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  • Very good information for newbies. I, too, like to host TG. I get the turkey from Popeyes and everything else is vegan. Folks never notice, especially if you have enough alcohol….

  • Thanks for the shout out, Matt!!! If anyone reading this is hosting a mixed crowd like me, don’t stress!!! I love preparing Thanksgiving for everyone and really found no difficulty in offering vegan options. I chose not to tell some of the other guests that the mashed potatoes had soy milk and that the hazelnut butter for the brussel sprouts was Earth Balance and no one even noticed the difference! There are lots of delicious options out there and it’s fun to be creative with the menu. You’re right, the meal should transcend the food and it’s really all about being together and being thankful for what you have.

  • Thanks Matt for the tips, they’re great. Too bad you missed posting them in time for the Canadian Thanksgiving. I’ll keep them handy for Christmas and next Thanksgiving.
    A loyal fan!

  • Ohsheglows.com has a fantastic vegan menu already to go – I’ve used it the last few years and everyone, meat-eaters included, has loved the dishes.

  • Thank you, Matt! Some helpful ideas here for recipes and I’ve already shared it with my friends and family. They always freak out about the turkey thing, which I don’t really understand because I never liked turkey to begin with and often would take a tiny bit just to be polite. I’ve always been a side dishes eater – favorites include green beans and the standard pepperidge farm bread crumb (i.e. vegan already) stuffing options. I’d say the only slightly more difficult dish is Pumpkin Pie – I’ve got to try some better dairy-free options this year. I used coconut milk for one before and the pie never set. It tasted fine as a pumpkin pie creme but was kind of a disappointment overall.

  • Awesome reminder and encouragement, Matt! I just got a little teary-eyed when reading about how the point of it all is to be grateful for the food that is on our plate and the company with which we are enjoying it – absolutely true. Thanks!!

  • Great advice Matt! I needed a few more vegan recipes for this year and the hummus looks perfect. Thanks for showing others how going vegan isn’t a death sentence for Thanksgiving. Love the post!

  • Great tips, Matt—I’ve been a vegetarian since I was a kid, but no one else in my family is, so I’ve had to be creative with my own Thanksgiving meals.
    I’ve done the whole Tofurky thing, but I honestly just prefer tons of veggies, sweet potatoes, LOTS of pumpkin and maybe a little tofu side dish. Easy & delicious!
    Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  • My first Thanksgiving as a vegan is quickly approaching, eek! I am thankful for this article as it confirms my original plan of vegan-izing all my traditional sides. I host Thanksgiving and will be making a turkey for the omnivores but the sides and pies will all be vegan!

  • Hi Matt,
    This was my first Thanksgiving as a vegan. My whole family looked at me like I was an alien. In less than 12 months I’ve lost and kept off 15 pounds, I sleep better, and my hair grows faster.
    Yeah, that last part is kind of weird, but true!

  • Phew. As my first Thanksgiving as a Vegan approaches, I have been a little bit anxious about spending the whole day at family’s house for an occasion based on eating. My fear was having to grill everyone about their dishes and making people uncomfortable or all about me which is the last thing I want to do. Thanks for reminding me of the real reason for the holiday. The tips are very useful, I’m going to bring a substantial side dish and a pie and I am now officially done worrying about it. Phew again. Thanks!!!

  • Great post! Finally, a place to know more about Vegan recipes! I’ve been looking for some vegan Thanksgiving recipes but had no idea where to look. Thank you so much for providing this information. Also, is there a Vegan Thanksgiving Ebook that is available for purchase? Would love to make a whole Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner with family & Friends.
    Much appreciated 😀

  • Isa Chandra Moskowitz just published a new cookbook called “Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook – Entertainimg for Absolutely Every Occasion.” If you’ve ever tried recipes from her other cookbooks or her great website, you will know how great she is. I just checked it out from the library, and it looks wonderful.

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