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  • Holy yum, that looks delish! Adding it to the ever-growing list of recipes to make…

    1. Ah yes, the ever growing list of to-make recipes that we all have…you should check out Evernote.com if you haven’t yet. You download a button for your browser, and all you do is highlight something and click the button and it saves it as a note, like a new recipe card. And it keeps track of where everything came from so you can go back to the orgininal site if you want.

    2. I loved this! But it turned not very curry tasting! Would it be the curry powder I used? How could I make it tastier and not so runny!? Less water and a better brand maybe!?

  • Sweet potatoes + chickpeas + coconut milk sounds like a winner in my book! I put chickpeas on my salad almost every day 🙂
    Megan (The Runner’s Kitchen)’s last blog post..Vegetables and Muscles

    1. I’ve eaten so many chickpeas since I went veg. I used to cook with them occasionally, but now that I eat all kinds of beans more, my chickpea consumption is through the roof!

  • I also made an awesome vegetable curry tonight… Will post the recipe on my blog tomorrow. But I’ll be sure to try your recipes too!

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog! 😀
    I’m loving the sound of this curry dish. Mmm…I tried making one a while back and let’s just say it wouldn’t have earned the 4 cows for taste that you gave this one. 😉 I’m going to have to try it out for sure!!
    Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)’s last blog post..Hungry Monday

  • Oooh, great knife. Is it a Wusthof?
    Oh, and the sweet potato curry…nice! Sweet taters are one of our fave veggies. All day, everyday!

    1. Yep it’s a Wusthof. Which is funny, because we registered for it as a wedding gift, only to realize once we got it that the rest of our knives are Henckels. But it’s one of our favorites. I need to get a chef-knife sized santoku instead of just the small one though.

  • Colorful and vibrating in a healthy way! I do make curries but Chickpeas and Sweet potato is a new combination for me 🙂 Sure this going to be my dinner sometime this week 🙂
    Ann’s last blog post..Black Bean Burger

    1. Great, let me know how it is! I was really happy with it. Very mellow. If you’re in the mood for spicy, use a different curry powder or better yet, make your own.

  • We made this tonight and really enjoyed it. The recipe got itself hole-punched and thrown into the binder so we will add this to the growing meals we can make.

  • I love love love curry. I can’t wait to try this one (though, I’ll have to do it when my husband is away on business as he hates the sight of chickpeas, peas or any legume, for that matter!
    Have you tried jasmine brown rice? My family loves the aroma and how well it blends with curry dishes. I usually cook it in my veggie/rice steamer.
    Natalie’s last blog post..The Algarve

    1. Wow, I can’t imagine what I’d do if I hated chickpeas and legumes. I’m guessing he’s not a vegetarian?
      I have had jasmine rice, and only recently did I find the brown type. And you’re right, it’s delicious. I’d really like to make coconut rice sometime.

      1. Oh no, he’s not a vegetarian, nor do I think he’ll ever be! I’m not either – but, would like to make the switch to mostly vegetarian (I don’t know if I can give up fish and chicken). I’m allergic to soy and a dozen or so raw fruits and veggies. Also almonds, etc. So, all vegetarian would be tough for me. You have great recipes he that are inspiring me, however!
        Natalie’s last blog post..The Algarve

        1. Food allergies do make it tough. I’ve found that giving up chicken was really easy, I do still sometimes want some fish but even that isn’t so hard to get used to. Plus, I’m still willing to eat fish every once in a while, so just knowing that makes it easier to avoid it 99% of the time.

  • Hey I made this last night and it was awesome! I was impressed too by how quickly it came together. I made a couple of substitutions- I used muchi curry powder so I didn’t add the jalapeno as it was plenty spicy! Also, Greg isn’t a fan of coconut milk so I used one of those mini 5 oz cans of coconut milk and vegetable broth for the rest. We ate it with grilled pineapple on top and naan. Cheap, filling, wholesome, and YUMMY!

  • I was searching for curry recipes and this was exactly what I was looking for. I’m going to try it out tonight. Thanks for putting it online!

  • Just made this tonight, and it was AMAZING. I have never had coconut milk before, and this was a great introduction. I added some sauteed chard with the rest of the can of diced tomatoes on the side, and it was perfect!

  • Hi Matt,
    I made this today, I am not super familular with curries but this turned out awesome! I have never used a jalapeno before so I only used 1/2 and I added broccoli…Turned out Awesome! I will definately be putting this in to the meal rotation!
    Thanks again!

  • Oh my gosh — this is the best curry I’ve every made! I whipped it up for dinner last night after finding your site for the first time yesterday afternoon. Now I’m a devotee! I’m having it for lunch over wild rice and it is seriously addictive. Next time, I’ll most likely choose a lighter version of coconut milk because I skimmed a substantial amount of congealed fat off the top today. But the flavor…..OMG! Vegetarian never tasted so good. Thanks for passing the recipe along.

  • […] Saturday night we cooked at the apartment and I made my traditional pre-race Chickpea Sweet Potato Coconut Curry. It is just packed with good stuff, but I usually cut back on the spice a bit when I make it before […]

  • […] curry was thrown together from available items, but a couple of my favorite real curry recipes are this sweet potato and chick pea recipe on NoMeatAthlete and a potato, spinach and chickpea mix here from the Epicurious site […]

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