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  • Christine, those are the most ridiculously cute things I’ve ever seen! That baby is going to be so lucky to have you for an aunt:)

  • Wow those are probably the cutest cookies I have ever seen in my life. Just…wow! I love the short and simply ingredient list, but i have 1 question! Can coconut oil or butter be substituted for the shortening? Thank you for a fabulous recipe!!

    1. Hey Michelle,
      I think coconut oil would work since it is a thick consistency like the palm oil. However since coconut oil melts very easily, I’m not sure if that would make the cookies spread out in the oven too much. I bet it would be fine, especially if you freeze the cookies into shape before baking. Thanks for commenting!

  • those cookies are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! i love them. and i am also hoping there is a new niece or nephew to present soon 🙂
    .-= Holly (The Healthy Everythingtarian)´s last blog ..I Like to Think =-.

  • These look delicious, but my daughter, who is a vegan , says she can’t have them. She says that the fondant sugar contains egg whites. Vegans do not eat eggs.
    However, I am not familiar with fondant sugar, so I couldn’t say she’s right or wrong about that.

  • These are completely adorable! My only concern would be the use of Palm Oil. Palm Oil is one of the main contributors to the decline in Orangutan numbers as their habitat is destroyed for plantations and they’re often killed in the process – also, once an area has been planted with Oil Palms it’s incredibly difficult to restore the forest as the trees change the nature of the soil etc. Chances are if you’re a vegan it’s at least in part to prevent animal cruelty so it’s really important to check where your palm oil is coming from. I know a lot of vegans have eliminated palm oil from their diet even though it’s technically not an animal product because of the harm that it does to this species. So if you can substitute for coconut oil that you know is sustainable or perhaps use a different variety of vegan shortening so you can still enjoy these awesome cookies then that would be great! 🙂

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