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It's easy to have doubts...

Sure, we believe a plant-based diet is the best choice for long-term health, and nobody's going to convince us otherwise. Strength, fitness, and muscle, though?

Talk to your friends, co-workers, and family members about your plant-based diet, and they instantly become nutrition experts, reminding you that you need lots of protein to get strong and stay fit, and the only way to get the right kind is by eating animal products.

The truth is, you started eating this way because you like to think for yourself and do what feels right. But with the constant chatter in your ear about how it's impossible to eat a plant-based diet and be strong and healthy, it's no surprise that the doubts begin to creep in:

  • Am I getting enough protein (and is plant protein good enough)?
  • Does a vegan diet actually work for building muscle (and not just endurance training)?
  • Do I need to eat differently to put on muscle and shed fat?
  • What kind of workouts will help me get lean and muscular, to shake off the "skinny vegan" stereotype?
  • Am I going to need a bunch of fancy equipment, or a gym membership?

I've got good news: it's all possible on a plant-based diet, and simpler than you've probably imagined. And if you're ready to learn how, you're in the right place.
Meet Derek Tresize and Marcella Torres. They're busy parents, plant-based personal trainers and authors, and two of the best examples I know of the power of plant-based diet to build muscle in a healthy, sustainable way. 

I've had the pleasure of speaking on a few plant-based fitness panels with Derek and Marcella, and their knowledge and credentials are incredible. Derek is a four-time natural bodybuilding champion, a WNBF pro bodybuilder, and a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, and is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition. Marcella, in addition to amateur bodybuilding, is a dancer and a PhD candidate in mathematical biology, researching the effects of diet and exercise strategies on obesity and the dietary causes of inflammation in the body.

It should be no surprise that one of the first things Derek and Marcella drill into their clients' heads is this: 
You don’t need animal protein or protein supplements to build lean mass.
For some, that's unbelievable. But Derek and Marcella are proof. And they're here to help you do it too.

No, they don't have a secret formula. No "hacks" to shortcut the process. But Derek and Marcella have decades of experience at building muscle on plant-based diets—for themselves and for their clients—and a scientific, proven approach to doing it in a way that's realistic and sustainable...
Derek, Marcella, and our team at No Meat Athlete have put together a program designed to take just about anyone — whether you're an absolute, never-lifted-before beginner or an intermediate or even advanced trainee — and whip them into a plant-based beast.

We call it the Vegan Strength Blueprint, and it's actually a system of 5 different workout programs you can progress through, because we know that experience level and available time will vary for everyone.

Each routine is designed to fit easily in your life as it is now (so you’ll be able to create new, lasting healthy habits). They are completely adaptable, beginning with a 15-minute routine that requires no equipment, and advancing to longer free weight workouts.

What makes Derek and Marcella's program really special though (aside from the fact that it's plant-based), is that they've designed it to improve your total body strength and fitness — so you can excel at whatever else you choose to do. It focuses especially on areas that tend to be weak or prone to injury, so that your strength develops in a healthy, balanced way. (In other words, you're not going to be that guy at the gym who has a giant chest but can't stand up straight because he didn't develop his back or legs to balance it.)

Here's a look at what's included in the Vegan Strength Blueprint...
The Essential Background Info
These four overview sections (text and video) will help you understand everything you need to know to get the most out of the Vegan Strength Blueprint, in as little time as possible.

Part 1: The science behind resistance training, and practical tips for getting started.

Part 2: Derek and Marcella's proven approach to plant-based nutrition for maximizing your results, food tracking tips, and sample menus.

Part 3: Gym terminology, how to schedule workouts, and three resistance training workouts with video exercise demonstrations.

Part 4: What to do to keep making progress after you’ve completed the program (up to 20 additional weeks of extra workouts!).

Of course, each part is supported by downloadable workout routines, the meal plan, and video demonstrations of each exercise.
Phase 1: The 15-Minute Workout (4 to 8 weeks)
The 15-Minute Workout is step one, laying the foundation by building strength and defining muscles — without much impact on your schedule or requiring you to go to the gym. It builds strength and muscle, and combats common problems like shoulder and hip tightness.

These four, easy-to-master exercises can be completed in just 15 minutes. In that short time, you will work most of the muscle groups of the body, and all the major groups, addressing common muscular imbalances and weak points along the way.

