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Marathon Roadmap: The Vegetarian Guide to Conquering Your First 26.2

jpg 300x300Thinking about taking on the marathon, but worried about all that goes into it? The Marathon Roadmap is a complete system designed to help you make it happen on plant-based diet. It features:

  • A 117-page guide with all the things nobody ever tells you about marathon training and race itself
  • An 18-week training program (expandable to 24 weeks)
  • A vegetarian (vegan-option) meal plan and recipes fit for training
  • 6 audio interviews with pros and experts, totaling 4 hours of audio
  • Convenient and printer-friendly worksheets, checklists, and shopping lists to make things easy on you

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Half Marathon Roadmap: The Vegetarian Guide to Conquering Your First 13.1

HM3DBundleFull 300x300Want to run your first half marathon as a vegetarian or vegan?

Written for the 5K runner who wants to take it to the next level, Half Marathon Roadmap is packed with everything you need to successfully train for your first half marathon on a vegetarian or vegan diet, including:

  • Two different 12-week training plan options
  • Two-week sample meal plan and 18 vegetarian (with vegan option) meals to give your body the fuel it needs to effectively recover from workouts
  • 6 audio interviews with plant-based athletes and experts
  • Convenient and printer-friendly worksheets, checklists, and shopping lists to make things easy on you

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Triathlon Roadmap: The Plant-Based Guide to Conquering Your First Triathlon

Triathlon3DBundleFull1Ever wished there was just a roadmap to guide you to the finish of your first triathlon, starting from where you are now?

The No Meat Athlete Triathlon Roadmap covers everything you need to know to train for and race your first triathlon on a plant-based diet, including:

  • 102-page guide with everything you need to know to get started with triathlons — from choosing the right race, to the equipment you need (and what you don’t), to eating around workouts
  • A 12-week training plan that shows you exactly what to do for each workout to safely increase your fitness and endurance
  • A sample meal plan with 20 high-energy plant-based recipes for endurance training, so that you’ll know you’re giving your body everything it needs
  • A walkthrough of the race itself, so you’ll know just what to expect on race day
  • Convenient and printer-friendly worksheets, checklists, and shopping lists to make things easy on you
  • Bonus: Audio interview with pro Ironman triathlete Hillary Biscay

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Wake Up

3D 300x223If  it sometimes feels like you’re sleepwalking through life, watching from the sidelines as others get the results you want, then Wake Up — a 31-day, action-oriented program designed to help you change your mindset and your results, in any area of life that you choose — was written for you.

In the course of 31 action-packed and inspired days, you’ll:

  • Decide what must change and what you will no longer tolerate
  • Find the motivation and inspiration to think big
  • Set massive, “unrealistic” and obsession-worthy goals (and understand why they’re the ones you’re most likely to achieve)
  • Install the habits to ensure you follow through on your plans
  • Figure out where your time is going, using the 80/20 principle, and learning to say “no” to create more time than you ever knew you had
  • Break through the procrastination that holds you back
  • Upgrade your energy, environment, and mindset to remove barriers to creativity and action

… and much, much more.

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Run Your BQ

rybq logo 300x89

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon has been the highlight of my running career, and the most meaningful (and difficult) goal I’ve ever accomplished.

After running my first marathon in at time of 4:53, I took over 100 minutes off that time to run my 3:09:59 qualifying marathon and get in.

To share what I learned and help others get to Boston, I created Run Your BQ with Jason Fitzgerald, a running coach and 2:39 marathoner. If you’re serious about getting to Boston, Run Your BQ is here to help you do it.

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No Meat Athlete Shirts and Stickers

NoMeatAthlete 054There’s no better way to show everyone you “Run on Plants” than with a No Meat Athlete shirt. Visit the No Meat Athlete store to check out all the colors, sizes, and designs to help you show off your veggie-status at your next race!

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