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  • After having one of the worst runs of my life today I *really* needed to read this. I typically run for both reasons but I’ve been so focused on speed it’s not fun anymore. Living in Florida means I need to really scale back this summer as I prepare for marathon #3 this fall. Thank you for this reminder!

  • Such a great post.I’ve bookmarked it for ever. I am a vegetarian and just started running about a month back. I was looking for resources on non meat eating runner and came across your website and i am so thankful to it. You have lots of great posts and i’ll enjoy exploring it. Thanks

  • I may not ALWAYS want to go running, so I focus on how I will feel once I am done to get me going. I have found that doing so motivates me to go, once I am going I actually DO enjoy it, this is strange for me as I am quite possibly the laziest person alive. I say whatever makes you want to do it, then focus on that, people can be judgmental and you can only live for yourself.

  • I couldn’t agree more with the “slow down” advice. Since I started putting in the majority (80%) of my miles at a low intensity, I’ve noticed that I enjoy running a LOT more. Oddly enough, my run times have improved since I started running more miles at low intensity. I enjoyed your post again, Matt.

  • Well, what a timely post. When a local running guru asked me 10 days ago if I liked running, I went, “Ehh.” But I’m one of those who likes the results. BUT today! Wow, I held a steady, slow pace, ran the whole distance, and loved loved loved it. Recovered in a couple of minutes and have felt great all day. Amazing. From day 1, I’ve felt like a runner but today I fell like someone who loves running.

  • Thanks for your honesty Matt, I really appreciate it and I think a lot of other people do too – it’s easy to feel guilty if you don’t
    ‘love’ running and people are always surprised when I say that lots of times I hate it. One thing you can’t do anything about is
    ageing (sorry aging, US) – your body just goes slower and that is a hard one to beat. Becomes more like maintenance than
    improving – or fending off old age and mortality! In any case, thanks again for your honesty – it’s really needed and appreciated.

  • Matt, thanks for this post. I love the results of running but have always had a hard time pacing myself. Then at some point I started to align my steps with my breaths. It allowed me to “zone out” while running. I am beginning to love running. It is needed “me” time.

  • Excellent post.
    I used to be such an avid runner, but stopped when i began getting more into strength training.
    Now that its been so long it feels like im learning all over again.
    These are great things to keep in mind when trying to gain the willpower to get going.

  • Love your post !! whats the difference in between running outside and running on tread mill like someone said to me running outside will give you better results etc…i was so confused ..

  • Thanks for this lovely post, Matt! I also sometimes forget to slow down. I just keep pushing myself until I ran out of breath. Reminds me of the saying, take time to smell the flowers. When I think of it, it’s really about how you go through the journey and not always about the finish line.

  • Great advice Matt! I have never considered myself a runner. I have run a race every 17 years or so. I run a race and then quit right afterwards. I think now this may be my first year trying to put two races in a row. I have always been very worried about friends and neighbors seeing me run so slow( I keep comparing myself to my teenage times42 min 10km runs. I am almost 52 now so I need to understand that I am not running as quickly however a slow run is better than no run and I should be proud of finishing as opposed to placing. I used to feel that if you only run 2 times a week you are not a “real runner” or if you do not belong to a running group than you are not a “real runner” You have lit a fire for me maybe I can train to make it to qualify to run in the Boston Marathon starting in my fifties who knows. I will keep you posted. I do feel stronger being Vegan for 14 months now. You do not need meat to compete 🙂 Thanks for sharing all your wisdom! I can not wait to get your cook book.

  • I’m getting back into running and I’ve joined a trail running group. Connection is my motivator at present. Loved your advice! Looking forward to learning so much more from you. Raw vegan here ?

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