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  • I was spell bound! He is so interesting… I can’t wait for the book to arrive! I will definitely link back to this post.

    1. Thanks Hanlie, that would be awesome! Your blog is one of my favorites, and to mentioned on it is always an honor. 🙂

  • Very interesting interview. I’d like to know more about what he says concerning reducing stress through nutrition, now I must read this book.

  • Great interview Matt! It’s very refreshing, after watching mainstream media interviews pushing their own agenda in the questions. Very good job!

  • FABULOUS Intereview. I am so interested- I really want to pick up this book. I think you asked some really great questions and I was particularly interested in his response on the topic of soy! Thank you for posting all this, I will definitely be re-reading this again later on today ( I have to run so I had to scan through certain parts 🙁 )
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Broccoli Dip & Tilapia =-.

  • Super interesting interview. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m allergic to hemp ( topical ) So not sure I want to eat anything that contains it.
    Sill want to check out his cookbook.

    1. Thanks Caleb, and thanks again for retweeting my announcement of this interview. I’m not a triathlete either! Although it wasn’t mentioned in the interview, there is a significant focus in the book on raw or near-raw foods, something that I know you’re into. You should definitely check it out.

    1. Thanks TravelingVeg. Just like you, I found all this stuff so inspiring. When they first sent me the book, I was interested but not really excited about it, figuring it would be a slow read. But I got so wrapped up in it and motivated by it, I read it in two days. I don’t know what it is about it, just so much more interesting than other health books.

  • hahaha- no the slimcado is a real product! It has 50% less fat and 35% fewer calories than a regular avocado. It was my first time purchasing one and I must say…mehhhhh…tastes like a watered down avocado. I’m going to stick with the original!
    Those are carrot chips in the picture- I love their ridges! Great for picking up dip. They were on sale so I gave them a go!
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Broccoli Dip & Tilapia =-.

    1. Hey Alexander, thanks for your comment and I’m glad you liked the interview. I’ve never been to any of these health expos (other than the ones before marathons), but I suppose now that I’m a “health blogger” I’m going to have to start going! Looking forward to checking out your site.

  • Thanks for posting this interview. I actually downloaded the Kindle sample of this book and was really interested. I want to buy it, but I’m not sure if I should get the Kindle version or the print. Are there a lot of charts in the book? Those wouldn’t really translate as well to electronic reading.
    I have the same issues, I don’t eat a lot of processed food but then I’m supposed to fuel myself with these sugary gels/chews/drinks. It’s always been hard for me to reconcile that in my head. That’s interesting that his book has energy gel recipes. I’ll have to try that out!
    .-= Jill Will Run´s last blog ..Celebration Run =-.

    1. Hey Jill, thanks for your comment. There aren’t that many charts in the book. One about which foods are alkaline vs. acid comes to mind, but really nothing that you need to keep referring to.
      But my hard copy of the book is really getting tired and ragged because I always use the “recipes” section! I don’t know much about the Kindle, but my guess is that coconut oil is not good for it. 🙂
      The smoothie, gel, and sports drink recipes are my favorite parts of the book. You can click the “energy gels” link in the interview to see a recipe I posted recently.

      1. Ah… thanks for reminding me of the link. I had skipped over it while reading the whole interview. I’m also glad you mentioned his Vega products, those intrigue me too.

  • Great interview. Brendan is really down to earth. I met him at Expo West two years ago when the book first came out.
    I have a request. Can you have a picture of the woman’s shirt from a distance so I can see the fit on Erin? Thanks!
    .-= Hethir´s last blog ..Acupuncture and Treating Infertility =-.

  • I have to echo everyone else’s sentiment and say GREAT INTERVIEW! He sounds really thoughtful and well-spoken, and I think you had good questions for him.
    .-= Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)´s last blog ..Delayed July leftovers =-.

  • Oh my gosh that was GREAT!! Thank you so much! I also went back and read your review of the actual book–I am super intrigued! I think I might have to pick up a copy after your and Jenna’s endorsements! Thanks so much for all your hard work to get that info to us!
    .-= Allie Katie´s last blog ..Guess what?! I went on a…RUN! =-.

  • what an awesome opportunity – i will definitely go back and be taking notes! love me some thrive!
    .-= holly the healthy everythingtarian´s last blog ..My New Boyfriend =-.

  • Hey! I was re-directed to this interview via Brendan’s Facebook post. An answer to your comment about transitioning from being a runner to triathlete. I ran 14 or so marathons before doing triathlons.
    Like you, I did not have a swimming background. I first used Total Immersion method and plateaued very quickly. Do NOT recommend. I had much more success with Swim Smooth method and having a local high school swim coach videotape me and then critique. About six weeks later he re-videotaped and there was significant improvement. Pick one thing to work on at a time or it gets overwhelming.

    1. Hey Dan, thanks a lot for your advice. I’m surprised you mention Total Immersion; I actually have their book “Triathlon Swimming Made Easy.” I haven’t put spent much time with it yet though. Interesting that you didn’t have much success with it. I was under the impression that it was some miracle method, but come to think of it, I’ve really only read testimonials and reviews that are published on their site, not from third parties. I’ll definitely think twice before going too far with it.
      Thanks again for your comment.

  • Matt, yeah, I was really told how great Total Immersion was. The problem with Total Immersion is it instills bad habits that are hard to break. The drills don’t transition well into actual swimming.
    TI teaches you to “glide” with one hand forward and the other trailing. When, in fact, you want to have your hand exit the water as soon as your other extends fully. This way you always have a hand in the front quadrant. My $.02.
    .-= Dan Thomas´s last blog ..America Unchained: T3 MultiSport, Indianapolis =-.

  • Interesting article. I was wondering about BB – does he perform quite well as an athlete ? Up there with the elite in these competitions? Curious as to his athletic expercience/credibility!? Thank you.
    .-= eatmovelove´s last blog ..Birthday Funnies’ & Others =-.

  • I just read this interview with Brazier (and I just started reading Thrive myself) and this was one of the best interviews I’ve read online so far!! Just wanted to say THANKS!! I have to go check out the rest of your blog now. LOL!
    .-= Lisa Cohen´s last blog ..Back at it… thriving =-.

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