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  • I love Larabars! They are great to use on long bike rides instead of gels.
    My goal for the upcoming year is to add more strength training back into my routine.

  • 2014 was a great year for me in terms of creating healthy habits/getting rid of bad ones! I quit smoking, quit caffeine, and started running! My top goals for 2015 are to run a 5k and to transition to 100% vegan (I’m currently 100% vegetarian and keep a vegan house – it’s just eating out that remains).

  • Great article! I just got my smoothie habit back into play after Thanksgiving, and I already feel so much better energy wise.
    My healthy habit for 2015 is going to be focusing on managing energy levels instead of managing time. Instead of trying to consistently cram as much as possible into each day in order to feel “productive” or “efficient”, I’m going to take the time to focus & engage with what’s in front of me, and build small periods of restful or rejuvenating activities into my schedule weekly.

  • My healthy habit for 2015 is to meditate everyday- starting with just 5 minutes a day so I can really build the habit.
    Great giveaway!

  • I plan to do my first marathon (Bend Marathon) in April. Not being a great runner, nor having the best biomechanics, I plan to incorporate more strength training in order to remain injury-free.
    And of course, I am on a never-ending mission to eat more whole foods! Living in the craft beer capital of the country, though, I just can’t give up the beer.

  • After reading your blog for 2 years, I finally made the move to a vegan lifestyle in August and I’ve never felt better. After getting married over the summer and burning myself out on work helping to pay for and work toward the wedding, my focus in 2015 will be on healthy, stress-reducing habits. Specifically, daily morning meditation, and I’m going to learn (and commit to) tai chi three times per week. I’m super excited (and will be starting actually this month to kickstart 2015 on the right foot!).

  • One healthy habit change in 2015 for me is going to be to slow down! 2014 passed by way to fast for me, and as I think about it, I know the schedule I keep up is mostly to blame. I need to take more time each day to slow down & enjoy the moment. Stress kills!

  • Thanks so much for the great article. Larabars are a huge staple in our house.
    My goal starting NOW is to get 8 hours of sleep a night, with a consistent bedtime (10pm).

  • I love Lara bars too! One healthy habit change I’m going to make is to start my day with a full glass of water instead of tea. Saving my tea for later will allow me to not have so much during the day (saving me money), it means I won’t start the day with added sugar, and it will save me time in those first moments when I get up and really need to be heading down to start my workout ASAP.

  • My goal this year is to take time for myself after my weekly aerobics class. I usually rush off to pick up my son from the gym daycare as soon as I’m done, but a fifteen minute soak in the hottub won’t hurt anything. And it may just help my peace of mind! 🙂

  • I always sit for a few minutes with my coffee each morning–I’m going to start going on my porch to do that and think about my place in the universe instead of zoning out reading emails on my phone.

  • I want to work on getting up early in the morning to exercise before work (whereas now I’m typically an evening exerciser) – get it in before I let a busy schedule get in the way!

  • I’m going to follow the fruit and nuts tip for snacks next year. Seems like an easy fix that needs minimal effort or planning. Thanks!

  • I will be more consistent with my strength training (4x a week for at least 15min) and will go for a walk when I’m bored, rather than eat.

  • My 2015 goal will be to eat less processed food. I’ve been more aware of what I’m eating since turning vegetarian and now mostly entirely plant-based. I just need to stop eating the processed foods as my comfort foods.

  • I’d like to develop a more consistent journaling practice. Right now, I journal sporadically and always feel great clarity when I do, but I’d like to make it a more regular part of my life.

  • More balance in my life is needed! I plan on doing more yoga, taking long baths more often etc….
    Man, I love Larabars.

  • I plan to spend a half an hour after work each day in front of the fire reading a book… It’s a good way to wind down and forget about work without a glass of wine or TV!

  • Everyone always tells me I can’t get healthier because I already eat fruits and vegetables all day and run a lot also. But there is one habit that I’m going to work really hard on in 2015 (which is now easier because of my schedule) and that is the caffeine habit! I used to eat massive salads and a bunch of bananas at a time and then turn around and drink a Monster or Rockstar zero calorie energy drink- almost undoing all the healthy stuff I just accomplished. Luckily those drinks have no place in my life anymore….but coffee runs in my blood. I’m definitely switching to half caf to start and then hopefully I can wake up and drink a nice cup of decaf each morning. Coffee just tastes too good!

  • I’m pretty good at daily smoothies so I’m thinking that adding in a big salad to my daily intake would be a relief! One less meal to plan.

  • My goal for 2015 is to make the shift back towards eating whole foods and cooking. Ever since my son was born in July I have been relying entirely too much on packaged and processed convenience foods.

  • My goal for 2015 is to go to sleep and wake up at consistent times. . .my body needs lots of sleep to function most efficiently!

  • I’ve just started mindfulness meditation, and I’m hoping to keep up the habit 1-2 times a week for the coming year. It has helped a lot already with athletics and sleep!

  • I love the idea of the every day big salad and smoothie. After going vegetarian in 2014, I think either of those would make a great addition to my wellbeing. I’ll tey to get either one or the other done every day in 2015. Looking forward to feeling all well and healthy!

  • Larabars are my favorite, and I can only get two flavors locally. Whomp whomp. One healthier habit I will work on in 2015 is getting enough sleep every night.

  • Great reminders for the busy season on how to make simple, but mega impacting changes.
    my healthy change for 2015 is too include more vegan/vegeterain meals into my weekly menu, weather it’s for my lunches or dinners or both. As a newbie into the triathlon world, I am excited to see how my new lifestyle will enhance my times

  • I’m not one to wait until a date on the calendar to make change. I already went plant based almost two years ago (I’m one of the strange over night vegans that decided one day it was time and didn’t tell my (already) vegan wife for almost a week), drink a green smoothie for breakfast and with my lunch salad (no dressing… some fruit instead) and base dinner on a big salad with a side of whatever the wife cooks. And I haven’t looked back.
    However, since moving back to New England from Hawaii, my coffee intake has increased from one cup on the weekend after a long run or during a break in a bike ride to an everyday habit. My short term goal is to turn that habit back to a weekend reward. A middle term goal for next year is to finally get my marathon maniacs membership.

  • I’m trying to get some coworkers to sign up together for a February run (Heart to Start in Hillsboro, OR). The timing is far enough out that it doesn’t interfere with the holidays, but close enough that the goal is motivating. Now I just have to get around to make that poster!

  • The name is Lärabar with an “ä”, not Larabar (but you can expect these bars in Lara Crofts backback too … pure power).
    My plan is to go ahead with what I already do: no alcohol, veggie food, lot of running. … ok, I want to run more barefoot, and will do.

  • I already eat a big lunch salad (or soup/steamed vegetables in the winter), but in 2015, I want to start consistently eating a side salad, soup, or fruit before dinner so that I keep my overall caloric density lower.

