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  • Great post, thanks Matt for providing such great insight.
    I’ve been debating the use of fitness tracker for a few weeks now, can’t wait to hear how you like yours.

  • Great post! My wife and I got VivoFits for the holidays and I’ve been excited to try them out. I think I’m going to print out your list here for the next grocery store run.

    1. This is a great idea, Christine. I’ve actually been thinking about doing a weekly meal / shopping feature here, so hopefully I’ll have that going soon!

  • Your post about putting your diet on autopilot is just what I need to be reading right now. We have 3 people eating 3 different ways in my household and sometimes, after everyone else is fed, I stand in the kitchen feeling like I don’t have the time or energy to make myself a decent meal. Thanks for reminding me to plan ahead for those times by stocking up on simple ingredients for my own quick, healthy meals.

  • Great post and tips to help start off the new year. Haven’t found a pancake recipe both my kids like. Going to try the banana pancake recipe (it does look yum). Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow, thank you for this post….Trying to be better prepared with our busy schedule and eat healthier. I have actually been trying to make some healthier meal plans and make grocery lists to go with it. Can’t wait to read more of what your family does!

  • Hiya! I noticed some almond milk back there. Do you have any thoughts on whether its important to avoid carrageenan? I’ve tried making homemade almond milk but it doesn’t feel very cost effective!

    1. Hi Isabelle! Yes, we do take care to avoid carrageenan since our kids drink almond milk every day (if it were me, who drinks it less than once a month, I wouldn’t worry about it). Last my wife and I checked, this brand (365) didn’t contain carrageenan, and we had a bit of a crisis trying to find another one when 365 was strangely unavailable for a few months.
      You’re right that making it at home isn’t as cost effective, but I did realize the other day when I bought almond meal and almond milk in the same trip that if we were to make our own and then dry out the waste to grind into flour, it might be close to affordable.

  • A tip for bananas if they have gone a little too spotty: skin them, wrap them in foil and put them in the freezer. Once frozen, take out, mash until smooth and enjoy a lovely, sweet, creamy all natural banana ice cream. Also good with chocolate chips.

  • I like this roundup. I got a few ideas and some other things I see are very similar too. Would love a post or infographic on grocery list as well. 🙂

  • The hummus recipes in your book are so delicious and quick and easy! Why did you buy store-bought? 🙂
    I love the 365 Almond Milk and now I buy in bulk because I was also at crisis stage when it went short for a period 🙂 Hopefully that glitch in their manufacturing supply is worked out??Do you have an “in” to figure out why that happened? Thanks, Matt!

  • great stuff! I love the idea of going on autopilot! I’m the person who will think of awesome complex meal menu plans, prepare all meals on one day and half way through the week I’m looking for something not on the menu or plan…normally something unhealthy. I keep telling myself to get those “go-to” healthy foods that I love for those moments but never do. I may just have to do it if I want to have the mental and physical energy I love when I’m in the eating beam.

  • Love my VivoFit! I replaced the Fitbit when I (accidentally) drowned it this summer stand up paddle boarding. Great post!

  • I’ve never heard about the Mango Sriracha or Thai Coconut Curry flavored hummus flavors before. But I’ll be making them this week! Thanks for the great post.

  • I’ve just started reading your blog recently. As a fellow, No Meat Athlete, I’m delighted by all of the insights you share! Thank you!! And I have to agree with you… preparation is truly what makes all the difference. I use that trick to get me up and going for a run or to the gym in the early morning. If I pack my gym bag or lay out my running outfit/gear the night before I am 100% more likely to actually get up in time to go… If I don’t prepare, I simply don’t do it.

  • Thanks for sharing your shopping trip. I buy a lot of the same stuff, but I did get a few new ideas, and I always appreciate the new recipes!

  • Great post I shall certainly use for my own grocery list. Special thanks for the idea of freezing fresh spinach (I buy fresh and frozen and never thought of doing this before!) and the banana pancake recipe too. Wonderful!

  • Hi Matt. Being a triathlete and runner myself I know that Scott Jurek would love this blog. My personal thoughts however is that fish and chicken is ok too eat as part of a balanced diet.
    Most households can definitely increase their intake of vegetables and fruit especially during the winter when it’s important to eat those dark green veg.
    Anyhow, thanks for the post….you’ve found a new follower. 🙂

    1. I commend anybody for reducing their animal consumption and increasing their vegetable consumption, but I don’t think eating chickens or fish is healthy. Chickens are full of antibiotics and campylobacter, fish are full of mercury and pollutants. As somebody who cannot go vegan due to IBS/intolerances, I find whey protein, goat’s cheese and homegrown eggs answer all my nutritional needs without needing any animal flesh. I hope we can all be vegetarian one day 🙂

  • Hi Matt! thanks for sharing your article. I do similar things with snacks, I make snack bags and carry them with me so that I dont end up eating junk when the 4pm boredom strikes 🙂
    BTW, I’m assuming the beer you mentioned is vegan? Do you have a list of vegan alcohol? 🙂
    Have a great day

  • I always kind of cringe when people tell me that I have such willpower. “you run everyday, you eat vegan, you drink water, you don’t drink alcohol” .. I try to explain that this is due to habits and how I choose to live my life, this has nothing to do with willpower. Great post!!

    1. Great points, Julie! I could have written the same thing – living this way makes me happy! No will power involved 🙂

  • It’s definitely time to reboot after the holiday splurge! I did a big Whole Foods shopping trip this morning and bought a big container of baby spinach. I put two giant handfuls in my morning smoothies, so it doesn’t last too long, but I love the idea of freezing it as soon as I get home. Thank you!

  • Hi, Please could you tell me the gram weights and millilitre capacity of the respective dry and wet “cup”
    Ingredients for the pancakes. I am in West Yorkshire,England and although there are conversion websites available
    I somehow always seem to mess it up!

  • Love this Matt, but only one avocado?! We need more haha they are great! Ever tried the bosco? Spinach, avocado, grilled vegetabled topped with honest mustard dressing alongside 4 strips of garlic bread – a real taste!

  • That is a terrific idea for the spinach… I always buy some for smoothies but sometimes have a difficult time eating it all before it gets mushy in the bag. Aside from cleaning the spinach, is there anything you do to it before sticking it in a freezer bag?

  • Hi Matt, We are heading in to the big city today go to a Whole Foods to stock up! Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration!!! Since we don’t have a Whole Foods nearby, I am always too overwhelmed when I go into a Whole Foods. Your post gave me a great list of things to try there. They should continue to sponsor you!

  • Great post! It validates that what I already buy (minus the bananas, which I refuse to eat and admitting that will probably get me kicked out of the running community!) is keeping me on the right track!
    Just wanted to point out that Whole Foods is a great resource but not necessary. Many “standard” grocery stores, and even Walmart, have an extensive selection of organic, local and / or naturally vegan foods! Sometimes I think people are discouraged from eating vegan or in a more healthful manner because they think they *have* to shop at Whole Foods in order to do so.

  • Hi Matt, great post! I’m a big fan of your posts and recipes. Just starting out on a new journey as a health coach and listed your book on my website/blog as one of my favorites!

  • I made these pancakes. Took a risk and doubled the recipe because I’m cooking for one and trying to do batch cooking so I always have healthy foods at hand. Used a 1/4 cup measure and ended up with 24 pancakes. The ones I didn’t eat are safely tucked away in my freezer. These turned out really, really good.
    Just curious if anyone has tried these with pureed pumpkin in place of banana?

  • Excited to try batch freezing this pancake recipe but was just a wondering what people have found to be best way to re heat the after freezing for best texture?

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