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  • I call myself a vegetarian but I DO eat shrimp. I have gotten numerous snarky remarks from people (amazingly some waiters) about how I’m ‘choosing’ which animals have value or feelings and which ones are okay to eat and not. All I can tell you is to not let things like that bother you. We all have to do what we can. If you make too big of a commitment all at once, you are more likely to backslide. Best of luck!

  • matt, great blog and awesome nutrition advice. i am looking to drop an ass-ton of weight brought on by poor lifestyle choices recently and side effects of medication. look forward to trying some of these recipes and tips out.
    take care.

  • HEY!!!
    “….so that you can see that you don’t need to eat like a nomadic gatherer (thanks to Christine for using this phrase to describe Mom’s diet)”.
    WHAT THE??? My diet isn’t like one of a nomadic gatherer!!! (is it?) Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of pine nuts. Whew! a bag of those is the same caloric intake as 3 hot fudge sundaes! And I was also eating a lot of dried fruits. HUGE number of calories, but I didn’t throw them away for that reason. I threw the bag in the garbage, half full, after I realized the amount of sulfur dioxide that is used as a preservative. There is 16 mg of sulfur dioxide in 1 dried apricot vs 10 mg in a glass of red wine. And I was eating 10 pieces of dried fruit at one sitting.
    Ok… maybe Christine is right. I am having trouble finding good things to eat. After all, I am working in the deli with the most famous pit beef sandwiches in Ocean City.

  • Thanks for posting this, the links and your experience. I’ve bookmarked it.
    My challenge in doing it is I’m still obliged to prepare meals for the people in my household – they don’t know how to cook, can’t afford to eat out, and don’t want to do the cleanse with me.

  • Hi,
    Great blog, I come from the France I will happy to find you blog 🙂
    Im runners for the morning lunch : I take juice of lemon, a shot of aloe, I drink 1liter of smoothie (1 day vegetables & 1 day fruits)
    But I after I don’t know take ?
    Egg, soya, quinoa ?
    Knowing I practise every morning 15 min of rebouding and I run 4 times for week (30 min 40 min max 1h depend)
    Have nice day

  • Doesn’t the smoothie contradict the guideline to eat fruit by itself? Which is more important–keep fruit solo or add the extra goodies to the drink?

  • Thanks for this. I have just come off the Tony Robbins UPW weekend here in London. I am trying to follow the diet. Rather than hard core it strictly I am using up the left over milk and dairy products in my house first then simply not buying any more.
    The meal suggestions are the things that really appeal and I want to say thanks for – appreciate the ideas and suggestions!

    1. I wanted to come back with a follow up from last year! I’ll be straight – doing a hard core cleanse like this is amazing, like really good. It does magic for your mood, however I was unable to maintain it. I don’t know what the trick is – I would love to hear anyone else talk about how to cut through the illusion we cast over ourselves to say that just doing 10 days and then stopping is going to have a lasting effect.
      Thoughts anyone?

      1. Hi,
        I have been a whole foods plant based vegan for 9 months now. For me, it became very easy when I committed to only eating real food. I educated myself about nutrition and the baggage that comes with some some foods using trusted resources like nutritionfacts.org and PCRM.org. Hope this helps!
        David Runge

  • Hi I just recently went to UPW in Feb and did the 10 day challenge (I did 30 days) and now continuing for my lifestyle. It’s really amazing the change it has made in my body. It didn’t feel has made my body more alkaline and just energized. I still am looking to amp up my energy, so I am doing everything to get the energy that I had at UPW. Life will truly never be the same! Life is changing!!

  • Very interesting post and I love your website layout, very well designed. Couple of notes:
    #1: Whole wheat tortilla = carbs, beans = protein. Rule violated!!! It seems very difficult to not combine carbs and protein considering almost everything that is a “meal” in the traditional sense mixes these two.
    #2: What’s your recipe for veggie pizza? I’m not a vegetarian but that sounds tasty.

  • Wow! This is great information for me. It must have been very tough for you to go from drinking a beer every night to drinking water. I’m going to take your advice and add lemon juice to my water. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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