The Nutrition Q&A Episode


It’s time for another big Q&A episode, where we answer listener submitted questions.

In this week’s edition, we focus on nutrition-related questions, ranging from eating for recovery to the value of plant-based meats.

Spoiler alert: Matt and I see eye to eye on all the answers…

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The Back to School Reset Episode

Back to school

Winter is coming…

Schools are back in session, the heat has broken, and the hype around fall races is increasing by the day.

And if your summer has looked anything like ours — full of travel, veggie burgers, and beer — it’s time for a reset. With just over three months before the holidays kick off, now is the perfect time to set fresh goals and refocus on your health.

In today’s episode we share our habit goals for the next few months, and how we’re committing to our nutrition, fitness, and mindset.

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The Anxiety Episode

Marathon Läufer

Today’s episode is a little different…

It gets personal.

If you’ve trained for a sporting event, chances are you’ve experienced at least some level of pre-race (or match, game, etc.) anxiety. You know… that overwhelming feeling the days and hours heading into a race that leads to questions and doubts on your training and ability.

In today’s episode, we talk about that pre-race anxiety, how we address it, and what we do when it’s no longer related to a race, but to life in general.

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Design the Next NMA T-Shirt


Want to see your design featured on a No Meat Athlete T-shirt?

We’re looking for a few new shirt designs, and thought there was no better place to start the search than within our own community…

So we’re holding a contest!

If you’re an artist or designer, or just have a good idea for our next shirt, we want to see what you can come up with. We’ll sort through all the submitted designs and print our favorites on the next round of No Meat Athlete shirts.

Does this mean the current shirts are going away? Absolutely not! But we hope the new designs will be something the NMA community will love to wear to show their support of the plant-based fitness movement.

What you need to know:

  • Submit your design to before the deadline of Wednesday, August 22.
  • We’ll quickly review the designs and get back to everyone with our decision.
  • The winning design(s) will receive $500, plus shout-outs on NMA’s social channels and the blog.

What we’re looking for:

For the past several years, No Meat Athlete shirts have relied heavily on the logo. Now, we’re looking for something different…

A simple, edgy, creative design that matches the energy of this community.

Other than that, it’s up to you! Let the creative juices flow. We can’t wait to check out your ideas.

If you have any questions, contact us at



A Fresh Look at Habits and Goals

Young woman jogging running outdoors

Have we been approaching healthy habits all wrong?

You’ve likely heard some of our previous episodes on creating habits that last — but over time, our approach to making healthy changes has shifted.

In today’s episode, Matt and I share where we are now, and why we might have been doing it wrong this whole time.

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Doug and Matt’s Time Tips

Runner woman with heart rate monitor running on beach

Time… we could all use more of it.

Search the web and you’ll find endless hacks on how to save a few minutes here, or increase productivity there.

But we all know those hacks never stick, and more importantly they don’t solve your no-time problem.

So in today’s episode we do something a little different. This is our no-hacks guide to creating more time for your healthy habits and lifestyle.

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How We Feed Our Kids


As adult vegans, we face certain challenges when traveling, dining at restaurants, or whenever we’re outside our normal routines. But we figure it out — packing our own meals or snacking on nuts and fruit if we need to.

But what does it look like when kids are involved?

They’re pickier and not as adaptable, and the last thing we want to do is feed them junk just to get by.

In today’s episode we explore the ins and outs of how we feed our kids, both during our normal at-home routines, and while on summer vacation or traveling.

Here’s what we talk about in today’s episode:

  • Matt’s beach trip food tips.
  • The allure of junk food when in a pinch.
  • How to handle long car trips.
  • 19-month-old Eliza’s favorite salad.
  • Healthy snacks for kids.
  • The go-to easy treat Matt loves.

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The Picky Eater Solution: How to Turn Your Child into a Plant-Based Food Adventurer

Father and son preparing food in kitchen

It seems every family has at least one kid who just won’t try new foods.

And there’s nothing more frustrating than cooking a beautiful meal, only to have your kids call it yucky or spit it out. But that’s kids… wearing every emotion and opinion right on their sleeve.

Because of this, some parents spend hours in the kitchen preparing individual meals catering to individual tastes, just to get their children to eat. Or they cave, and let their child eat whatever processed food makes them happy.

No one said parenting would be easy…

My husband Dave and I are parents to four great kids — all plant-based. Sounds like we’ve got it made, right?

Let me tell you, over the years, we’ve had our fair share of food battles. And when it comes to food battles, there’s one important lesson I’ve found to always be true:

Food battles are all about control and identity.

And although it may not feel like it in the moment — when your kids are throwing a tantrum over broccoli — them asserting their opinions about what goes into their bodies is actually a good sign. They’re developing a sense of autonomy.

They may just need a little help directing that energy toward making good choices like kale and mushrooms and quinoa instead of just white rice, bread, or veggie sausages.

My philosophy around picky eaters is to respect, educate, and involve your kids in eating.

And if you can do that, you can create little foodies who love variety, color, flavor, and have a positive identity around being adventurous eaters.

After having our own child and adopting three beautiful Cree children, we felt compelled to transition from vegetarian to a fully plant-based diet. For Dave and me, the transition was pretty smooth — not so much for our kids. But with a lot of patience and encouragement from us, all four kids are excellent food adventurers today and love kale and vegan brownies!

As a mother and plant-based Registered Dietitian, I’ve learned a lot through my own experiences and the experiences of my clients on how best to open picky eaters up to new, fresh foods.

picky eaters

Here are my seven tips to help you turn your picky eaters into food adventurers:

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