sugar-free electrolyte tablet that you drop into your water to get everything sports drinks give you, without the sugar, of course.  Note carefully: the point is not to run calorie-free.  Nuun allows you to get the electrolytes you need while getting your calories from wherever else you want, sugar or not.

The company sent me a bunch of different flavors to try, as well as some water bottles and stickers.  Erin and I have been drinking water with Nuun every day; we are both hooked on the stuff!  It tastes really good, and has come in especially handy over the holidays in the morning when I’ve woken up feeling just a little under the weather from the previous night’s festivities.  And all the flavors we’ve tried are great.  It comes in citrus fruit, lemon lime, tri-berry, orange ginger, banananuun, and kona cola.

If you haven’t tried Nuun yet, I recommend it, especially if you’re trying, like me, to get away from relying on sugar during your long runs.  You can get it at most running stores, at Nuun’s website, or you can win it here.

So, the giveaway: one winner will receive a Nuun prize pack, consisting of a Nuun water bottle, a Nuun sticker, and two tubes of Nuun (12 tablets each), in citrus fruit and tri-berry flavors.  As always, enter with a comment, no linking or tweeting necessary.  What fun is it if you have to do all that?  Get your comments in by Friday, January 8th, and I’ll announce the winner after that.

Thanks to longtime NMA reader and Nuun rep Tracy for approaching me about the Nuun samples!



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  1. Congratulations, Matt!!! You set a goal and reached it. You ran your first ultra!

    Great job!!!!
    .-= Nicki´s last blog ..The Feast of the Epiphany =-.

  2. Congrats on the 50K! Sucky or otherwise… you finished!
    I love the slogan, “Embrace the suck” definitely describes how I have felt during those last long miles of a marathon!

    I used Nuun this past summer/fall when training for the Nike Women’s marathon. A great alternative to the more common sports drinks.

  3. Wow! Congratulations- what an accomplishment!

  4. I am in awe! That is just amazing! Congratulations!
    .-= Marisa (Loser for Life)´s last blog ..Taking Our Time =-.

  5. Congratulations on the ultra! wow!

    I love the phrase ’embrace the suck’. That’s awesome.
    .-= Allison (Eat Clean Live Green)´s last blog ..Pumpkin Pie. In a Glass. =-.

  6. Cold I can handle, but wind? Wind bites! Way to hang tough and get ‘er done, Matt. You’re on your way.
    .-= Pete´s last blog ..The Racing Year Begins =-.

  7. Congrats on the 50 K! You should be proud 😀
    .-= Danielle (Coffee Run)´s last blog ..Oatmeal Figgy Bites =-.

  8. Awesome job on your first ultra! Also, regarding your previous post about changes… I really love your blog just the way it is. I appreciate that you want to improve it, but either way I am a fan! Keep it up! Thanks!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Happy Birthday to me! =-.

  9. Congrats on your first ultra! I plan on running my first one next year, and it is helpful and inspiring to read about how others survived “their first.”

    Also, I’d really like to win one of these blog giveaways for once! 😀

  10. Congrats on your first ultra–such an amazing accomplishment! Embrace the suck…I think that phrase could come in handy 😉 What a great giveaway too!
    .-= rungirlrunn´s last blog ..Running + Thinking = Rinking? =-.

  11. I’ve got my sights set on a 50K trail run in October, so I am always glad to read about other folks try at that distance.

    Enjoyed your post, and best of luck on the next 2. I will be sure to come back and read your results.
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Recap – Old Man’s Fat Ass "50K" =-.

  12. Congrats on your 50K! I absolutely love “Embracing the suck.” I’m working on training for my third half marathon, and a marathon in October, and have really had trouble motivating myself to do my long runs. “Embracing the suck” was exactly the motivation I needed!
    .-= Katherine´s last blog ..First Run/Walk 5K recap =-.

  13. Wow! I’m very impressed you finished…talk about digging deep. Congrats!!! 🙂
    .-= Betsy´s last blog ..2010 Goals =-.