  • I’ve had a smoothie every morning this week and I’ve noticed it takes me a lot longer to feel hungry again because I’m full of all the good stuff. I kind of go off and on with smoothies because I really have never liked thick/creamy textures, but since I know it’s good for me and makes me feel good, I’d love to make it an actual consistent habit.

  • Thanks for all the great ideas…I’ve been working on creating a healthy lifestyle for the past few years now, step by step, and the next thing I want to work on is adding a weekly yoga class to my routine.

  • My new habit will be to start eating Lara bars because I’m a Kiwi and don’t know what they are!!! No not really to exercise every other day- jog- long walk- swim, jog – long walk- swim because since I’ve started travelling it’s been really hard to keep up some kind of a routine and everyone needs a routine especially those that don’t think they do.

  • I follow a pretty consistent workout routine, but I am trying not to stress over missing a workout. If I’m too tired, sleep is more important!

  • I always feel like a better, stronger runner when I stretch, but I rarely do it. My goal is to do yoga and stretch to help my body recover after training.

  • My goal is to drink less coffee. I love the smell, the taste…hum! Just love everything about coffee! The half decaf is actually a great idea. I think I’ll start with that!

  • I plan to work on my sugar addiction. 2014 has been my best year ever at making healthy decisions. I plan to continue with that foundation and work on eliminating processed sugar from my diet.

  • Yup, no time like the present to start healthy habits! My goal is to eat a massive salad every day. I used to do this…. not so much now. WILL get back to this asap. Today, even!
    Thanks for the reminders.

  • Yes- let’s start in December! Why wait?! I truly appreciate your tangible and manageable suggestions. While externally I look and am fairly healthy, I know I have some big mental hurdles to overcome and work on in 2015. The first thing I will work on it practicing stillness. In a culture of ‘progress,’ success is often measured by how full our schedules are. ‘Quality over quantity’- time to focus on the activities and things that fill me with light and life, not doing just “to do.” Thank you for the kick start I needed!

  • Great article! I loved it so much I saved a permanent copy of it iny Evernote to refer to.
    My big goal/correction is to make more meals and especially lunch. The unfortunate convenience at work is our cafeteria and even though I can get dishes without meats or dairy they are loaded with salts and oils for flavour (and might have lots of mystery ingredients) and costs lots. Instead I’ll pack my own lunch and k ow exactly what’s in it at a lower cost.
    Good luck to everyone in the comments for 2015.

  • I love Larabars! My goal for 2015 is to learn manage stress more effectively: carving out time to read, stretch, and meditate every day.

  • I love smoothies in the morning. When I do make them I drink the entire 40 ounces! Talk about a jumpstart to your day. Now I guess I’ll need to do it more often.

  • Great post, Matt! Thanks! My one healthy habit change for 2015 is to do yoga sculpt 1 time a week, to compliment my BQ attempt training!

  • Lots of good ideas. I’ll have to try that salad dressing!
    Healthy habit? I’d like to spend less unproductive time on the internet when there’s so much else I could be doing!

  • My goal is to actually sign up for and run my first race! I’ve been running off and on for the past year – it’s time I create a real training goal and stick to it. I also want to be an encouragement to both my parents, who are beginning to express interest in running and eating a plant-based diet!

  • Great post, Matt. My healthy habit is to cut down on the caffeine and alcohol. I’ve got plans to run my first 1/2 marathon and ride my first century in 2015 (not in the same day… maybe next year) so I need to maximize my training efforts. Thanks for the advise!!

  • My goal is to focus on me no have lost sight of who I am with trying to take care of 3 young kids. My goal is to meditate for 5 min a day. And I hope from there my attention to my self being will grow to not only benefit me but my kids too.

  • I like all of those ideas. I’ve been struggling with breakfast each morning since I stopped eating yogurt. I have done smoothies in the past, so I will get back in the habit of starting each day with one. I’ll throw in greens for extra nutrition.

  • We are planning to get rid of cable in January which means I’ll be watching less television. And reading more!!! Plus, that whole “eat a large salad every day” needs to be a habit for me! SERIOUSLY!

  • I goal is to have a smoothy and salad every day. My workout goals stay on track, but I need a push to eat more healthy options.

  • I changed to a whole foods, plant based diet almost 3 years ago, so what is left to do? Well this year I am going to change my attitude. I am going to smile more, complain less and be happier. I’m smiling as I write this already, apparently just typing it makes you happier.

  • My one healthy habit is to get back to my meditation practice. When my mind is well everything else falls into place…including the healthy habits I want to start or continue for my physical well being!

  • My goal for 2015 is to focus more on my overall health, physical and mental. I am 100% vegetarian, but want to focus more on homemade meals and less on pre-packaged products. I have recently started using your formula for energy bars, and they are great. I drive an hour each way to work, and the bars are my post-workout (something to do in the car) breakfast. My mental goal is to limit my frustration with traffic and driving. The self-imposed stress of getting somewhere on time, at the sake of safety, is stupid. It’s just work, it is always there regardless of the time I sit down in my office.

  • Yes, A small change. Tonight I am going to order plant strong when we go to dinner and in the morning make a smoothie… I like that habit of a smoothie in the AM. Thanks

  • Great post. I’m definitely one of the people that doesn’t normally start thinking about habit change until the new year! That changes now!
    I’m planning on waking up early to get my workouts in before work.

  • Great advice! I kick started my return to wellness this month, and committed to exercise daily. I already follow a vegan diet, but am working towards my goal of whole foods plant based! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • The healthy habit I want to start in 2015 is to replace foods that contain refined sugar with fruits. I have a huge sweet tooth and it’s nothing for me to go for chocolate chips whenever I have a craving!
    Larabars are awesome!

  • My Healthy Habit Change for 2015 is to cook more. I rely too heavily on take out and buying lunches at my work cafeteria. All the money I save can be put towards registration fees for races!

  • This is definitely a great reminder to not “call off” your healthful habits from mid-November through the end of December!
    We have a shared treadmill desk at our office, so my goal is to walk while working for at least 1 hr per work day when I am in the office. It’s a small thing, but in 1 hr I can continue making progress on my projects AND walk two miles. It is definitely much better than the alternative of sitting down all day at a computer.

  • Love the post!
    I have struggled multiple times with the All or Nothing Mentality. I’m either super healthy to the point of going crazy, or the complete opposite. I really like the idea of doing some activity for a short period of time each day.
    I plan on commiting myself to a slower, less stressful switch to a healthy, and balanced lifestyle.
    As for the doing that one thing that makes me happy each day, it is definitely meditation.
    🙂 Cheers.

  • For 2015, I want to quit my coffee habit and make hiking a weekly thing (though the last will require altering my sleep time since I work graveyards and sleep from sunrise to sundown…getting outside will be worth it, though!). And I typically take some dates with me, but larabars with nuts and dates? In fun flavors? Count me in!

