Get Motivated


You know what you need to do, but you can’t get yourself to suck it up and do it. Is it because you’re lazy?

I’d argue that it’s not. Instead, I’d bet it’s your goals that are lacking. And if you’ve got them (and I mean written down — in your head doesn’t count), then they’re probably too small.

Why? You’re far more likely to achieve an unreasonable, ridiculous goal — but one that absolutely energizes you, one that gives you trouble falling asleep at night because you’re so excited to wake up and work on it again — than you are to achieve a more modest (read: more boring) aim.

As you read the posts below, let yourself think big. Just for a few minutes. Forget all the limitations, the objections, the “I can’ts.”

Real people, people just like you, do amazing things every single day. When did you decide you couldn’t play too?

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