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  • Great interview! I have been a vegetarian for 12 years, just started running a few months ago. Last weekend, I ran my first half marathon, and got to meet Scott on Friday before the race. What an inspiration!

    1. He seems like a great guy. I’ve never met him in person, but I hear he sticks around most of his races to greet all the finishers, LONG after he has finished. How awesome is that?

  • I met Scott last summer at OR in Salt Lake City. As well as being inspiring, he’s very generous with his time and generally an extremely kind person. Well done interview Matt. Love the site too.

  • Thanks so much for the interview Matt. The way Scott talks about everything just makes it sound so attainable for anyone who wants to make a change in their lives with running and eating. I’m so glad you got the chance to talk to him for all of us. Keep up the good work!! Your BOTH an inspiration to me

  • Thank you so much for this Matt! What an awesome opportunity to chat with The Man. My partner and I listened to Born to Run on a road trip and were just so inspired by it…we were already vegan runners, but had no sense of the running community out there. If anyone truly embodies the running community – the support for all the little guys out there on the weekends – it’s Scott. I think that really comes across in this interview.

  • Great interview. Its great to hear from the authority on Vegan running. Thanks for the great inspiration, Scott. Really looking forward to the book. And thanks to Matt for putting this online. Plant based eating has definitely worked for me so far, much better recovery. Thanks NoMeat!

  • Nice interview! Your questions allowed his personality to come through- he seems like a terrific guy doing some amazing feats! no pun intended 🙂

  • Great interview Matt! Thanks for sharing this! I also cannot wait to read his book! As someone who is about to run 2,500 miles straight and a vegetarian, this interview was really helpful!

  • The one and only Scott Jurek! Great interview, Matt. This past week or two, my meals have become more and more plant-based. What’s great is that this time it’s happening naturally – no pressure from doing a 30-day, veg-only challenge. I think Scott’s advice to transition slowly is dead-on. After all, going plant-based should be a long-term goal if you want it to be a lifestyle and not a diet. I think that’s why I immediately reverted to a majority meat-based diet after going cold-turkey for a month – it felt extremely restrictive. Taking it one step at a time is making me realize how many healthy, diverse plant-based foods there are to enjoy. Thanks Scott/Matt for the inspiration!

  • Thanks so much for such a thorough and fascinating interview! I always learn something new from Scott and I was really interested to hear about his take on barefoot running.
    And Matt – thanks for always posting such great content! Your blog is at the top of my list. 🙂

  • Great!
    I did something rare with this. I unplugged the laptop, moved it out of my sitting room into the bedroom. Switched off the light and laid on my bed whilst listening to this interview.
    I find it all too distracting when I read blogs, msn, skype mail etc and I wanted to absorb every word of this interview and I was not disappointed. Mr Jurek is a very inspirational man, runner and vegan.
    I can understand why you were so thrilled Matt.

  • Great interview! Very informative for the new veg. runners. I’m running my first half marathon tomorrow and went veg when I started training. It’s been awesome!

  • Hi Matt,
    I’m a big fan of your website. What a great interview! I have another suggestion for a vegan athlete interview – Georges Laraque. He’s a former NHL defender, and he is a staunch animal rights activist. I’d love to see an interview with him!

  • Nothing teaches better than example, and what simply works, works.
    Thanks Scott for being such an example and making it work.
    Looking forward to the book.

  • Thanks for the Scott Jurek interview, the man is a legend and it is great to see what he has done to prove that a meat free diet can compete with the rest of them.

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