The ‘Get Unstuck’ Episode

The black car stuck in the mud. Can not fall out of the mud

Feeling stuck with your fitness or nutrition?

Yeah, it happens to all of us. It’s happening to me right now (cooking routines), and judging from the responses to a recent NMA reader survey, there’s a good chance you’re feeling that way as well — whether it’s with your running, morning routine, or nutrition.

But does feeling stuck mean you’re just lacking motivation? Or is there something bigger going on?

In today’s episode, Matt and I discuss what it means for your health and lifestyle when you’re stuck, and whether getting unstuck should even be your focus.

If you’re a long-time listener to NMA Radio, Matt’s answer will likely surprise you…

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  1. Great insight I have had the same feeling; being -stuck since the year began and all the time i thought that i was not motivated enough. Clearly I had put my focus on the wrong thing.

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