  14. Woohoo! Congratulations on finishing! I’m so glad you had your old shoes as back up. I love your dogs. I think I saw in an old post, but can’t remember for sure – do they run with you? How far can they go? I have what is meant to be a running dog and energy wise she can go forever, but she is bored out of her mind. Any ideas? I’d love to have her as a partner. Thanks and congrats again, Amy
    P.S. Your wife looks adorable – I think I could finally see a little baby bump in one of the pictures. Maybe just the layers with cold weather though. 🙂
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..2010 To-Do List =-.

    • Amy, my dogs do run with me sometimes, but I can’t trust them off leash. I really wish I could take them off leash on the trails, but I guess I’ll have to start with leashes. I can’t imagine they’ll behave too well with all the animals out there though!

      I did a lot of my training for the Shamrock marathon with my smaller dog (my only dog, then). I got him up to around 8 miles, and he didn’t seem to have trouble. I bet he could go longer if we worked on it, but he’s out of shape now, compared to then!

      And yes, that is most definitely the bump!

  15. Congrats! That’s awesome that you finished(not that it sucked, but the most accomplishing things often do)
    .-= Evan Thomas´s last blog ..The Best Thing I Ever Ate =-.

  16. Congrats on finishing the race! That distance just sounds so incredible!! Love the pictures of the pups and your supporters (yayy bump). I’ve never heard of the nuun tabs- will have to keep an eye out for them. Happy New year!

  17. Awesome job!
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..2009 in Books =-.

  18. Congrats on the 50K!

  19. Great job Matt, runs like that make you realize that you can accomplish anything you truly want to

  20. Congrats on entering the ultra-ranks! Well done!

  21. Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment! I too love the phrase, “Embrace the Suck!” Good luck in your upcoming ultras!

    I’ve been doing tris for several years and have yet to try Nuun, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. I would love to win..:)
    .-= Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)´s last blog ..New Year, New Goals =-.

  22. Awesome job!!! I am searching for a good first timers 50K in my area. They are intimidating but figure its the next step after doing so many marathons, right?

    Great giveaway too! Haven’t tried that yet.

  23. Congrats on the finish. I am happy to see you finish and still standing after only 40 miles in December. I am slightly more than that but am a little anxious about my 39.3 miles next weekend. Look for an interesting RR next week!
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Happy New Year! =-.

  24. glad you survived!! i can’t imagine 😉 great way to bring in 2010 though!

    i’ve been wanting to try those nuun tablets, how nice of you to give some away!
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Christmas Eve 2009 =-.

  25. Congratulations – that is amazing! And yes, the poor poochies look like they had a rough time of it!

  26. Allison B. says:

    WoW~ Congrats on the ultra! I love the term “embrace the suck”! I have never heard it, but will be adding it to my running mantras list…good luck with your next ultra and training!

  27. Way to go and with the weather, it must have been a challenge!

  28. Congrats on finishing the 50k — that’s an amazing accomplishment! Love all the photos!
    .-= Matt´s last blog ..Hair of the Dog… =-.

  29. Congrats! Its nice to meet another veggie runner 🙂

  30. Wow, I still can’t even imagine doing anything that takes 5 and a half hours of nonstop moving to complete.

  31. Congrats on the 50K! If it makes you feel any better, your 50K race pace is faster than my half-marathon goal pace! 🙂

    I’ve seen the Nuun displays in running stores a million times, and I’d love to try it out! I only like one or two Gatorade flavors (and it’s a crapshoot whether they will be offered at aid stations) and am not such a fan of gels and gus during long runs.

    Thanks again for your help with the move to self-hosting, btw!
    .-= Kara (@ Kara’s Marathon)´s last blog ..It’s finally here!! =-.

  32. I am so glad your first 50k went well.
    .-= K8´s last blog ..English Muffins =-.

  33. I’ve been interested in trying Nuun tablets! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  34. Way to stick with it and finish the race! Such an accomplishment and you worked hard for it.

  35. Alexandra says:

    Your blog is awesome! I went veg a few months ago and you have some great ideas for athletes in training! (I’m hoping to complete a half ironman this summer) Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Thanks Alexandra! Love hearing from all the veg athletes out there; it seems more are popping up every day. I’d love to hear about your half Ironman training; getting into triathlons is definitely on my list. Did you start with a shorter one, or are you going right for the half Ironman?

