How to Cook Vegan for Kids, with ‘Plant-Powered Families’ Author Dreena Burton

Dreena BurtonAs any parent knows, getting your kids to eat healthy isn’t easy. Raising them on a plant-based diet? Seems a lot trickier, but it doesn’t have to be.

Which is why I love Dreena Burton’s cookbook Plant-Powered Families. She takes a simple approach to feeding your kids, with whole-food, oil-free, plant-based recipes that they’ll actually eat (maybe even enjoy!).

In today’s episode, Dreena and I talk about what it takes to raise healthy, plant-based children, with lots of ideas and tricks that even non-parents can use to streamline their cooking.

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Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Why Dreena started writing family-friendly recipes
  • Should parents worry about oil or soy?
  • The supplements and nutrients plant-based children need
  • How to introduce healthier foods
  • When to let your kids try unhealthy foods
  • The allergy problem in schools

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Hip Hop Mogul and ‘Happy Vegan’ Author Russell Simmons

EP125I have to admit, this one was pretty fun … it’s not often (or ever) that I have the opportunity to speak to a legend in the hip-hop community. Or any other community, for that matter.

But when Russell Simmons, co-founder of the Def Jam Recordings, writes a book called The Happy Vegan, you better believe I’m going to try to get him on the podcast.

An outspoken vegan, yogi, and bestselling author, Russell Simmons has impacted far more than the music industry. In today’s episode Russell talks to me about his transition into veganism, and why he finds meditation and yoga to be essential parts of his Happy Vegan lifestyle.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • What does it mean to be a Happy Vegan?
  • How the hip-hop community has embraced veganism
  • Is the plant-based diet more expensive?
  • Meditation as a lifestyle change
  • The #1 question Russell gets asked (and it isn’t about protein)

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Health and Fitness Data: How Much is Too Much?

blond woman setting her timer before jogging

Apple Watches, GPS watches, step counters, smart phones, and fitness trackers.

Sensors in our shoes.

Sensors in the kitchen.

The sources for live health and fitness data these days are seemingly endless, and with each new gadget, data tracking becomes a bigger part of our everyday life.

But is all that data really useful? And if it is, when does it become too much?

Of course there’s no right answer, but those are the questions we try to tackle in today’s episode. We discuss the trend towards more data, how it can be helpful, and why too much data caused me to assume the worst about my health.

And of course, we poke fun of those 10,000 steps everyone is suddenly trying to hit.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Why blood work left me in a panic
  • Do we really know how to interpret all this data?
  • How you should be using the information you collect
  • A case for not tracking your runs
  • A case for tracking each and every workout

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Nerd Fitness’ Steve Kamb on How to Level Up Your Life


Steve Kamb is a blogging buddy of mine from way back. We both started our sites in 2009 (damn, that seems like a long time ago!), met in person in 2010, and were even in an accountability group together for a few months.

If you think No Meat Athlete is a blogging success story, well, then you haven’t seen Nerd Fitness. The unlikely combination of superhero nerd culture and serious fitness and motivation turns out to be exactly what the internet was looking for, and Nerd Fitness has exploded in the past few years.

In this episode, Steve and I talk about forming about how Nerd Fitness got started, how to “stop relying on discipline, and start manufacturing discipline,” and of course his new book, Level Up Your Life.

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Our Backwards Approach to New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year

It’s a new year, which can only mean one thing … new goals, resolutions, and habits.

Normally that would be the case for both me and Doug. We’d set specific goals, and work like crazy to reach them.

But this year, when we sat down to plan out this episode, something weird happened. Neither of us had specific goals, and instead we found we’re both taking a similar (and oddly backwards) approach to 2016 resolutions.

In today’s episode we talk about that backwards approach to new years goals, and how we see potential for even greater positive changes.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • How Matt ruined Christmas
  • Why we’re taking a backwards approach to New Year’s goals
  • The books that are shaping our resolutions
  • Potential problems with our goals
  • Should you take this backwards approach?

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Vegan Pro Soccer Player Baggio Husidic


From mid-pack runners to professional triathletes, we’ve had the opportunity to share a lot of stories and advice from vegan athletes on this podcast. But today’s interview is a first — Baggio Hudisic, an MLS soccer player.

I’m excited to share my conversation with the vegan midfielder for the LA Galaxy about his diet, training, and how going plant-based is making him a better athlete.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • The impact of Baggio’s childhood (his family fled Bosnia to escape the war in the mid-90’s) on his attitude towards soccer and diet
  • When and why he went vegan
  • Was it risky to go vegan when you’re already a pro?
  • The incredible, measurable results Baggio has experienced since going vegan
  • The affect his diet and results have had on teammates
  • How Baggio eats on a typical training day

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12 Monthly Running Challenges for Your Strongest Year of Running Ever

Woman jogging down an outdoor trail

This post is written by Doug Hay, from Rock Creek Runner and NMA Radio.

What if I told you that by this time next year, you could be a completely different runner?

You’d either assume I’m some sort evil internet scammer, or want me as your best friend. Well I’m not a scammer…

But it’s true: this time next year, you could in fact be a completely different runner. Over the course of the next 12 months, you can get stronger and faster, build a massive endurance base, and become a smarter, more well-rounded runner.

That sounds pretty good if you ask me.

As a coach, I’m regularly approached by discouraged runners. They’re frustrated from lack of progress and the constant battle against injuries, even after months (or years!) of hard training. What I’ve discovered is that for the most part, all their frustrations stem from the same problem.

It isn’t lack of discipline or motivation — they wouldn’t bother contacting me if they didn’t have at least some motivation. Instead it’s that we runners get so caught up in a grand big picture goal, that we lose sight of the fundamentals. The smaller, daily challenges that craft a strong foundation for improvement and growth.

But that’s where the real progress takes place. And that’s exactly how I want you to focus your next 12 months.

Now here’s the thing … it ain’t easy. If you want quick-fix guarantees or magic pills, you’ve come to the wrong place. You have to do the work, log the miles, and push new boundaries.

But if you want to truly make 2016 the year you really step things up, then stick with me. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be an adventure. And — hopefully — you’re going to challenge yourself in new ways each month.

So, ready to find out what this is all about?

12 Months, 12 Challenges

Running is a complex sport.

On the surface, it looks simple … we’ve run since we were children, and even as adults it requires little more than a pair of shoes (if that). But if you’ve been training for very long, you know there’s a lot more to running well than simply lacing up. Speed requires one skill set, endurance another. A well-balanced runner builds on their foundation through well-balanced training, and regularly challenges herself through variety.

Your route to becoming a well-balanced, stronger runner? 12 months, 12 challenges, 12 unique ways of pushing yourself.

Below I’ve outlined the monthly challenges, which, all put together, can make this your best year of running yet.

Here’s how it works:

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What Happens When You Can’t Run?

runner woman rest on the leaves in park

It was traumatic. It was uncomfortable, painful, and frightening, and Matt loves to bring it up.

Alright fine, maybe — now that’s it’s over — it’s also a little funny.

Of course I’m talking about the groin story we’ve vaguely teased over the past month. Matt has finally convinced me is worth sharing on this podcast.

But while the story might start with the groin (or actually a 50K ultramarathon) it’s about much more than that. The real story is about mindfulness, letting go of pain and discomfort, and how to handle an injury that leaves you unable to run.

That’s the part of this dreadful, embarrassing story we want to share with you today.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • The truth about Doug’s groin
  • What we can learn from a terrible case of poison ivy
  • Can mindfulness help with running?
  • Where to put your pain
  • Untangling your happiness from your goals

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