How To Train In The Heat



Hold up…Doug WINS a 24 hour ultramarathon? Last weekend he not only kept his NMA Radio guarantee by reaching 100 miles under the cut-off, but did us one better by actually winning the race.

In today’s episode we hear a few battle stories from the race, what he learned, and how he managed the monotony of a loop course.

And as summer approaches in the northern hemisphere, so does the heat. After the race discussion Doug and I dive into strategies and tips for training and racing on those hottest of summer days.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Nutrition during a 100 mile ultramarathon
  • Mental struggles and benefits of a loop course
  • The sweet, sweet glory of winning an ultramarathon
  • How heat affects you body during training
  • Tricking your body vs actually cooling your core temperature
  • Tips for heat training

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  1. Hi Mart and Doug from the UK!

    I spend a lot of time in the car commuting to and from work and stumbled across your podcast a couple of months ago. I’m gradually working through the backlist and really enjoying all the plant-based information!

    I have a little hiccup in my Ultra training due to an Achilles injury but your podcasts are helping keeping me engaged and planning ahead.

    Keep up the great work, i’m spreading the news to my running friends over here about No Meat Athlete and wishing you all the best with continuing success!

    John Fowler

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