Announcing No Meat Athlete Book Tour Dates & Locations!

Leaving your college dorm at midnight, to drive seven hours each way. For a sandwich.

Using your dishwasher to create a floor-to-ceiling foam party in your (carpeted) living room.

Planning a 40-city book tour all by yourself.

All things I’ve done that seemed like a good idea at the time, but in hindsight weren’t my best ideas ever.

But when it comes down to it, I can’t honestly say that I regret any of them. Not even the foam party, which resulted in moldy carpet and four sick roommates.

As for the book tour, I definitely don’t regret the decision to do it … just the heroic attempt to plan it myself. Thankfully, my mom (yep, my mom) stepped in and saved me from a nervous breakdown last week, and I’m pleased now to announce that the schedule is just about set.

No Meat Athlete’s big splash this weekend

After I announced the bonuses for pre-ordering my book (which comes out October 1st, less than two weeks away), things got crazy.

That same day, the Huffington Post republished a fun No Meat Athlete post, and ess hit the proverbial fan, in the best way possible.

Hundreds of you bought the book, and helped No Meat Athlete to reach #53 on the Barnes & Noble Top 100! It spent three days at #1 in Amazon’s Running & Jogging category, even reaching #1 in Individual Sports.

And although it eventually fell from these spots, I had to remind myself: the damn thing is not even out yet! Who knows what will happen then. Needless to say, I’m extremely grateful for all of you who have pre-ordered and helped make that all happen. Thank you.

If you plan on buying the book but haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and don’t miss the pre-order deal.

Announcing the tour dates!

Without further ado, whining, gloating, or advertisements — wow, brilliant post you’ve crafted so far, Matt — let’s get to the fun part: the tour dates!

I’ve created a new page with all the dates, venues, and locations. I hope you’ll try your best to make it to an event, because:

(a) I’m so pumped to meet No Meat Athlete readers, and

(b) it will suck to high heaven if I’m 2,537 miles away from my family and talking to an empty room, before heading out for a run all by myself. No pressure, or anything. πŸ™‚

A few things to note about the tour schedule:

  • You’ll see that a handful of venues are still TBD (so actually, there is another minute of planning …). Consider those “Save the Dates”; if nothing else I’ll plan informal meetups in those cities, but hopefully I’ll line something up for each of those (and many have things in the works already). If you’ve got ideas, let me know!
  • I created a Facebook event page for most of the events, if the host didn’t already do so. If you’re interested in coming to an event, please use that event’s Facebook page and RSVP or click “Maybe,” so that you get updates about it. Letting us know you’re coming (even if there’s a chance you’ll have to bail) is extremely helpful for estimating how many people will show up.

Check out the full book tour schedule here.

That’s it! I know I’ve pitched a fit about planning this beast, but I’m beyond excited to actually start the tour. It’s tough to explain just how much anticipation I’m feeling … I can’t wait to hit the road, meet a lot of amazing people, and spread this message that I believe is so important.

I hope I’ll see you out there.



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  1. Paul Stansel says:

    Poor Connecticut we always get skipped.

    • Never mind Conneticut – when is the European leg of the book tour? πŸ˜‰

      Looking forward to you taking this International Matt. Come to Brighton, UK. The vegan capital of Britain. I’ll even take you for a run πŸ™‚


  2. Karen in SC says:

    Take a short drive down to Greenville, SC…we’d love a spot on your tour!

  3. Man I wish you could have made it to Baltimore, but I guess DC is close enough and I shouldn’t have any excuse not to be going to VegFest anyway..

  4. I vote Dallas Texas just because it’s closer to me but, honestly Austin is a pretty awesome place for vegans so it would probably be a better choice strategically.

  5. Wohooo!! So happy to see the schedule posted. Excited to meet you in Seattle. Have a great journey!

  6. I will miss your book tours as I am in NH and the closest you will be is Cambridge (but I can’t make it that day), but I did pre-order your book! I can’t wait to get it.

  7. You should definitely try to hit up Pittsburgh! Saw a few No Meat Athlete shirts while running in the half marathon in May! You could have the event at True Runner ( and maybe even Eden ( – a vegan-friendly cafe around the corner) could provide food! See, I did all the planning for you πŸ™‚

  8. Three in Ohio but none in Iowa? What a disappointment.

  9. Your timing for the San Francisco Bay Area couldn’t be better. I live in the area and my first full marathon as a vegan will be the Nike Women’s Marathon on 10/20. I’m really looking forward to your panel discussion on 10/29! And of course I’ll be fueled entirely by your chia seed gel recipe and using the Thrive recovery drink you posted.

