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Will This Be the Year You Finally Break Through?
31 Action-Focused Days to Take Charge of Your Life
It’s time to wake up. Time to stop sleepwalking, so to speak, while life just keeps happening to you. Instead of you making things happen.

Look, I’m not insulting you. The fact that you’re here says you’re interested in something better, in getting more out of life.

You’re not satisfied just to go to work all day and come home to pop open a drink, watch a few hours of TV and do who-knows-what on the internet. Then hit the sack and get up to do it all over again, waiting for a precious two days off on the weekend.

Deep down, you just know there’s more out there for you — in your levels of health and fitness, your career, your relationships, and the rest of your life too.

We’ve got that in common, and that makes us way different from most people around us. (And if they are truly satisfied with that life, that’s totally cool by me.)
But if you’re honest, are you really getting the results you want?
Wanting to change is one thing. Taking action to get it is quite another … but it’s still not enough.

You know this if you’ve ever gotten amped up about setting goals and making big changes in the past, only to fizzle out a week or two later and end up right back where you started — with more evidence that you don’t have the willpower, you’re too lazy, you can’t stay focused … whatever your reason is.

I understand because I’ve been there. And I’m here to help you get the results you know, deep down, are waiting for you.
What I’ve got for you
I’m so excited to share Wake Up, a 31-day, action-focused program to help you take charge of your life and get the results you want.

It’s a shift from my normal content about running and diet, but when you think about it, it’s the mindset of massive, focused, intelligent action — along with a compelling, obsession-worthy vision for the future — that I’m really writing about when I write about qualifying for Boston, running ultramarathons, or eating a diet that I believe provides more energy and longevity than any other nature has to offer.

And that’s why I’m so proud of Wake Up, and so eager to share it to help you build a rock-solid mindset and life that you’re downright ecstatic about.
What’s inside?
Through the 31 days of this action-oriented program, I’ll walk you through the steps necessary to make dramatic changes, not just to your mindset but to your results, in any area of life that you choose.

The actions include concrete, practical steps like:
  • Find and start your anchor habit
  • Create a “Victories” list
  • Decide what must change and what you will no longer tolerate
  • Find the motivation and inspiration to think big
  • Set massive, “unrealistic” and obsession-worthy goals (and understand why they’re the ones you’re most likely to achieve)
  • Decide who you need to become
  • Install the habits to ensure you follow through on your plans
  • Figure out where your time is going, using the 80/20 principle, and learning to say “no” to create more time than you ever knew you had
  • Break through the procrastination that holds you back
  • Upgrade your energy, environment, and mindset to remove barriers to creativity and action

These, of course, are just a few of 31 steps. And while some of these concepts may sound familiar, my question to you is …

Are you actually using any of them right now?

Thought so.

That is the power of committing to a program like this, a program that guides you through such powerful mindset shift and keeps you on track … so that after 31 days, you barely recognize the person you used to be.
Bonus #1: Audio interview with Zen Habits author and habit-change expert Leo Babauta
Leo Babauta is a model of possibility and change. Today he’s a vegan, ultramarathoner, published author, and the creator of Zen Habits, one of the most popular blogs on the internet that has twice been named a Time Magazine Top 25 Blog of the Year.

But back in 2005, Leo was none of those things. He was a smoker, non-runner, and 50 pounds heavier — before he learned how to create change through habits. Then in just one year, he transformed his life.

I’m proud to call Leo a friend of mine, and he was nice enough to sit down for 50 minutes to record a conversation with me (specifically for this program), where we talk about:

  • What made the difference between failure and Leo’s spiral of success
  • The most important habits to form
  • The two most important keys of habit change
  • How to learn to trust yourself when you’ve failed many times before
  • The most valuable personality traits to nurture when it comes to change
  • The very next action someone who wants to make change should take

You’ll get the full, 50-minute bonus downloadable interview completely free when you download Wake Up.
Bonus #2: 31 Daily Audio Lessons, Read by Matt Frazier
Prefer audio? Listen to the entire program on your phone. Each day contains an audio recording so you can listen while you’re driving to work or out for a run. That’s over 2 hours of audio, split in to easily digestible daily lessons.
How much is it?
You’ll get all of this — Wake Up: 31 Days and Actions to Take Charge of Your Life and the bonus 50-minute downloadable interview with Leo Babauta and over 2 hours of daily lessons read by me — for just 31 dollars. Just one dollar a day.
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Note: Everything here is digital and downloadable! There’s nothing to ship, so no shipping costs.
My promise to you
I can’t make you finish this program, but I can promise this. If you go through all 31 days of this program and take the simple action each day, really putting your heart into it — because although it’s simple, it’s not easy — then you’ll be noticeably and dramatically changed on the inside. But more tangibly, you’ll begin to experience the results — small at first, but growing with time — of these changes. Not just in your mindset but in the real world, too. And it won’t be just you who notices — others will too.

