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  • In response to the note about Som, be very careful recommending a sleep supplement that includes melatonin! I’ve heard from several sources that it can actually cause your body to produce less melatonin on its own so that you end up dependent on the supplement for your required amounts. Valerian root supplements are a good alternative though–no dependence and when you use them habitually they helps you sleep through the night. I can’t speak to the other ingredients.
    I absolutely agree with the rest of the article, and it’s full of good advice! Most experts agree that when it comes to sleep, routine is key. The circadian rhythm does not cope well with irregularity, so the more reliable the routine, the more benefit we will get from our sleep.

  • Good tips! Better sleep, better workout. If I didn’t sleep well last night, the next day I’ll feel tried and cannot workout as schedules.

  • Great tips! Sleeping is so important today. We have to find the way to get rest from sleep, which is the best rest we can get. Sleeping better will help reducing injury risk and other possible diseases.

  • I think my problem isn’t so much getting sufficient sleep but learning how to sleep early. I read that the body repairs itself best from 11pm -2am. Doesn’t help that I usually get sleepy around 3am. A bad habit of mine that needs to be corrected.

  • great. I suffer from frequent sleepless nights until I find your tip. I was able to sleep significantly better to improve health. Thank you

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