  • For 2015 my healthy change is not only for myself but for my entire family. I generally create healthy meals and pack healthy lunches, but our after noon snacks are not always great. My goal to always have fresh fruit and veggies, cut washed and ready to be eaten at all times. This way my children will be more likely to grab an apple then some pretzels after-school.

  • There are so many things that I want to do! It’s hard to pick just one!
    I’m always told that I look too small to play roller derby, so I’m adding a day of acro yoga each week to build up my core strength. One muscle group at a time!

  • Healthy habit: I plan to earn my 50 Parkrun t-shirt by June. I don’t know if you have Parkrun in the US (you need to set some up!) but it’s a worldwide, free and volunteer lead 5k run around a park on a Saturday morning for athletes to amateurs, and it’s fab! Serously, google it and join.

  • My goal for next year is to share health and fitness with others more. I’ve started early with creating a running group at work and am working on the spring marathon training plan

  • Love this! Starting early is a great idea. I went no-meat in November and feel so much better. Still working at consistency but am very happy with my results so far.
    2015 goals would be to stabilize and develop consistency with the no-meat lifestyle and to run a half-marathon, maybe more. I’m already training and plan to run by March/April, so may move on to longer distances depending on how the year progresses! One step at a time. 🙂

  • GREAT article! Habit changes are so hard and something I struggle with. I’m going to set a few larger goals in different areas in my life, but health is going to be a big one with a few mini-goals in that category. I am going to make it a goal to drink more water every day, and to have at least 5 servings of veggies per day. I want to start with those smaller changes and get myself incorporating veggies into meals I already make and hopefully veggies will just eventually become something I naturally have a few servings of at each meal.
    Larabars are also a great product, and something I’ve been experimenting with as training fuel as I ramp up (slowly!) to try and tackle an ultra in the next year. I love the simplicity of ingredients, and you’re right, they are tasty!
    Happy holidays to all!

  • I have been slowly trying to implement changes in my habits for a while, but have gotten a little more focused since hearing the Leo Babauta podcast. Instead of doing everything all at once, I am trying to be more mindful.
    My goal for 2015 is to try and incorporate Yoga and Meditation into my daily routine. I have been working on my nutrition habits lately, but I would like to work on my mindfulness.

  • Greetings all from England – we don’t get Larabar in England so we need some!
    2015 aims – run my first half marathon after 1 year back running, continue to lose weight (lost 56 pounds so far) and keep being a NMA, with an aim of starting a NMA Group in my area.
    Phew – it’s going to be a great year!

  • I want to keep running- I’m doing the NMA half marathon plan now- and I want to find a fun cross training activity that I’ll actually stick to

  • I plan to take a mason-jar salad to work everyday for lunch. There is do much variety in what I can put in it, it will stave off the boredom of having the same tired old sandwich/lentil loaf everyday. I’m also going to write down three things I’m thankful for each day as a reminder of the little things that make life amazing.

  • You seem to be all about making it simple. After some thought, the simplest thing that would make the biggest difference in my mental, emotional and physical health would be to cut out watching so much TV in the evening after the kids go to bed and simply reading a book. It will help calm me and my brain down so I’ll sleep better, make me smarter, and I’ll be doing something entertaining I enjoy. I think it will also help motivate me to be efficient in other areas that stress me out (like practicing my musical instruments, doing the wife/mother take care of the family stuff and of course more motivation to run farther and faster! All because this could help budget my time in the evening my doing something more worthwhile:) I love your blog and I’ve been motivated so much by reading it! Thank you!!

  • I’m a whole foods nut. Turns out, I’m prone to kidney stones… besides drinking a lot of water and getting a decent amount of exercise, any other tips for the best diet? As I read more, many of the healthy things I eat are not good for stones… Almonds, kale and leafy greens, herring, and many other foods that are supposed to be good for you are not good for reducing the formation of kidney stones because they put oxalate’s in your blood. Gah… finding the balance is hard work!

  • One habit change I’ve decided to make is doing yoga every day for my mind and body. I started a 365 day yoga challenge for myself last week. I will do a minimum of 15 minutes of yoga everyday at home, mixed with a few longer sessions in the community during the week.

  • I’ve got my exercise routine down. Its time to cut down my alcohol consumption. And keep training for my first marathon on 3/1/2015!

  • I am expecting my first child in February 2015, so my goal for the new year is to find balance as a healthy, happy new mama! I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of 11 and continued a meat-free diet throughout my pregnancy. Perhaps that is part of the reason why I’ve, very fortunately, had such an enjoyable pregnancy.

  • 2015 is the year I will tackle clutter and mess. For a couple of weeks now, I’ve spent 15 extra minutes a day cleaning for a minimum of 4 times a week (so much less intimidating than an hour at once!) focused on countertops, floors, and daily clutter. In January I will start adding some more days and clean out junk filled drawers and closets. This will help my mental health which has a huge impact on my ability to tackle fitness and other goals! So far it feels great!

  • My goal for 2015 is mindful eating! I’ve started it already and I’m thrilled. Adding some exercise to my life too. I recently had a baby #3 and my back needs stronger muscles to carry her around. Smoothies -check. No alcohol coffee -check.

  • Thanks for the list! I will drink more water, especially making sure to drink some as soon as I wake up. I would also like to incorporate some strength training (3x/week) into my weekly schedule.

  • My goals for 2015 are to ride my newly purchased bike more, as cross-training for my running. And I’d like to start meditating.

  • I love the idea of starting a habit just for myself. So my goal for 2015 is to start a regular yoga practice. It should make me healthier, but more importantly is how it makes me feel mentally and spiritually.

  • 2015 will be as every year since I decided to go vegetarian, but I am on my way to give up dairy, which right now is my downfall. I will incorporate vegan cheeses into my diet and also will substitute ice cream for a vegan version. I will try my best !!!

  • My healthy goal for 2015 is to keep increasing my running distance and sign up for a 5K that supports a charity/research that is meaningful to me. My mother died of brain cancer and there is a Head for the Cure run that is coming to my area this spring.

  • I love Lärabars too (Bananas Foster are amazing!), but this seems pretty much like a commercial for their products. How much did they pay you to write this singing endorsement? Great article otherwise. All great habits to live by, not just in the new year, but starting today!

    1. Hey Josh, thanks for the comment. I actually don’t think I’ve tried (or seen) the Bananas Foster flavor; I’ll look for it next time.
      In regards to your question about the endorsement, I can’t discuss specific details of the sponsorship, but I did write a (lengthy) response to Amanda’s comment below. (I’m guessing you’re the same Josh as on that thread, but just in case you’re not, I wanted to point it out to you.)

