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  • Man I really needed this right now. I’m getting ready to train for another marathon and just last night I realized I was feeling very ‘meh’ about the plan I had created. It’s safe, it’s what I’ve done before, it’s boring.
    I thought about changing it up, making it harder, and seeing how far I can push myself. Thanks for being the catalyst!

  • Agree with all of this! With the exception of training for a big race, I like to shake up my workout routine every 3 months or so to challenge both my mind and my body.

  • Having a coach has really helped me keep it interesting. I think it is time for me to try running with a heart rate monitor. The site is looking good Matt. Cheers – Thomas

  • I think the key here is what you say at the end, to step back and evaluate what you’re doing and how it’s working for you. Most of my runs have an element of boring to them, but that’s what I want! My husband enlisted in the military three years ago and since then we’ve moved twice, he’s deployed twice, and I’ve had four different jobs. An easy run feels like home to me, a place of sameness in the middle of so much change. I still push myself (I ran the Bataan Memorial Death March this year – highly recommend!) and go after big goals, but a little sameness goes a long way in my running. Other areas of my life however are a different story. Great post as always, Matt!

  • Well said, Matt! I feel the exact same way. As much as I love running it’s been getting boring for me. I am running a marathon in the Swiss Alps later this month and when that is finished I am definitely going to shake things up. I really like Crossfit lately, and the short, diverse, really intense workouts keep me coming back each day. Ever tried it?

  • Great post! Very timely for me, as I’ve just started back up running this week. Slow miles are such a downer, it’s part of the reason I took a break. Thanks, Matt!

  • Doing my long, easy runs with friends keeps them from being boring. At least I can pay attention to them since I can breathe. Hill work…speed work….sorry, but no breath left for chit chatting.
    Or, I head to the trails for my longer, slower runs. Nothing like being out in nature to keep me from being bored.

  • I am currently putting into practice the “running in the moment” that you mention. I have only been running for less than three years, but after following my first ever training plan which helped me do very well at my first half, I started to not feel as excited about running. The first thing I evaluated is my reasons for running overall. I doubt I will ever be an elite, but I run to challenge what I think I am capable of. Having this clear understanding of why I run as helped me become the best coach I could ask for since it helps me ensure that my running time maintains the same value and purpose, the keys to building long lasting habits.

  • Good article! Spent the month of June putting in easy miles after recovering from an injury. Comfortable running making sure body is OK. Now the hard training has started. Uncomfortable but needed to get out of the rut. Today was a hard hilly run in heat and humidity. Had to push through it, hurt, but felt good to run hard. Marathon looms in the fall so more times in the uncomfortable zone. That helps me to enjoy those easier runs. Thanks for the encouraging article.

  • This was a great read — helped me to ‘wake’ and to look at my daily life with a new perspective.
    Some minor changes already having a big impact. Thanks!

  • You know, reading this blog, I found out that it’s the resean I stopped running. I got bored. And I was doing so well for a while there. Wonder how that crept up so thealthily. Ok time to think this through and get back into running. I will have to start at zero though and focus. I feel it’s going to be so hard.
    Thanks for the blog.

  • Hi Matt I would like say thanks for the book and the inspiration
    I would like to ask you have you done a triathlon I am a runner for two years now have done a bunch of small races one halhmarathon training for my first marathon my question is how do I get started where do I go I am also a vegan for eight years now and love it !!!
    Thx Tracy

  • I found this post very interesting for lots of reasons…I am on auto pilot a lot of days because i have no choice if I go to work, i do like to eat, but working out to me that’s always a choice so even an easy “boring” run is a good run. Any session at the gym on the treadmill and a lifting session is good to me, even if its routine. I can choose when I leave work whether I am lazy or whether I work out and anytime I am active I feel I’ve done what I can do for the day 🙂 Would l love to be hiking a new mountain everyday?! Of course, but I have to work within my limits. Congrats on all the accomplishments, an ultra is a dream for me.

  • Every day that I have the strength to go outdoors and run for an hour is never boring to me.
    Sure try to mix up your routes now and then but running should never be boring. If so, move on to another healthy activity.

  • Good reminder to review even our good habits to make sure they are still serving us as we need them to and to improve upon them if we can. As far as being bored running, it never happens because the conversations I have with myself are endlessly fascinating! 😉

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