Ultramarathon Man

What do you do when you’re on winter break and finally have lots of time, but you’re too sore to run?

[ultramarathon man photo]

Watch a movie about running!  I picked up Dean Karnazes’ Ultramarathon Man at the library yesterday (hint: your tax dollars pay for libraries — use them), so I’m watching that while I write this post.  Add to that a Scottish ale in a can and a delicious new product to sample (see below), and you have yourself a nice little Wednesday night!

[old chub photo]

The reason I’m too sore to run, by the way, is that I ran in my Vibram FiveFingers for the first time in over two weeks yesterday; and I feel roughly like someone hit my calves with a Louisville Slugger.  Apparently, during my 10-day layoff from all running, I lost all that small, stabilizer-muscle strength just as fast as I gained it.  Oh well.

[ultramarathon man poster]Anyway, Ultramarathon Man is good so far.  It’s no Spirit of the Marathon, but still it’s entertaining.  The coolest part so far is when Dean talks about how, on his 30th birthday, he had a “midlife” crisis while he was at the bar celebrating. He remembered how much he loved running as a kid, and he spontaneously left the bar and went for a 30-mile run while still a little drunk.  And oh yeah, he hadn’t run consistently in 15 years. A few years later, the guy wins Badwater, the 135-mile race through Death Valley.  My first 30 miles will be January 2nd, and I’ll have just turned 29.  So I guess I have a year on Dean (right)!  Also cool (to me): he sleeps four hours a night and runs a marathon every morning before he starts his day.  No big deal.

My point is, how awesome is it that you can just decide to change your life and do it like that?  Certainly his case is extreme, but still it’s inspiring.  Another cool thing is that Dean’s 50 Marathons in 50 States in 50 Days thing wasn’t really about him showing off for publicity, like a lot of people seem to think.  It’s an impressive feat, but people have run across the entire country in that time, averaging twice as much daily mileage.  So some ultrarunners hate on Dean for self-promoting so much!  But his point was to inspire people, especially kids, to get in shape.  He ran most of the marathons with groups of people and got as many people involved as possible to spread a message.  Call me a fan.

What’s Kenzoil?

[kenzoil photo]

The product I’m trying tonight (with my beer and a loaf of organic rye bread) is Kenzoil, a vegan condiment that the company sent me to try out and review.  And it’s so good!  Ever been to Bonefish Grill, where they serve their bread with that pesto mixed with olive oil?  It tastes like that, only there’s no cheese in it, since it’s vegan.  It’s made from olive oil, fresh garlic, basil, and spices and it’s fricking good.  And no sugar, either.  They say you can put it on salads or use it as a marinade, among other things, but I’ve only tried it with bread.  Highly recommended by your old pal the NMA.

Last thing

I wrote a post about restricting carbohydrates during long runs, something I’ve been doing recently in an attempt to train my body to burn fat instead of sugar.  I totally forgot to mention it here, so take a look.  And Megan wrote a new post today, so there’s even more good running stuff for you to read!  Megan and I get a nice bonus for lots of pageviews, so come on… you know you want to!



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  1. I read Deans first book and it got me so motivated to just run and be out “there”. I have not seen the DVD.

    That dip looks yum.

    I kind of like being sore. Is that weird? It makes me feel alive. Enjoy your break – it is well deserved.
    .-= Hethir´s last blog ..My Week at a Glance =-.

  2. Dean is also the man because he coordinates pizza to be delivered to him on his running route. And he eats it while running.

    I read his book years ago, and the part in the back where he lists the insane amount of food he eats is still vivid in my mind!

  3. WOW- that dude sounds totally ridiculous. I want to try the kenzoil- sounds super yummy. Hope you recover quickly.
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Weekend/Charleston SPCA =-.

  4. I’ve been wanting to see that movie for some time now. It sounds inspiring (which is needed for the winter months, I think 😀 )

    Kenzoil sounds amazing, by the way. I’m such a basil fan–I think I could eat it on everything and anything. Sounds like the perfect bread dipping sauce. 😀
    .-= Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)´s last blog ..Final Final 🙂 =-.

  5. http://stevequick.blogspot.com/search?q=thinking+aloud

    he’s an ultramarathoner who did a very interesting series which he called “thinking aloud” on nutrition and running. just thought i would share.

  6. That looks super tasty! I generally make my own pesto oil dipping but for parties I’d definitely check this out.

    That bread looks good too!

  7. Cool hat! Enjoy your free time, once that baby comes it will be much more limited!
    .-= meatlessmama´s last blog ..Top 10 Reasons to Eat More Salad =-.

  8. Interesting, I’ve only seen one running movie, and it was about Steve Prefontaine, and I saw it before I started getting into running too. But now I have a couple other titles I can potentially check out.

    Definitely going to check out the restricting carbs article too. I was recently reminded about that when I was thumbing back through Thrive yesterday during my lunch break.
    .-= Caleb´s last blog ..White Rock Marathon – My first half =-.

  9. I know what Erin can get you for xmas, a new hat!

  10. At first I thought you meant you got free beer. Heh.

    That oil stuff DOES look awesome. Gotta mix that up at home for myself! Yum.
    .-= Sagan´s last blog ..Day 17 of the 200 Reps Challenge =-.

  11. You always seem to review or mention something when I am wondering about it! Yay for mind-reading! I mey check this out myself, I read one of his books about a year ago and wanted to do an ultra even before my first marathon! Hopefully in 2011!

  12. Four hours a night and a marathon every morning? That. Is. Insanely. Awesome.

    The Kenzoil looks awesome, and I am clicking over right now! Hope all is well with Erin and the baby!
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Deprived =-.

  13. I’m all able getting books and movies from the library. It’s been such a good money saver since I love to read about a variety of health/fitness things. The movie sounds interesting. I haven’t watched any movies on running yet.
    .-= Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather´s last blog ..Pork’s All Gone =-.

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