  • My big change for 2015 is to prioritize my goals better. I have a tendency to make huge personal, professional, and athletic goals all at the same time! Life is a journey and I don’t need to do everything today.

  • First I want to say I LOVE Larabars. They are my absolute favorite nutritional snack. So if I won the prize is be ecstatic. Anyway my biggest health issue is not drinking enough water each day. I was using an app for a while which would make a sound throughout the day to remind you to drink. Which worked for a while but difficult listening to the bings all day long… I know it comes easy for some people but I’d love some advice from someone who has recovered from this affliction 🙂 so that’s the healthy change I’d like to make!

  • Larabars are the only packaged bar I eat! Great whole ingredients.
    My goal for 2015 is to find a non-fitness related hobby that I can go to on a daily basis. I love focusing my energy on health/fitness but I’d like to find some time for something that is a total departure.

  • As one of your tips says, starting each day with a smoothie. I got so good at it earlier this year using your smoothie formula and it really set me up for the day, but since starting Uni it’s fallen by the wayside. I also got into green smoothies over summer and have made a few for my boyfriend who loves them, so making them part of my day again is an absolute priority.
    This’ll also help with another one, to quit sugar (refined) – something I really, really want to achieve.

  • Great tip for making your own sport drink! I’m definitely going to try that for my summer training. I love larabars! I’m a gluten free vegetarian and I trained for my full and half marathons by eating a blueberry larabar before my weekly long run! Kept me going for 15+ miles!

    1. You’re the winner, Mollie! Congratulations — I’ll be in touch to get the details for mailing you the prize! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  • Healthy habit: Write more. Full-time work plus full-time grad school, plus dogs and all of life’s little to-dos, plus eating vegan means always grocery shopping and always cooking…I leave no time to think and be “me.”

  • My goal is to work on getting stronger. After getting derailed with an ulcerative colitis flare and a lupus diagnosis, I am ready to get my strength back in time for triathlon season!

  • Since I started Crossfit and Running 8 months ago, I’ve seen a huge difference in my energy level and my heath, plus I’ve started eating healthier because I feel guilty eating bad after a hard workout. So I am going to continue with this. And like I found workouts that I really enjoyed doing in crossfit and running, I’m going to encourage my friends and family to find an activity that they enjoy and pursue it.

  • I’ve been drinking 1/2 regular 1/2 decaf coffee for a while now – I think I will make the switch to full decaf. I never notice a difference!

  • My plan is to get a lot better organized ahead of time, such as making sure the right things are in the fridge and cupboards, having a good recipe set out, and signing up for activities with either a program or a friend so there is a structure to follow. What I’d love is your thoughts on how a person with diabetes can modify the suggestions in your article, eg bananas are no-no’s, and I need to check the carbs on every packaged food. I find it hard to juggle several different eating guides at the same time, ie paleo, mostly vegan, and diabetic.

  • I love Larabars, though I usually make my own at home.
    One healthy habit change I plan to make for 2015 is to eat at home for 90-95% of my meals. Living in Boston means I can order great vegan food whenever I want and it’s gotten out of hand!

  • One of my goals towards better health is to incorporate a green smoothie into my daily eating. I’ve been dabbling with the smoothies inconsistently. I think your idea of starting with a smoothie will work for me….as then I will get that done first, and set the tone for my day.

  • Larabars are the best! My goal for 2015 is to work with an accountability partner so I can accomplish all of my other goals for the year.

  • New healthy habit for 2015? Continue a whole food, natural veggie diet. Dip a toe in ultra runs and add core exercises to our run/swim routine. And finally just STOP more.

  • Love the website! Perfect information for people wanting to eat and be healthy.
    My goal is to balance priorities with spirituality, health and work.

  • I’ve lost 93 pounds I’ve 2 years by eating whole, plant, but gained 20 during a year of wedding planning and a hurt knee. For the next year, I plan to train for a half marathon and loose the 20 I gained.

  • Great advice! I’ve been mostly vegan for several years, but don’t always eat the best (too much processed junk). I plan to stick to a good nutrition plan this year and MAKE TIME to exercise.

  • Great article! I am going to get back in to enjoying exercise and runs, for the sheer pleasure instead of making it stressful and regimented. I also pledge to try to abide by all of these points to lower my stress-level!

  • Plan meals for the week so I can feed my family more thoughtfully and not so much on the fly with veggie chicken nuggets and mashed potatos.

  • Loving reading all these great ideas for a healthier 2015! My goal is to have a healthier 2nd pregnancy this go around. I’ve already joined a gym but the excuse of being pregnant has made it way too easy to indulge in holiday treats more than I should. I’m going to shoot for more plant based dinners for my family and more raw fruits and veggies, too.

  • I’ve been dealing with much more stress this year than I’m used to, and I’ve struggled to keep my running routine going through parts of it. although running visibly reduces my stress, it has been hard to keep it up at times. My goal for the upcoming year is to identify the techniques I use to de-stress and make an effort to continue and improve on them even through tough times. A more concrete goal of mine is to train for and run my first half-marathon in May.

  • I’m going to cut back on cafinated coffee, and drink more teas. All 8 tips are simple and inspiring. I hope to do them all (and get 8 hours of sleep)!

  • Going to walk/run more miles than I have been. Going to continue exercising. And I am going to try the Larabars. They sound great!

  • As a runner plagued by two stress fractures this year, I’m aiming for an injury-free 2015. I’m planning to schedule more rest days and eat a sufficient amount of calories to fuel my lifestyle.

  • I injured my shoulder in November and had to dramatically change my workout routine. I plan on being more active cardio wise in 2015. I have to cut back on the weights..

  • Long time reader, first time commenter…
    I’m disappointed in the product placement in this post. I have never once heard you talk about Lara bars, and now it seems as though your advice is being skewed to where your money is coming from. Please prove me wrong if evidence exists otherwise. I don’t mind the promotion of other people, unless they’re paying you too.
    I’ve loved this blog because it comes from the heart and it’s honest. You write about your experiences to be an example to other people. Many of us don’t want to see that change, and your rawness is how you’ve become so popular. Don’t sell us out.
    Love, Amanda

    1. Great comment Amanda! I said something very similar and couldn’t believe nobody else was saying it. I love this blog and would hate to see it bought out by corporations as it becomes more popular!