  10. I am in Atlanta if you need help finding a place. I have a few in mind.

  11. Carolyn in NC says:

    I am in the Triangle area and if you can’t find a spot in Raleigh, keep Fleet Feet in Carrboro or Bull City in Durham on the back burner. They would be closer to me than in Raleigh. I would be happy to post your info to the Pittsboro Running Club email list.

    And you really should thank your mom an extra bunch this year.

  12. Too bad you’re skipping the great North. There’s a great country here and lots of vegetarians / vegans. You should come over WITH the family. It would be a pleasure to have you over during the winter. Did you ever run at -15 ?

  13. Great. Two stops in DC. Pre-launch and post-launch. Looking forward.

  14. You’re skipping FL as well; Bummah!
    …You should try to book a gig at Bookshop Santa Cruz when you’re in the Bay Area. Very cool independent shop, and Santa Cruz has more vegans per capita than probably anywhere else in the world.

  15. No Pittsburgh? We have 3 rivers ya know and even a secret 4th hidden river too. Runs up the hills of Mount Washington or Troy Hill or Polish Hill would make you a Burgh believer I’m sure. If you change your mind…..

  16. Woohoo I was so excited to see ANN ARBOR, MI on the list! I’ll see you there!! πŸ™‚

  17. Nooooo!!! You’re in Chicago the weekend I’m in Wichita, KS! I’m sad.

  18. You’re not only coming to TN, you’re coming to my local Fleet Feet. Squeee!!! You’ll love the owners – Matt and Christi Beth are just about the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. πŸ™‚

  19. Just preordered your book! Wish you were coming close to Myrtle Beach, SC. Looking forward to reading the book!

  20. Looks like Oct 4 is open and available. Perhaps you’d like to add Pittsburgh, PA?

  21. See you have 3 Pittsburgh votes. And if I keep voting, you’ll have more

    • Kim, I actually will be really close to Pittsburgh on Oct 7. The problem is I will have run 40 miles on Friday-Saturday for a RAGNAR relay, then done a Saturday night and Sunday morning event … so I gave myself a day off. But if people are interested, I’d be happy to do something an informal, like a meetup. Let me know if you’d come and we’ll plan it!

  22. Do you have something lined up for Minneapolis yet? I see it’s TBD. Let me know as I have some connections.

    • Nathan, not yet! For as much NMA blog traffic comes from Minneapolis (and the vibe I hear it has), I couldn’t find much that looked like a great fit. But maybe I don’t know who to ask. I’d love your help; send me an email ( with ideas. Thanks!

  23. Matt! We want you in Canada. Have a great book tour, and consider Canada if you decide to do a round 2….

  24. Tiffany Uranga says:

    I see that you have slated Nov 1/2/4 for San Diego. If you have not made venue plans I have a few suggestions that I think might be helpful. A great running store for a book signing/talk is Road Runner Sports. (
    It is a location that many runs and tri’s use for packet pick up. It is centrally located between north and south ends of San Diego county; great to capture and bring together a large range of no meat athletes at both ends of SD. I think they would welcome you with open arms and believe there is an area in the back for meetings, etc. to accommodate the event.

    Another thought is a restaurant in North Park which is about 10 minutes from downtown called Casa de Luz. (
    The eatery prides itself on 100% organic, macrobiotic, vegan, gluten free, communal dining, and an education center. There is an upstairs loft area where local meet ups and organizations hold meetings and classes. I do not think they charge for the space. Great food and in a trendy, hip suburb of the city.

    Not far from Downtown and Casa de Luz is a must see for all visitors to San Diego, Balboa Park. Not only is the famous SD Zoo here, but a WONDERFUL place to schedule a group run.

    I hope these suggestions help; just a few that immediately come to mind. SD is a great city and so happy it is on the tour list. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or would like additional ideas.

    Looking forward to your visit and the arrival of the book on or near Oct 1!

  25. David Reynolds says:

    cool maybe I can swing by Nov 10 in Sugarland!

  26. I will miss your book tour in NY City today. You should try to make it to the Hudson Valley it’s beautiful this time of year. Looking forward reading your book and all the free pre order stuff.

    Thanks Matt
    Good Luck

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