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  • Totally agree about how your inner monologue changes when you know you’ve made the commitment to training with someone. I’ve found this approach effective in the past but I think it depends on who your accountability partner is. The worst I’ve had was my wife, as (to use your analogy) the wall wasn’t high enough – we were both willing to let each jump over it too easily! Working with someone with similarly high levels of motivation makes a big difference in my experience.
    Enjoyed the article, looking forward to the next.

  • Yesterday I dragged myself out of bed at stupid o’clock after an all night storm and drove to my half marathon. As I stood in the dark, freezing cold wind and rain I overheard another runner admit she would certainly not have been there if she hadn’t (foolishly) told others of her race. I imagine after the race she silently thanked those who got her to the start line….much like me.

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