No Meat Athlete Radio: Farm Sanctuary Co-Founder and Ironman Gene Baur

Gene Baur would be pretty darn cool if he were “just” the co-founder of Farm Sanctuary.

Through his work there, Gene has become a published author and speaker, and a respected leader in the vegan, vegetarian, and animal advocacy worlds.

But when I go from admiration to downright jealousy is when you add, to all of Gene’s other accomplishments, the fact that he’s also a marathoner: after speaking at our pre-race No Meat Athlete dinner before the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA marathon and half, Gene proceeded to run the marathon faster than anyone in our group, en route to qualifying for Boston on his first try.

Oh yeah, and now he’s an Ironman, having completed his first one last month, in under 12 hours — breaking four hours in the marathon, following the 112-mile bike and 2.4-mile swim. No big deal.

It was a pleasure to have Gene as a guest on No Meat Athlete Radio. In this episode, we talk a bit about Farm Sanctuary and its mission, then compare how we trained and fueled our recent races — Gene’s Ironman and my 100-miler, which coincidentally took place on the same weekend.

Here’s are a few of the topics we talk about about in this episode:

  • Farm Sanctuary’s humble beginnings (and how it was funded at first by vegetarian hot dog sales)
  • The gentle approach (rather than the in-your-face one) to animal activism
  • How the vegan movement has changed since Gene started out in the mid-80’s
  • Gene’s progression from half marathon to marathon to Ironman
  • How Gene fueled his Ironman
  • Eating healthily and training while traveling

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  1. Really enjoyed your interview with Gene. He is a very kind and warm spirit. And very humble sounding for an iron man triathlete. My wife and I were just up at Farm Sanctuary last month and it was really cool to spend time with the animals and like minded folks. It was sort of like a religious experience or sort of a confirmation to our dedication towards veganism.

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