Join Us on the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise in 2016


(And get a discount when you register before October 10th, plus an onboard credit. Details below.)

If you’ve read and listened to No Meat Athlete this year, then you know what an influence this year’s Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise has had on my family’s lifestyle.

It was Chef AJ’s talk on the cruise that inspired my wife, Erin, to lose 20 pounds and rediscover her passion for running and fitness. And it was the food on the ship and the talks by T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, and Michael Greger that convinced us to finally stop eating oil at home.

I’m excited to announce that next year I’ll be back on the cruise again, this time as a presenter. In addition to a giving a talk about setting big goals and developing the habits to achieve them, I’m also part of a panel discussion and Q&A with vegan fitness stars Robert Cheeke, Derek Tresize, and Marcella Torres.

Erin will be back as well, and we hope that you’ll join us February 27th through March 5th, 2016.

Why come on the cruise?

When I was asked to be a guest on the cruise last year, I figured I knew what I was in for. I had been on cruises before, and expected that this would be more or less like those, just with vegan food.

Turns out I was wrong; this cruise was so much more. Spending seven days filled with yoga, pilates, meditation, massages, and dozens of health talks by the giants in the field turned out to be like hitting a giant “reset” button for me and my wife, Erin, leading directly to the changes I mentioned above.

If you could use a reset like that at the end of the winter, I hope you’ll considering coming in 2016. Next year’s cruise promises to be just as inspiring and fun as last year’s, with talks from headliners T. Colin Campbell, Neal Barnard, Michael Greger, and Michael Klaper, plus classes, demos, and talks from 40 other presenters. The cruise sails to the eastern Caribbean, stopping at ports in St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas.

Save when you sign up by October 9th

Sign up today and take advantage of the early bird rates. After October 9th, the prices jump up.

Also, mention me or No Meat Athlete when you register, and if it’s your first time on the cruise, you’ll get a $50 credit to use on the ship.

Want to hear more? Listen to this episode of No Meat Athlete Radio from earlier this year about everything we did and how the cruise inspired Erin and me to change our diet:



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  1. Hi Matt,
    Cruises are definitely not my style of travelling, but this one really does sound amazing. It reminds me of the trip I took to Antarctica from Ushuaia, Argentina. You end up spending a lot of time on the boat, but the organizers packed in all kinds of talks with experts on the wildlife, geology, history etc. of Antarctica. It was fascinating. The holistic holiday at sea cruise sounds like that, only about veganism.

  2. I’ll be there. Traveling alone, if anybody wants an ocean view or balcony roommate.

  3. Nancy Nurse says:

    I SOOOO wish you’d consider a Med Cruise as there are SO MANY interesting countries to visit. When you do, then we’ll be there!

  4. Hi there!

    I am starting my vegan life so I would be very happy to join, but the rate for single occupancy is approximately 1.6 times the double occupancy rate. If someone is interested on a ROOMMATE please let me know!

  5. Michael boucher says:

    ‘RE: A cruise in the Mediterranean in the future, MSC cruisers were murdered by Muslims while touring a North African museum last year. I would be too anxious to go there. Westerners are at risk in those regions.

  6. Michael boucher says:

    I forgot to add, my wife , a cancer patient for over a decade, and I enjoyed the 2015 cruise immensely; we talked in person with Doctors Greger, Campbell; and spoke with Mrs. Esselstyn and her daughter. I highly recommend the cruise: great food, education. Enjoyment, and weather

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