      1. Amanda and Josh, I really appreciate these comments. I think your responses are totally valid, considering NMA has existed for almost six years without any sponsored posts. This isn’t quite the first sponsored post I’ve done; the tart cherries series this summer was also sponsored, but I understand that any type of advertising on NMA still feels unfamiliar.
        This is new territory for me, and I’m experimenting to see how it goes. I think it goes without saying that if sponsored posts erode the trust that I’ve worked so hard to build, then they’re not worth it, so I’ve made several promises to myself (and to you, really) to make sure that doesn’t happen (come to think of it, I should post this “officially” somewhere on the site):
        1. Sponsorship will ALWAYS be disclosed. I’m not clear on whether or not you saw the line in the intro that says this one was sponsored by Larabar, but the very thought that anyone might have missed it makes me realize that it’s important to make it more obvious (rather than trying to be conversational about it like I did here). This way, if you absolutely don’t want to read sponsored posts, it’ll be easy to skip them.
        2. I won’t ever recommend a product I don’t personally use and love. Offers for sponsored posts come along all the time, and because my family actually does eat lots of Larabars, I said yes to this one. But I say no to the vast majority of offers, mainly because they’re not products I use or believe in. (And I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Larabars before … perhaps on the podcast but I honestly don’t know. I started eating them after the Woodstock Fruit Festival because Tim van Orden recommended some of the flavors to me as good raw, whole food bar options.)
        In some cases, like the cherries series, the premise is “take this challenge and report on the results” (or probably more common: “try this product and review it”). In situations like that I won’t know ahead of time if the product is any good or not, but I’ll always be honest about my results and recommendations. Which leads to …
        3. Opinions are always my own. This goes without saying, I hope.
        4. Sponsored content will be rare. Right now, once per month feels okay to me. Mainly, I don’t want to ever feel (or for you to feel) like it’s replacing normal content — instead, it’ll be in addition to whatever else I’ve got planned. If I were writing more frequently (say 2-3 times a week instead of once per week) then I might feel comfortable with more frequent sponsored content, but right now once per month (on average) is my rule.
        5. If it won’t make good content, I’m not going to post it (or agree to post it). I’m pleased with how this one went, judging by the enthusiasm of the most of the comments. This summer, the cherries series got a much bigger positive response than most of my blog posts (and without any sort of giveaway), so I consider that a success too. If I can’t envision a post turning out well and being interesting and helpful to people — then I won’t do it.
        So that’s where I’m coming from with this. Like I said, I really do appreciate your comments (and that you voiced them fairly, not in a hostile way) and that you’ve been longtime readers of my blog. I’ve agreed to write several other sponsored posts (more the “challenge/review” type than this one) through the first half of 2015, and I’m going to keep paying attention to your and other readers’ feedback to decide if sponsored posts are something to continue doing or not.
        I hope that helps.

  • I’d like to really focus on eating whole foods – no more using crackers as a crutch. I’d also like to drop the sugar in my decaf and my oatmeal.
    Thanks for the motivation!

  • In 2015, I plan to work out in the morning before work as opposed to after so that I can maximize time with my family after work!

  • My healthy habit change will be to allow my body to sleep as it needs, on a consistent schedule. I plan to go to bed at the same time each day and allow my body to wake up when it needs.

  • I plan to do two things in 2015 first start the days with breakfast, even smoothies. Next is cut my alcohol intake. Too much football season and holiday parties. Being an educator tends to contribute as well.

  • For 2015, my new years resolution is to be completely, 100% plant based whole nutrition (with the occasional glass of red wine). 🙂 With your inspiration in your consistent emails, and all the awesome research out there, I think it’ll turn out great!! I’m already slowly starting now… Easing my way into 100%. 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration!! I gotta say, I kind of hope I win!! <3 Kelly

  • i dropped coffee and i have to say, i sleep better. i feel i gained a bit of weight; not sure there is a link with reduced cafeeine?? doing less cardio these days, however i will re-start running tomorrow (dec 13)! sure to feel better. Thanks for the article! it gave me a boost!

  • I plan to add cross training back into my life to support my running, keep me from getting injured again, and get me to the finish line of my first marathon!

  • Starting now, (so I can ease into the new year successfully), I’m going to begin tapering off the caffeine. Half-caff to start, then continually working my way out from under the coffee-pot-a-day habit.
    And Lara bars? Yes, please! I’m a freelance interpreter and am always looking to stock up my car with healthy snacks for those days I have to work straight through lunch.

  • I plan to clean out the clutter, get rid of a lot of extra things I really don’t need and head toward living with less “stuff”. Keep running!

  • I love these ideas, so approachable and they make sense. After running my first marathon about 3 years ago I got pregnant and had my second child then fell out of practice of any kind of movement. So I recently made a goal to start moving everyday, even signed up for yoga classes this month to get me motivated. There’s no better high than the muscle and internal memories of full body movement!

  • I am going to start incorporating meditation into my daily routine and eating the salad lunch. Can’t wait to try the suggested dressing!

  • After having had heart surgery in Oct of this year, my goal for 2015 is to get into running again and train to participate in as many events as I can. Starting with the Cardiac Care run in May. I will also be entering events to raise money to support animal sanctuaries. As a vegan, that is closest to my heart 😉

  • I’m going to meal plan more consistently. I want to make sure I take food cooked at home and this seems to be where my goal falls short currently, so I will be working on it going forward 🙂 (the bonus it that I will save money at the same time)

  • Mine is to get moving – starting with 5 mins tomorrow. Thanks Matt. Somehow you saying five minutes is enough to start makes that first step doable!

  • Mindful eating. Because you’re (I’m) around food doesn’t mean I have to eat it. And just because you’re (I’m) starving, disn’t mean I need to eat everything not nailed down.

  • In 2015 I will plan my meals for the week ahead so I won’t have to go grocery shopping and cook every day. This way I will have more time to squeeze in some other activities, like doing yoga more regularly.

  • Good article. My goal for 2015 is to practice Mindfulness every day. I can’t sustain any of my other goals with an anxious mind.

  • Thanks, Matt for sharing your stress-free ways of Healthier habbits.
    In 2015 I hopefully will have recovered from a herniated disk injury after running a 21K trail run earlier this year. To do so, I signed up for a Chi-running workshop to become more mindful in daily life through running and hopefully less injury prone, so I can go back to the one thing I love to do the most, that is running.
    Keep up the good work, I love your blogs.
    Greetings from a life-long running vegetarian.

  • I’d LOVE to try larabars, I’ve heard so much good sbout them from my american cousins! Living in Sweden is most of the time amazing, but missing out on cool stuff like this is sadly enough pretty common.. But I’m putting my hopes on this blogcomment haha 🙂
    Well, 2014, the year I went vegan, started running for a marathon but the coolest part of 2014 is surviving my ed! So the big change from 2014 to 2015 is going to fully recover and stop feeling ashamed about how I look 😀
    Hugs from cold Stockholm

  • I plan to get back in a training routine. It’s too easy to develop a couch potato attitude in the snowy and cold days of winter!

  • Im going to take your advice on the alcohol/caffiene reduction so I can improve my sleep habits. I think the rest will come once thats in check.

  • My goal for 2015 is to commit to a more effective and consistent work out routine. I need to make sure I am caring for myself so I can be the best I can be. Thx for the inspiration matt : )

  • All of your suggestions are part of my goals – but I am adding a MINIMUM of twenty minutes of YOGA every morning before the smoothie. My body thanks me every time … and it makes me look good!