Perform this routine consistently for 4-8 weeks, then progress to a more comprehensive total body routine when you’re ready.
Phase 2 - Option 1: The Total Body Calisthenics Program (4 to 12 weeks)
This is the next step if you're a beginner looking for quick results. It requires no equipment whatsoever, and also works well as a next step after you've integrated the 15-Minute Workout into your daily routine. And you can choose to do either two or three workouts per week, whichever best fits your schedule and your goals.
Phase 2 - Option 2: The Split Calisthenics Program (4 to 12 weeks)
Like the Total Body Calisthenics Program, but instead of doing the same workout two or three times a week, now you'll do separate workouts (upper and lower body) several times per week. Shorter workouts, but done more frequently than those in the Total Body plan.
Phase 3 - Option 1: The Total Body Free-Weight Program (4 to 12 weeks)
When you're ready to advance to free weights (bigger challenge, bigger results), we've got your covered with a three-times-per week, total body program for building muscle and strength. Don't worry if you've never worked out with weights before: videos guide you through the form so you can hit the gym with confidence that comes from knowing you're doing it safely and correctly.
Phase 3 - Option 2: The Split Free-Weight Program (4 to 12 weeks)
Like the Total Body Free-Weight Program, but now splitting workouts across muscle groups. Shorter, more frequent workouts allow you to really focus on getting the most from each movement and provide a nice change of pace as you're progressing through the program and seeing the results stack up.

Bonus: Phases 2 and 3 can be made more challenging and extended by 10 weeks each, using the guidelines provided in the Vegan Strength Blueprint.
16 Workout Videos
What's the next best thing to having a personal trainer guide you through the movements in person? Oh, I know... having Derek (a certified personal trainer himself, not to mention pro bodybuilder) walk you through each exercise in a video you can pull up on your phone, right in the middle of a workout
The Muscle Building Meal Plan
One of the key pieces of advice Derek and Marcella give clients is that eating well is not about exercising massive amounts of willpower. Instead, it's all about habit. Make it convenient, thoughtless, and habitual, and eating well is no longer a conscious decision.

That's what the muscle-building, 100% whole-food, plant-based (oil-free!) menus in the program are designed to do. More "assembling" than cooking, these three daily menus give you the framework of exactly the meals that Derek and Marcella eat to put on muscle and burn fat. 

For added variety, the menus are accompanied by guidelines for changing things up, plus links to other daily menus and shopping lists that Derek and Marcella have published in the past.
If you're a beginner or just getting back to training after a long layoff, we recommend you follow the above progression to maximize the benefits gained. It's worth starting slow to build a strong foundation that will keep you injury-free, and thus also allow you to get a full year of training out of these programs.

Phases 2 and 3 of above progression can each be leveled-up by completing an extra 10-week progression (outlined in Segment 4 of the Overview).

That's up to 52 total weeks — a full year of workouts to get yourself into the best shape of your life!
You're expecting me to say "Nobody!", right? 

Nope, I'll be straight with you... as versatile as the Vegan Strength Blueprint is, there are a few people who it probably isn't the right program for. If you don't eat a plant-based diet or aren't interested in one, then you won't be into this (and by the way, what are you doing here?).  

If you're already well-versed in strength training as a vegan — a fitness competitor or bodybuilder, for example — then you'll want something more tailored to your specific needs. 

Finally, this program isn't the best bet for the very overweight, the frail elderly, or anyone with a moderately severe injury, as anyone in these groups requires a more specialized program.

Not in one of those groups? Then have at it!
I hope I've done a good job of explaining just how much is inside this program. It's everything you need to go from beginner, gym newbie to experienced (and I'll go ahead and say it, ripped) plant-based fitness buff, enjoying the best shape of your life.

And look, we want a bunch of strong, ripped vegans out there in the world. And since you're a No Meat Athlete regular, we want to make it a total no-brainer for you to get in, check out the program, and get started on your year of training... so right now, we've made it just $27.

And of course, there's no risk for you, thanks to our 100% results guarantee: if you’re not totally thrilled with your progress within a few weeks of using this program (technically, you've got 2 months), just shoot me an email, and I'll send you a 100% refund. No weirdness, no questions asked—if you think I don't deliver, then it's on me.

That means you have no excuse—no excuse not to try the Vegan Fitness Blueprint, and no excuse not to commit yourself to getting into the best shape of your life and showing what a plant-based diet can do. 
Click the button below to make the commitment now:

Is there a guarantee?

You know it! We want you to love this, and to USE this.

Give it a try for a few weeks. If you can't already see results and don't feel you're well on your way to getting into the best shape of your entire life, just let me know within 60 days ([email protected]), and I'll put that $27 right back in your bank account, no questions asked. (I will, however, require that you use it to buy a Chipotle burrito, Starbucks drink, or a day pass at the local gym. No, not really.)

How long will it take to access this plan? 

