Ocean Robbins on Superfoods, Sustainability, and the 31-Day Food Revolution


I owe a lot of my health — and now my parents’ — to Ocean and John Robbins.

Ten years ago, I decided to try a plant-based diet. I was inspired, believe it or not, by a Tony Robbins seminar, and it turns out that Tony’s nutrition philosophy was heavily influenced in the mid-1980’s by John Robbins’ Diet for a New America.

Nowadays, John and his son, Ocean, put on the Food Revolution Summit every year, in which they interview 20 to 30 of the top minds in the health and nutrition world. They’re incredible at distilling broad, sometimes complicated topics into succinct, motivating advice, which is what makes the summit so appealing every year.

That’s what caught the attention of my dad in 2016, when a Food Revolution Summit talk convinced him to start eating a plant-based, nutritarian diet.

And finally, my mom started eating this way too: her motivation in the moment was a heart scare, but the foundation had been laid by several years of listening to the summit interviews.

Now, Ocean has taken the wealth of nutrition knowledge he’s amassed over his life, and compiled it into a “health manual” of sorts — The 31-Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, and Transform Your World — in stores today.

I had the privilege of reviewing an advance copy of the book, and I can tell you it’s every bit as insightful and actionable as the summit is each year.

It’s my pleasure today to feature Ocean Robbins as our guest on the latest episode of No Meat Athlete Radio. In the interview, Doug and I pick Ocean’s brain with questions both broad — like how he filters the overwhelming amount of nutrition information out there — and specific, like the foods he makes sure to eat every day.

Check out The 31-Day Food Revolution, and then listen to the episode here:


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