Who’s that in the ‘Vegan’ Socks on the Cover of Runner’s World?

RW1014_COVWhen Runner’s World redesigned their magazine starting with this month’s issue, their stated goal was to have the magazine fit better into every runner’s world.

I’ll go ahead and speak for our crowd on this one, and say they’ve already hit a home run — in the form of two knee-high socks boasting “VEGAN” right on the cover (not to mention another instance of “vegan” in reference to the recipes).

But it gets better. On page 23, there’s a full-page feature on Micah Risk, the cover model — a 29-year-old mom, November Project devotee, 3:18 marathoner (a BQ in her first 26.2!), and nutritionist at Lighter, a company she co-founded in Boston to help women take control of their diets, with a focus on real, plant-based food. Plus she’s got a PMA tattoo … not quite NMA, but just as good!

It seems to me that you couldn’t pick a better person than Micah to spread our message on a mainstream platform, and today I’m thrilled to present an interview with this intriguing, street-stylish woman on NMA Radio.

PS — Speaking of Runner’s World, I’ll be at next month’s Runner’s World Half and Festival in Bethlehem, PA, along with Doug Hay, author of Rock Creek Runner and co-host of our podcast. The last RW event (in Boston) was a blast, so you’d like to join us, the discount codes below will save you 15% on any (or all) of the races. Hope to meet you there!

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • How Micah became a Runner’s World cover model
  • The power and community of the November Project
  • How Micah trained to run her Boston-qualifying first marathon
  • What to eat before, during, and after a long run
  • Micah’s goals as a plant-based nutritionist
  • Where she got those socks!

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Links from the show:

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  1. As a vegan runner and November Project junkie, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing what Micah had to say. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a November Project workout, I highly recommend it. I trained with the Boston tribe all summer, and it was the best part of my MWF. The workouts are less than an hour, but they kick your butt and are tons of fun.
    Thank you for a great episode guys!! 🙂

  2. Micah is pretty much my new role model. Exciting news about her socks and your vegan cuts box for sure!

  3. Lucy Thorne says:


    I was just wondering if this is the UK version of runners world mag or this the US one? Would love to get a copy of this in UK. x

  4. Do you know where I can get Micah Risk’s socks that day ‘vegan’?

  5. The UK version have photoshopped the word “Vegan” from her socks!
    Read about it here http://herbifit.com/2014/11/06/vegan-runners-world-controversy/

    Really quite annoyed 🙁

  6. Alex Hannigan-Train says:

    totally disappointed to see that in the most recent edition of Runners World decided to black out Micah’s socks .Apparently the UK aren’t ready for such a statement .Pretty insulting really..

  7. Interesting, that cover page has just come out in Australia on our February issue of the runners world magazine. Anyways, does anyone know where you can buy the vegan socks from? Thanks 🙂

  8. Liz Comay says:

    Where can we buy the socks?

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