As soon as you complete your purchase, your login info will be sent to the email address you provide. Once you login, you'll see links to all the resources in the program and get started right away.

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"I was losing faith in vegan bodybuilding... I can now say I’m a ‘whole-foods’ vegan thanks to Derek. And as you can see from my pictures I’ve had a huge success. "

Max, before:
Max, 16 weeks later:
I turned vegan in late 2011 for ethical and health reasons. I was also in the midst of trying to get back into shape because I’d kind of let myself go and I’m the type of guy that easily puts on body fat. I was having a bit of success because I’d known about fitness for quite a while but being vegan really put a spin on most of my conventional ideas. I was a bit lost at the start and mainly just drinking obscure vegan protein shakes a lot. I was losing faith in vegan bodybuilding but then I saw Derek and thought wow so it is possible! Then I found out this guy could be my personal trainer and it reinvented my enthusiasm for fitness. Derek really helped me out by shaping my workouts but most of all his wealth of knowledge on plant based diets. Each week my diet became cleaner! I can now say I’m a ‘whole-foods’ vegan thanks to Derek. And as you can see from my pictures I’ve had a huge success.

I thought I was enthusiastic about fitness but Derek is amazing! Whenever we have a consultation he’s always really energetic and motivational, I swear the guy is always 100% go. That kind of attitude can really pick you up and motivate you if you’ve had an off-week in the gym.

-Max (now a personal trainer in Derek and Marcella's organization)
"If you had told me a year ago that I would drop 22 lbs. on a vegan diet, I would have called you crazy. ..."
 If you had told me a year ago that I would drop 22 lbs. on a vegan diet, I would have called you crazy. Alas, that is indeed what happened. I knew that my soon-to-be trainer was vegan, but little did I know that he expected me to be one too! 

When I signed on to train with Derek Tresize, it was business from the get go. Right away he laid out the four food groups – whole wheat, fruits, veggies, beans/legumes – and it wasn’t necessarily presented as an option. He told me that he expected his clients to follow a plant-based diet. Not only did we discuss eating vegan, but in order to drop some those first stubborn pounds he put me on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday raw fruits and veggies diet. Aghhhhh! 

In addition to my rigorous new eating habits, we discussed my fitness routines. He was very interested to know what I liked – heavy lifting, cross training, circuit training. He was also very interested in creating a workout plan that could realistically fit into my life – a full-time working, single mom. 

Derek is so passionate about educating people on good nutrition and he was more than generous with me by sharing recipes and ideas for my day to day meals. I did not feel like I was on my own. Derek had me keep a food journal, which he graded once a week (with a red pen!) when I saw him for our workout session. That really held me accountable for what I was eating! Throughout this process I learned so much about food! I learned that vegan meals can be awesome, warm and filling. I learned that even on a vegan diet, you still have to be selective because it’s not all healthy.

To give you an idea of how much this diet transformed my body – I lost about 10 pounds in the first two weeks, my skin improved, my energy levels went up... I just felt great. Now, here I am, 22 lbs. lighter. I have received a priceless education on nutrition and health and to top it all off Derek has provided me with an arsenal of workouts that I plan to use. 

-Karen Getty
"I’ve lost 80 pounds, run my first marathon, and discovered a whole new level of mental clarity and sustained energy."
Working with Derek has changed my life.
In November of 2011 (at nearly 240 pounds), I became a vegan. While I lived a meat-free life, I didn’t lead a very healthy one. I made the commitment to lose some weight and initially had great progress (even though I was eating mostly processed food and next to no vegetables). Eventually (thanks to working long hours, not sleeping enough, and over-exercising) my progress stalled.

One night, I stumbled upon Forks Over Knives on Netflix and 2 hours later decided that I needed to do something to improve my health as well as my fitness. After some research online, I found Derek and was fortunate enough to take part in his first remote group training session (Team Gazelle), and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. The people were amazing, the resources abundant, and the progress (of everyone) was inspiring. In addition to feeling like I had access to a trainer of the highest quality, I was also surprised and encouraged to know that Team Gazelle provided me with a customized diet/training plan and a network of support.

Since I went vegan and started taking my training and diet seriously I’ve lost 80 pounds, run my first marathon, and discovered a whole new level of mental clarity and sustained energy. If these are the types of things you are looking for (and if you’re willing to put in the work), I have no doubt that Derek is the best person out there to show you the way.

- Erik Rapprich
Obviously these results aren't typical. They're from clients who applied what they learned from Derek and had the discipline to follow through, and they got extraordinary results. But you're not typical either, are you? 

Let us help you experience extraordinary results. 

Just click the “Add To Cart” button below, and make the commitment to getting into the best shape of your life today: