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  • You can find wood ear mushrooms in Asian supermarkets. Not sure if you have one near you. They are black and have the consistency of kelp once cooked, of course with a woodsy flavor. Your shiitake sub probably didn’t change it too much but I love wood ear.

    1. Thank you, Madison. I actually do have one near school that’s really good. Great idea. Are they always dried?

  • I’m super sad your run of Veganomicon is over 🙁 I’ve really enjoyed your commentary on some of the recipes and you’ve brought my attention to recipes I completely looked over (i.e. hot & sour soup & pinto/plantain stew) and have now added to my menu planning 😀 I usually prefer wonton over hot and sour soup but I do like hot and sour – just not as good as wonton – hmmm maybe hubs will like the hot & sour recipe?!?! thanks for letting us know about the noodles – I probably would have tried to add Udon Noodles but now I know not to 😉

    1. I wanted to ditto this post…I have V’con and love it but now I’m inspired to try new recipes from it, like this soup

  • Matt, you sucked me in w/ the “only 2 left” comment about the shirts… I placed my order!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to wear my new running shirt with pride!

    1. Thanks for ordering one, Shari! Seriously, I can’t keep that size in stock. Everytime I think I have enough, people buy more of them.
      Now just one left!

  • Just came across your site while searching for more info on Brendan Brazier’s book, and, just like Kelly, have been sucked into reading and browsing the recipes. I didn’t waste any time and have already tried a few of them! I have been considering buying “Thrive”, but after reading the awesome recipes you’ve shared from the book, have decided to go ahead and order it. So, thanks for helping me make my decision. (Brendan should pay you for the great marketing… or at least send you Vega products! lol).
    Anyway, your site has definitely been bookmarked and I’ll make it one of my regular stops on the interweb. 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of those mushrooms before but I bet this mushroom stand at the local farmers market would have them, they have so many types I’ve never even heard of.
    I’ve actually kicked coffee but can enjoy a cup over the weekend and not feel the need to drink it the next day, never have I been like that before, it’s great!

  • Another interesting thing about the name Wood Ear is that its synonym is Jew’s Ear. [I did not make it up, as you can search it.] Supposedly it got its name from the mushrooms that were growing on the tree that Judas hung himself.
    I first encountered this when reading the ingredients of a frozen package of ChiMei veg dumplings. Funny that I was inspecting to see if the ingredients were vegan-friendly and saw this item.

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