If that’s not true for you after these 31 days are up, then I want to give you a 100% refund. No questions asked. Whatsoever.
1. Who are you?

I’m Matt Frazier, a vegan ultrarunner, blogger, and author.

But I’m not supposed to be a runner. At least, that’s what a physical therapist told me when I asked him why, after running one marathon, I just couldn’t avoid injury long enough to run another.

But I didn’t just want to run another marathon. I wanted to qualify for Boston, which would take running a marathon in 3 hours and 10 minutes or faster. It was the perfect challenge for me, the biggest thing I’d ever dared to go after.

Because my first one had taken me 4 hours and 53 minutes — a whole hour and forty-three minutes slower than the time I needed to get into Boston.

As it turns out, missing by so much was the best thing that ever happened to me. I became obsessed with the idea that I would qualify. Somehow. No matter how long it took. Whatever it took. And before anything else, “whatever it took” meant learning how to set goals, take massive action, and get results.

They say the reason to set a goal is for the person it will make of you. In the seven years it took me to make it to Boston, I changed from a kid who took what life gave me to someone who knows that with an attitude of “no matter what and no matter how long,” I’ll get whatever outcome I set for myself.

More recently, I’ve run a 100-mile ultramarathon and — even more meaningful for me — I’ve accomplished the goal of being able to spend my days doing what I love (which happens not to include working in an office or for someone else).

2. Is it hard?

Yes! Of course it’s hard.

When is the last time you committed to doing something — like not just reading, but also doing something — for 31 straight days, and actually did it? For most people, that’s called hard.

You know what’s easy?

Watching TV.

Eating junk.

Scrolling through Facebook and pressing “Like” when you see that someone you talked to a little bit in high school just had a baby.

This program is not nearly as easy as that is. Most days it’s 2 to 4 pages of reading and an action step. Sometimes that action step takes 5-minutes, other times it’ll take you 30 minutes (and there’s plenty of opportunity to do more if you’re really committed!). Should you wish to go more in-depth, I’ve included links to my favorite articles and tools on the web for most topics.

But of course, here’s the payoff: Although thinking about goals and taking action (sometimes scary action!) to make them happen is hard, it’s not nearly as hard as living with the accumulated regret of a life that’s wasted on distraction is.

And quite frankly, if you got to the end of 31 days — of a program designed to help you take massive action to change your life — and the prevailing feeling was, Hey, that was easy … wouldn’t you be just a little bit disappointed?

3. What can I expect to change?

A lot, I hope! I mean, you’re awesome for even being here to consider buying something that doesn’t promise endless, easy, no-hassle entertainment. But you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have a bigger and better vision for yourself — what you could achieve, what you could create, what you could build if you didn’t just get focused but actually stayed focused — because you had a goal that you just couldn’t stop thinking about.

My hope is that if you go through this program, someone else — someone who you live with, or see every day — will notice you’ve changed, probably before you do. You’ll be more motivated, more confident, more organized, more productive, more committed, more clear on your goals and closer to achieving them, and ultimately more fulfilled and happy with your life than you were before you started.

The downside? You won’t enjoy watching TV as much, and high school acquaintances on Facebook will wonder why you’ve stopped “Liking” their baby pictures. You won’t be that interested in games and other things that are sort of nice to spend a few minutes with now and then to kill some time.

I know it sounds like I’m spinning it so that it seems like a good thing to quit all this stuff, but I’m halfway serious. Committing to change does mean saying goodbye to distractions.

Personally, I think living life intentionally is worth all of that, about a million times over.

Now, a question for you:
Are you ready to commit to a month of action, and to creating a life you’re proud of?
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Note: Everything here is digital and downloadable! There’s nothing to ship, so no shipping costs.
PS — Remember, there’s absolutely no risk here. Do the program for the 31 days and if you don’t agree that the changes you’ve made are worth many, many times the cost of the program, just let me know and I’ll process a full and immediate refund for you.