  • In 2015 I’m looking forward to adding yoga to my life to improve strength and flexibility, which I anticipate will help my running.

  • Started last year focusing on my health, and the health of my husband. We are getting older and slowing down is not an option! We want to be one of those really active old people, so we have to start now. Your blog has helped so much! Gonna try Larabars as a snack prior to our workouts, since a lot of times we leave straight from work. My goal for 2915 is to complete a 5k and continue to increase our plant based meals. Not vegan yet, but have made great strides on convincing my “meat & potatoes” husband that plant based is not only healthier, but delicious too!

  • I plan on getting up earlier in the morning (gradually :)) and doing a workout whether it be yoga or walking. I have been gradually easing back into a plant based diet after my first trimester of eating whatever sounded good and I am starting to feel great. I think the missing link is the workouts to feeling even greater. Small steps! 🙂 thanks for the 8 tips!

  • 2 health/fitness goals for 2015:
    1) Increase my water intake to 2.5 liters/day, everyday.
    2) Be consistent with my training, 5+ days/week.

  • My goals are twofold as 2015 approaches. First, try new things for a change. I’ve already signed up for two new types of races — a 50K and a Spartan race! Second is to be an inspiration to others. My tendency is to talk a big game, then not follow through when helping others. That is going to change and I’m off to a good start already!

  • Lara bars are amazing. I love listening to your podcast during my commutes. It gives me motivation to keep up plant based eating and running all in one!
    My goals are to take better care of myself, eat mindfully and maintain a plant based whole foods diet!

  • Hi Matt! I began following your website well over a year ago when I began my plant based journey along with trying to continue my running routine. I have to admit that making time to run and eat healthy became more difficult these last 6 months with work, graduate school, and family. So I’ve decided to re-dedicate myself to consistent running and eating a healthier, whole foods diet (heavy on plant based) this year. I don’t expect everyday to be perfect but I plan to be more intentional in pursuing these two goals!
    Keep up the great work that you do. It’s so obvious that your perspectives and advice come from a place of love and dedication to serving others.

  • I have to start with the basics. I’ve always focused too much (relatively) on being active and have completely neglected my sleep and stress.
    My goals are to attain a better quality of sleep and to drink more water. At least 3 Litres a day!

  • Attend my Core and Conditioning class twice a week. I have the bad habit of not going in the morning and then being “too tired” in the evening.

  • I’ve grown more lax on exercising through the week. Thinking about trying 5 minutes a day trick during the week to minimize my resistance (and shrink my time on the couch).

  • Thanks for the great article, full of great tips! Starting this week, I am trying to add the routine of daily yoga into my fitness schedule, instead of just doing it sporadically.

  • I’m a vegetarian and eat vegan at home and as much as possible, but still occasionally eat dairy out. I’d like to transition to be 100% vegan.

  • In 2015 i plan on eating more Larabars. Rather, i should say, START eating Larabars. Never heard of them before reading this post.

  • My goal when I turn forty in two years is to do an ironman. So, that means I needed to literally get off the couch and create a base this year. I started last week and got up three times and hit the pool at the 5am and I plan to continue until I hit my goal. Thank you for your blog and how you keep things doable and practical! PS….I’m going to add in addition to my green shake in the morning your easy, i can do that, idea of a salad….GENIOUS (way to keep it simple)! Thanks again, Jessica

  • Thanks for the great post! I am looking forward to adding strength training to my marathon training in 2015 (and have already started to as you said).

  • Great read.. I plan to incorporate meditation into my workout every Sunda. I used to do at least 3 times a week and it was so relaxing and I had more energy but I have a new baby and a 9 yr and a husband to take care of.. Once a week will be a good start for me. Fingers crossed. .

  • Hi. I love larabars, especially the carrot cake flavor. (-:
    In 2015, I would like to take time out of each week for a just-for-fun physical activity that is not part of my training, such as a dance class or a peaceful hike. (-:

  • I have chronic health conditions that have limited y mobility – I have recently been cleared to ride a stationary bike / it arrives on Dec 15th and I can’t wait to get started! I am vegetarian right now and my goal for 2015 is to start the year eating whole based plant foods !! Thanks again for all your great advice and suggestions. I will be running(in spirit) with you all soon !

  • This year at 52 I completed a tough mudder event with my husband. It was amazing! However, not making strength training part of my workout routine really made an impact on my results and my recovery. This year my goal is to make that a permanent part of my fitness plan.

  • I plan to cook more of my meals, like I used to before I started working so much overtime. Oh, and to not let my beautiful CSA vegetables & fruits go straight to my worm bin.

  • I plan on snacking on more fruits/vegetables as well as incorporating more cross-training into my workout plan (instead of just running!).

  • I love Larabars!! I always pack a suitcase full of them when I travel internationally for business. Being 100%plant based you just never know when you’ll be stuck at a restaurant that prepares everything with butter or heavy cream, packing my own food guarantees that I’ll be able to keep fuel in my body. Goal for 2015 is to get back on track with serious training and reach some personal bests. 2014 was a year of racing for fun, including completion of my first full marathon but my pace suffered and I had one injury after the next. 2015 I will listen to my body, take training seriously, and discover new ways to love what I do!

  • My goal is to start standing up for my beliefs and making healthy choices when eating out. I keep to a whole food and predominately vegan diet at home, but when I am invited out with friends, I too easily fall into social pressure and will eat the same unhealthy or dairy foods as my friends (particularly with shared foods) out of fear of inconveniencing them or embarrassing myself. It’s time to take better control over what I choose to put into my body!

  • I might be one of the unhealthiest vegetarians you’d ever meet. I stopped eating meat for many reasons, but when I joined the Navy five years ago I simply couldn’t stand the diet provided in the galleys consisting of more meat and dessert choices than vegetable and fruit choices. Since then, simply finding something to eat has been a bit of an effort.
    My goal is to further push a change in diet standards on my ship; if not just find if there is a way for more nutritious options to be provided to my shipmates and me.

  • Funny you mention it! For December, I decided to just do some pre-New Year’s goals, and have started with increasing water intake and eliminating sweets. So far, so good. For 2015, we are going to try to make the switch to almost all whole foods.

  • At the urging of my (very wise for her 15 years) daughter, I’ve downloaded a 10 minute daily meditation guide and have begun to make this a daily habit. Small steps add up!

  • I started a new habit this month – meditation! I found a free book that has you try a different method every week for a year, and I’ve been more successful at keeping up with it that I usually am!

  • My healthy habits for 2015 are doing 15-20 min of yoga every day and eating less sweets. And I want to run my first 10k next year.

  • Love this thanks. The first two are things I do everyday and teach my clients to do as well! I want to reduce my cooked foods this year and lean into an 80/10/10 fruititarian diet!