  36. Congrats on your first ultra. I still don’t even have plans for a full, but do plan on more halfs this year. I plan on at least two. That is crazy how much food you consumed. Did you stop to eat, or eat on the run?
    .-= Caleb´s last blog ..12 Green tips for reducing your carbon footprint =-.

    • Caleb, thanks. I’m glad to hear you’re planning on running more halfs; I know a lot of people do one and then intend to keep it going, but never do and they let all that fitness slip away. I did that after my first full and it took me years to get back to it.

      I ate mostly on the run. We walked for a minute or two after each aid station (there were only three), so I ate a lot then, and the rest while I was running.

  37. Congrats on the 50k! I’d love to be able to do one some day, for now I’m focusing on my first marathon 🙂

    I’d love a chance to win the Nuun. I’m not usually a big sports drink fan but I do think I need something for electrolytes on long runs/bikes. Plus, they don’t ship to Canada so this might be my only chance!
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..Life in a tree =-.

  38. kick ass! makes me want to run an ultra.

  39. congrats Matt, great job!

  40. Congrats on your first 50K! I’m so jealous. I’ve never heard of Nuun until now and it sounds addicting – I hope I win!

  41. I love the catch phrase “Embracing the suck”….Glad you pulled through without too much suck! Count me in the drawing for the Nunn, I’m always looking to try some neat alternatives for fuel/electrolyte replacement. Now to get back to running….

  42. wow! What an accomplishment!!! I love the phrase “Embrace the Suck”…I totally could relate to that in the marathon that I ran this past November.

    Way to go and I look forward to hearing about your future crazy running adventures!!!!! 😛
    .-= Mary (Food Fit & Fun)´s last blog ..Yoga at Home =-.

  43. I think your crew were the ones in the vehicle that looked like the Space Shuttle. I was running just ahead of you (5:29 finish), so I saw them every time they moved along the course. The last time I saw your wife(?) she asked, “How’s it going?” My reply was, “I’ve been better!” However, at that point we were less than 5 miles from the finish, so I knew everything was going to be OK.

    Nice job on your first ultra finish. The Stone Cat 50 miler in the Boston area is a great race if you’re looking for a good first 50.

    • Hey Wayne, I asked Erin if she knows who you were, and she thinks so! That’s really funny, and yes, she is my wife. “I’ve been better” is a very accurate description of how I felt at that point too. Thanks for the Stone Cat idea; I’ll look it up. It seems there’s nothing local in the spring that’s not too close to April 19, Erin’s due date.

  44. Congratulations!! I’ve got a big year of training ahead of me (for my first 1/2 ironman), and it’s great to see other veggie athletes accomplishing their goals!
    (I’d love to enter the contest too!) 🙂

  45. congratulations!!! way to ’embrace the suck’
    i love nuun tablets-a very pleasant flavor and much better for you than gatorade!!
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Happy Oatmeal Month! =-.

  46. Congrats on embracing the suck. Sounds horrendous and amazing all at the same time! 😉 I’m excited to follow you on all of your running adventures this year! And I love love love the pictures of your pups at the race. Adorable!
    I haven’t heard of Nuun but it sounds great. I’ll definitely have to try it!

  47. Congratulations on your first ultra – that is awesome!

    I would love to try Nuun; sounds a lot better than my current practice of eating little fast food packets of salt on my runs!

    • Kelley, that’s hilarious that you eat those little packs of salt! Is that common? It does sound pretty convenient, though I can’t imagine eating them is too pleasant.

  48. I’m sooooooo impressed! Congrats! You’re hardcore and I totally respect that.

    Sounds rough and awesome just like running sometimes is. Way to go.

  49. YEAH you made it! Go you! That must have been one heck of a race.

    Your eats sound tasty.
    .-= Sagan´s last blog ..Exceptions to the Raw Food Challenge =-.

  50. Yay!!! Great job Matt! I am so happy you are loving the Nuun! I totally know what you mean about using it to rehydrate after the long nights of celebrating the holidays too 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out and please do not count me in the contest. Thanks!!!

    • Thanks again Tracy! I forgot to mention that the reason Erin drinks them so much is because her doctor told her to get more electrolytes throughout the day while she’s pregnant. Perfect timing!

  51. whoa, that sounds so intense!!! congrats! you accomplished something many (is not most :] ) deem out of reach/impossible. thats just so cool and impressive!!

  52. I’d love to enter and win some Nuun! I tried my first Nuun on my long run this weekend (lemon lime) and I’d love to try some new flavors.
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..First Run of 2010! =-.

  53. Congratulations – I ended up having to DNF my first ultra attempt on 12/31 after my knee/ITB had a fit on me. Luckily, I know what’s wrong now and can get it in shape for my next attempt 1/23. I use NUUN as well, good stuff and much better tasting than a lot of elctrolytes.

  54. i would love to try these nuun tablets on my long runs!

    congrats on your 50k run!!

  55. That’s incredible!! Congratulations Matt, what a huge accomplishment. I just struggled through 4-miles so that’s amazing!

    Nuun looks interesting, I would love something to refuel with during longer runs but Gatorade has SO much sugar. This looks like an interesting alternative. 🙂
    .-= Katy @ These Beautiful Feet´s last blog ..Monday Monday =-.

  56. I’m always looking for drink alternatives! I’d love to try that citrus one!

  57. Congratulations, that’s great!

    Welcome to the world of ultramarathoning!

    I’ll have to give Nuun a chance at some point…maybe even a soon point if I win the contest, heheh!

    You’ll do well in the 50 miler…you’ll hit that same point you did in this 50k, but then you’ll run past it and things will be better. It happened to me around mile 33 or so, and once I got to 40 it was just 10 miles to go and I actually picked it up a bit and had a final mile around 7 minutes if I recall correctly…

    And definitely, keep track of the food! I always get a kick when I figure out what I ate during a race like that, heheh.
    .-= Blaine Moore´s last blog ..2009 Final Numbers =-.

    • Blaine, a 7-minute last mile?? That would have been completely out of the question for me. Then again, as I said, I wasn’t in ideal shape for this one. Thanks for your confidence in my chances for finishing a 50 miler; it really helps me to hear that from an experienced runner.

      P.S. Thanks for your Christmas card!

  58. I’d love the opportunity to try Nuun out! I’ve recently started bringing some snackage along with me on my long runs and can tell it makes a difference in my energy after a good 60 minutes.

    Congrats on your first 50K!! Such an amazing accomplishment.
    .-= Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather´s last blog ..Weekend Getaway =-.

  59. I’ve been wanting to try nuun for a while now!

    many congrats on ultra #1!

  60. Congratulations: that’s awesome! I feel more inspired to brave the Boston winter now.

    What are your thoughts on nuun vs. Vega Sport vs. coconut water? I’m finding out about so many new hydration options through your blog.

    • Naveen, I believe that Nuun, coconut water, and Vega Sport all have sufficient levels of electrolytes to support distance running (based mainly on what I have read, not necessarily experience, especially since I’ve never fueled a long run with coconut water). But they are entirely different in their carb/sugar content, with Nuun containing none (hah!), coconut water containing a low amount, and Vega Sport containing the most. I think Vega Sport can be thought of as a healthier, more natural Gatorade (plus caffeine and other useful stuff), especially good for short runs that require quick, fast-burning energy. And for the traditional approach of taking it lots of sugar during long runs, Vega Sport is probably the best way to get it. Nuun and coconut water are more useful for someone who doesn’t want to use as much sugar for fuel, which I’m trying to do nowadays. They might also be good for someone who has a preferred source of sugar, perhaps if their stomachs couldn’t tolerate normal sports drinks.

      For me, I’ll probably fuel shorter, more intense workouts (say, less than an hour and a half) with Vega Sport, and use Nuun along with some no-sugar snacks like almonds for fueling long, slow training runs. I’m still figuring out what works best for races.

  61. congrats on the 50K – that is awesome!
    Nuun sounds very interesting – I will have to give it a try.

  62. Congratulations on your 50K! I stumbled across your site yesterday while looking for vegan resources and just wanted to say hello. I thought your protein information (especially about the different amino acids was really helpful). I’m trying to lurk less in the blogosphere, so hello and congrats.