  • #2 – I need to eat more salads! I don’t know if I can hit one a day immediately, but more than once a week would be a good start for me 🙂

  • I do enjoy a healthy lifestyle, but my number one habit I really need to follow is drinking more water. I work in the service industry and just to have a glass of water can be a issue when I’m slammed. Next time a table orders a round of waters, I’ll make sure to guzzle a cup myself!!

  • Remove refined sugar from my diet. This may help remove coffee/caffeine as well since I tend to have these together. Cut down on alcohol. Get out of my current eating rut.

  • Is there any way to make smoothies without the ice cubes? Just the thought of the sound of ice in a blender and a frozen drink for breakfast makes my palms sweat and my teeth ache. I know it sounds obvious, like make it without the ice, but has anyone tried this, and could it be palatable? Ideas anyone?

    1. Lucy Ant — yep, a lot of times I make smoothies without ice accidentally. They’re not as cold (obviously) and perhaps a little thicker since the ice adds water (also obviously). But definitely drinkable. You could also just use more and colder water.

    2. Lucy,
      I use Alton Brown’s smoothie suggestions (not really a recipe, just tips on how to get started and evolve from there), which contain no ice. The key is to use frozen fruits and set it up the night before. Then just flip on the blender in the AM and you’re ready to go in a couple minutes.

  • I will be adding the big salad and cutting out caffeine this upcoming year. Caffeine is my biggest weakness along with sugar but I gave up my sugary snacks and replaced it with carrots and veggies for this year’s goal. 🙂 Here’s to another year of improvements!

  • Wow! This was just the article I needed to read. I was already thinking that I wanted to leave feedback, then got to the end of the post & had to laugh because of incentive to leave feedback. I’ve been in a slump since conpleting a half marathon at beginning of Nov. I’ve battled injury this year & instead of running two full marathons as I had planned in January, I had to settle for two half-marathons in 2014. Therefore, the goal I’ve decided to cut back to three days of running, but make each one purposeful. Then add, 1-2 days of weight lifting/Plyo work & 1-2 days of yoga. Plus, I’m going eat a salad every day for lunch & instead of a smoothie, per se, for breakfast, I’ll fix “smoothie in a bowl” variation–consistency of oatmeal, but made of fruit, nuts, & seeds. This is to trick my brain because the idea of drinking a meal doesn’t appeal to me, but eating warm creamy “oatmeal” is doable!
    Thanks For the inspiration & motivation Matt!! And, I started implementing my plan this weekend, after reading your article Saturday morning before eating & working out!! I’m almost 50 & want to run injury free this year!

  • Last Thursday we made big salads for dinner with mixed greens, leftover quinoa, fresh peas and a whole bunch of odds and ends of veggies in the fridge. It helped us clean out the last little bits of produce and we remembered how much we enjoyed big salads! My goal for 2015 is to make this a regular meal in our house.

  • I want to get into better shape, which is hard being a neurobiology major, so I have three rules for working out:
    1. Never miss a Monday
    2. Never go three days without working out
    3. Workout at least 3 days a week

  • Going to get back into running this year. Pre- 3 of the 6 children, I ran (slowly) the Chicago marathon and am going to get back to it. Won’t be running 50’s and 100’s like my dh, but I’ll run some distance. Also, as a 30 year veg. I am going to cut down on the extra sugars and continue to increase the fruits and veg. Maybe continue to outrun Father Time. 🙂

  • I want to focus a little more on meal planning. I often skip a meal because I don’t feel hungy at the time but it catches up on me later in the evening. I need to change that in 2015!

  • My goal for 2015 is to stay strong and healthy for my father (he has cancer). I’m giving him as much information i can find on the best nutrition possible to help his body fight. I’ve been slowly helping my parents transition to a mostly plant based diet these past months, incorporating specific anticancer foods such as beets, cabbage, turmeric…. This has helped a lot with regards to chemo side-effects!! We’ve also removed refined sugar from out diet completely. Your book has been a great guide for us and I’ve subscribed to my very first marathon in April 2015 ! Running and this new found diet has been such a lifesaver for me, keeping me strong both physically and mentally. 2015 will bring challenges but I am determined to not let them get the best of me and stay on track with my marathon training plan & nutrition! Boom, I said it. Can’t not do it now. 🙂

  • Be less stressed and listen to my body, by not running when I know it hurts (because of possible injury or improper mechanics) and knowing that i will eventually get faster again.

  • I want to start meditating, or at least a few mindful minutes of quiet each day, which doesn’t happen very often in a busy, stressful life.

  • I started doing 25 burpees a day (in addition to working out and running) beginning in November. My goal is to add 5 more each month for the next year.

  • My goal is to go to sleep earlier so that I can wake up earlier to get my run in in the morning, which will in turn give me more time in the afternoon to spend with my wife and newborn baby when I get home from work.
    I already started last week by just running a mile in the morning, which I will gradually increase as I start training for my first Boston later this month.

  • Great to read all of these ideas from other folks! A few weeks ago I started meditating in the morning (in a tai chi pose). I told myself that beginning the day with deep breaths is way better than going straight to an inbox, even if I spend just five minutes centering myself. I plan on continuing into the new year.

  • My goal is to exercise more regularly. Right now it’s very haphazard as to when I run or bike. I’m going to start with 5 minutes a day and work up to scheduled workouts.

  • I have been planning to cut out processed food and include just whole foods as much as possible. This post just reinforces the decision!

  • My goals are to cut my cheese consumption in half (at least half) and to start strength training to keep myself healthy and strong as I increase my running mileage.

  • I plan to get back into a weekly yoga routine, as I have slacked off. I also am going to start walking three times a week and start lifting weights. I am psyched!

  • My goal is to reduce junk calories, eat a salad for lunch daily, & instead of drinking a smoothie for breakfast, I’ll make mine as if it were “oatmeal”– I’d rather eat my food, rather than drink it! Additionally, I am adding weight lifting & yoga to my running routine. Thanks for the inspirational post Matt!!!

  • My goal is to go fully vegan in January (i’m about 80 % vegan right now) and therefore to learn how to cook good vegan meals (I’m starting this week with that, so that I’m not completely clueless in January). I plan to stick with it after January but I like my 30-day-goals.
    Also I’m going to continue with my habit of daily exercise, minimum of 10 minutes.

  • Great post! I especially loved the reminder that baby steps is the way to start.
    For me I need to become more disciplined with my cravings. On the whole, I’m quite good at eating whole foods until a craving attacks and then I fold like a house of cards in a hurricane. I think it needs to start with my keeping good snacks in my drawer at work and the pantry at home so I don’t have to pass the crisps every time I go to the store.

  • My goal for 2015 is to be better about varying my non-running workouts to add variety, challenge different muscle groups and avoid a rut. Also to stretch more!

  • I am a cross-country truck driver. This is great advice that I am just about following right now. The first thing I do every morning (and twice more per day with each meal) is drink a cocktail of apple cider vinegar, raw honey and distilled water. Normally I eat raw fruit for breakfast like pineapple, papaya, apples, pomegranate, mango etc. For lunch, a smoothie with baby kale/ baby spinach and other nutritional powders (hemp protein/maca/cacao) with sweeteners like molasses and raw nut butters. For dinner, that big salad-usually raw cabbage with added greens, carrots, olive oil and spices, and some kind of beans like my favs-garbanzos or black beans.
    Kind of long but I wanted to share because when I started this transformation last February I had lots of questions on how to get it done. I didn’t hear of NMA until this past August. Every day I am under stresses like deadlines, driving several hundred miles per day and finding places to run. Within 4-5 months I had dropped 40 lbs and 4 pant sizes. I have run a few half marathons and now am training for a full marathon. I hope my experience can help another. Your advice is dead-on Matt. Thanks!

  • I am going to cut back on the # of cheat meals. Right now I’m bad about making it a “cheat weekend,” and plan to just have one cheat meal per week instead!

  • My goal is to have a green smoothie each day. I’ve been incorporating them sporadically, but would like to make it a daily habit.

  • Hi,
    my goal for 2015 is to eat a 100% vegan diet. At the moment I eat 100% vegetarian and sometimes products that contain dairy or eggs.
    Thanks for your great undogmatic approach and your motivation, Matt!

  • I think i will commit to 2. Eat a huge salad every day.
    I get to caught up in building the most fabulous salad.. instead I will focus on basic and know its better to have had fresh leafy greens than non at all

  • Thanks for another great post Matt!
    I plan to take your suggestion to eat a huge salad every day as my new habit for 2015. I will begin today though…why wait?

  • In 2015 I am going to start drinking smoothies every day and making extra for my family. Super simple, I know, but still.

  • My recent healthy habit is to stop eating anything with refined sugar. I eat a pretty balanced whole foods diet with lots of fresh raw foods and smoothies but then would allow for a cookie or chocolate reward (or two or three). I have given up these sweets in the past but then find my way back, so I’d like to give it up for good. I’ve been eating dates to curb my cravings for the past 2 weeks and so far so good.

  • The one healthy habit change I plan to incorporate in 2015 is paper organization….okay its not exactly earth shattering in the way of changes but my poor desk is strangled and I know my stress level will come down if I can get a handle on the paper mess.

  • One of the healthy habits I plan to stick with for 2015 and beyond is keeping up with my tap dance practice. I am a tuba player for the US Army, and a part of me has always wanted to commit to tap, which I began practicing a month ago.

  • As a 70 year old vegan triathlete, I have come to realize that I am now doing those things I loved doing as a child. So, my new attitude is that a triathlon is child’s play – what child does not love to swim, run and bike. My motto is “if you can’t be fast- be old”, as I often now metal in road races and triathlons, plus with age groups – you get to be a new kid every 5 years. For years I had been eating one of Larabar’s competitors bars but when I discovered Larabar I have never looked back. I won’t say who that is I’ll just leave you hanging on a cliff. I plan to increase my intake of raw foods this year.

  • Alright, thanks for your entries and feedback everyone! (And good luck with all those changes.) The randomly selected winner of the giveaway is … Mollie (spelled that way)! Thanks so much for reading and participating, everyone!

  • What a great article- and just at the right time. The healthy habit I want to work on – replacing processed snacks with fruit and nuts.

  • Thanks for all your valuable insight on healthy living. Keep up the great work. I plan on starting to implement each healthy habit you mentioned. Im a Navy Veteran and trying to get back to healthy eating. would love to win a copy of your autographed book and the gift pack.

  • I totally agree with this freeing our unhealthy habits to relieve any health issues and of course healthier life. For now, I am still working on freeing my caffeine and try green smoothies as my alternative.

  • I want to consistently have a good mix of strength training and running in my workout plan. I go in phases and tend to favor one over the other depending on the time of year. I need to have a good balance.

  • My new years resolution for 2014 was to drink less, laugh more. I’ve been successful. Along the way I also became a vegetarian, and I’m exercising more than ever – really, ever in my life. Feeling good, yes, but always looking to feel better. Upwards battle for us over 50. So for 2015 I’m going to drink even lighter ales with less alcohol, and bring back the morning smoothies. Thanks for these tips.

  • I’ve been a veggie since a teenager, gave up caffeine a year ago, gave up alcohol 3 months ago. I look healthy but I’m not. So, for me, 2015 is going to be all about fitness. Its how I discovered your website! Looking into plant-based fitness. I jus bought a bike, and would love a larabar back pack and munchies to help me on my road to fitness!!

  • Really great advice. Like most people, I’m trying to improve my health and fitness in the new years. I love the idea of starting the day with a smoothie. I just invested in a Ninja Blaster, pretty awesome so far!!!! I’ll need to incorporate some of these other ones as well.

  • I am 43 and received my second cancer diagnosis Dec 30th and will be going back into surgery. Although I made many considerable changes after my first experience, i live life believing that if i eat good sometimes thats enough. Clearly it is not! Love your practical ideas. One salad daily is one easy commitment. That i can make. Thank you!

  • to eat enough, since my strive for a ultimately healthy and ethical nutrition led to anorexia. nowadays i’m a happy, active, food-loving vegan 🙂

  • my healthy habit goals for 2015 are to transition to an entirely plant-based diet, stop taking sleeping pills, and significantly decrease my alcohol intake!

  • Love your site and information. We have indexed it to feature one of your articles soon. Keep up the great work

  • I only started running 8 months ago ?.
    I went vegan 3 months ago and I trying to stop eating vegan junk food ?. I want to be a faster runner so I need to lose weight ?. Some days a I eat only whole foods.

  • Someone told me Lara was a dental hygienist from Colorado that started making these in her home kitchen, then struck it rich!

  • I’ve been known to make special “holiday exceptions” in my eating and eat a lot more sweets and fat around the holidays. This year I plan to really stick to my regular healthy eating practices so I don’t feel so icky come January.

  • I’m planning to start your 12 Monthly Running Challenges on December 1 to get a jump-start on the new year and keep me moving during the holidays.

  • Starting this December, instead of reaching for potato chips and chocolate when I arrive home from work, I will substitute whole grain crackers such Mary’s Gone Crackers, WASA crisps or possibly a handful of dates.

  • Daily “Blended Salad” (veggies, seeds only) in my Vitamix! I get a little lazy in the winter about this, but I am inspired to do it again.

  • I want to become vegan, so the time is now. I’m going to cut out dairy and eggs and see how it goes. I love being a “No Meat Athlete”! 🙂

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