  63. MATTTTT!!!!! Congratulations!

  64. Congratulations and welcome to the Dark Side! I’m an ultrarunner as well. I was happily suprised at how well I recovered from two 100 mile ultras this past summer/fall as a fairly new raw vegan 🙂

    • Julie, wow, two 100’s in a summer/fall is amazing. And it’s especially inspiring to hear you’re a raw vegan in addition! Regarding recovery, I’m sure 50K doesn’t compare to that, but I too was shocked at how great I felt, even the very next day. Two days later, even better, and today, not even a hint of soreness.

  65. Hi, it’s really inspiring to read the stuff you’re doing. I’m currently training for my first half-marathon in March. And then plan to run the Heart of America marathon in September. As a vegetarian I can certainly appreciate your advice and recipes. It would be really cool if I won a Nuun prize pack!

    Thanks for the posts.

  66. MARSHA LATIMER says:

    Hey, thats awesome, I am ultra proud of you. I ran the 50K as well, I wasn’t as fast as you but I made it. There were a couple of things going on that day, the weather (hmmmm, really flippin cold) and getting off trail twice for me. I had incredible pain in my calves at mile 12, not sure I could go on, but with the help of some other ultra runners, I finished in 6 hours. I have run several 50k’s, a 50 miler and a 100 miler, this particular race was a tough one. You should try HAT, I think its filled up but there is always next year.

    Good luck and welcome to the world of crazies!

    • Hi Marsha, it’s good to know that one was hard, even by the standards of someone who has run a 100 miler! Actually I am running HAT this year; it’s put on by the guys in my running group so that was the first one I registered for. Are you doing it?

      • Marsha Latimer says:

        I am not doing it this year, I am running the Buzzards marathon (another Fatass), Bull Run and Hyner…these are leading into MMT 100….Have fun Hat is a great 50K and awesome aid! Enjoy and Happy Running!

  67. Happy New Year and Congratulations on your first Ultra!! I love reading your blog and I just read about the post on your commitment to donating ad revenue to the Humane Society. That is a truly generous and inspiring pledge. The Humane Society is one of my heart held favorite charities.


    i bow down to you – that is an AMAZING accomplishment, and i hope you are resting up nicely now 🙂
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Curried Acorn Sex Cake =-.

  69. Erin is seriously a trooper for being out there and supporting you and being preggers! What a wife!

    You totally rocked it, and now you have some bragging rights!!
    .-= Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete´s last blog ..Deployment and the Military Spouse =-.

  70. Hi Matt!

    I just wanted to come out of lurker status to congratulate you on such an awesome accomplishment!

    I’m a new runner–just started in November as a member of TNT. I’m training for Boston, and I pretty much “embrace the suck” every time I tie up my laces! We are just starting to really increase our long runs and I’d be interested to try Nuun. I actually haven’t used any type of gel or sports drink during my workouts yet…

    I’ve also been meaning to say thank you. I became a vegetarian/mostly vegan last July and since stumbling across your blog I have learned so much from your product reviews and experience with vegetarianism and running. I also wanted to thank you for my No Meat Athlete shirt which I received as a Christmas present! I’m excited to sport it for my first ever 10 mile run on Saturday 🙂

  71. Count me in for the Nuuns!
    .-= Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)´s last blog ..Almost vegan comes home =-.

  72. And congrats on the 50k, of course!!
    .-= Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)´s last blog ..Almost vegan comes home =-.

  73. Inspirational and such an accomplishment. CONGRATS!!

  74. Yay! I have been wanting to try Nuun for a while! I can’t believe you did an ultra marathon!!! Congrats that is so great! I love the pics and the recap!

  75. I thought I responded to this post earlier, but I guess I didn’t…Congrats on your Ultra! I’m hoping to do one next year, so I’m glad to read about others “embracing the suck” before me…hehe…

  76. CATIEDIDIT says:

    Congrats! And I love your puppies! I just had knee surgery, so I can’t use the nuun now, but I’d love to use it on my road to recovery 🙂

  77. Matt,
    Belated congrats on your first ULTRA!!! It is certainly something to be proud of and you deserve to bask! Great write-up and I look forward to more. 5oks are hard. 50 milers are hard too, but you get to go a bit slower. Don’t rule it out!
    .-= ultrarunnergirl´s last blog ..2009, The Year in Review =-.

  78. blue beast says:

    good job man!

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