Summer Running Camp, Part 4: Advanced Marathon Training and Racing with Coach Jason Fitzgerald

Throughout the first three weeks of summer running camp Matt and I have focused almost entirely on running topics for beginners:

This week we decided to switch things up a bit by exploring the differences between training for a marathon as a beginner, and training for your second, third, or forth marathon.

To do so we’ve invited one of the biggest running geeks we know, Jason Fitzgerald, a running coach and founder of Strength Running.

He shares advice on advanced marathon training, marathon specific workouts, and how to take your racing to a new level.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • The difference between your first and third marathon
  • Measuring your workload
  • The best workouts for a faster marathon
  • Why you should run more races
  • The perils of track workouts for marathoners
  • Pacing on race day

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  1. I’m a newbie. I’ve never run a marathon, but someday I will! This was an interesting podcast for a beginner to listen to, because I got to pick up on hints of what to expect in a marathon that I wouldn’t have thought of. Thanks Jason for the helpful information! I loved the specific runs and workout helps.

  2. Matt Gregory says:

    Excellent show! I’m training for my first marathon and the tips from coach Fitzgerald made me feel good about being happy with the goal of just finishing the race. No need to worry about finishing time, saving that for my second marathon, and just focus on finishing. Thank you!

  3. Keith Rousseau says:

    It was great to have an episode on more advanced running topics!

  4. Send me REBBL!
    Love you guys!

  5. This had perfect timing. Loved listening to this while out for my frist double digit long run of marathon training! And those REBBl drinks sound awesome!

  6. Really liked this episode. I’m not an advanced marathoner but liked thinking about what’s to come if I continue training. I think I can begin to incorporate some of these runs. Would love to try rebbl also.

  7. Mandy Savin says:

    Thanks for the episode! It’s the only podcast I listened to during a 12-hour ultra. It’s appropriate and timely since I’m planning at least two standard-length marathons in the next two months. One trail, one road.
    Sponsorships on NMA work! The first thing I did after the 12-hour event was over was go to my cooler and grab the tart cherry juice.
    Salute Your Shorts!

  8. Amy Strong says:

    I have been enjoying listening to your podcast on my runs and am currently training for my first half – Ormond Beach in Dec. (Ultimate goal is the Ultra in CA in April 2018 – Doug, maybe I will see you there?) I currently don’t do enough miles to do any protein or replacement drinks but have started to see what is out there that my system will tolerate. I would LOVE to give Rebel a try.

  9. Timothy Hobin says:

    Love the show, and have been enjoying the Summer episodes. Currently eyeing my first marathon in May, so wish me luck!

  10. Thanks for this podcast! I am a mother of two who is currently training for my first marathon. I am also hoping to drop about 100 lbs in the process. I will be running my first 5k post baby on Oct. 1st. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  11. Great, informative podcast! Thanks for sharing.

  12. This was one of the best shows you’ve done on running. Loved the advanced content and insights from Matt and Jason. Please do more like this! And I’d love to try REBBL. Sounds intriguing!

  13. I’m so glad that you had this podcast for the Summer Running Camp! I have been trying to move upward from the intermediate level, and I think this is some great advice! I’m looking forward to taking on my first marathon in a month.

  14. The thing I enjoyed most about this podcast, was how Jason kept pointing out the difference for listeners that were really trying to BQ and those listeners that were trying their first marathon. A must listen!

  15. Chris Sorenson says:

    Awesome episode- great insights into marathon training.

    I mostly run to stay in shape for other sports, so I hope you can do an episode about how to make the most out of small mileages and limited running time.

  16. Annie Clark says:

    Awesome episode! I love your guys’ show!

  17. really enjoyed this show… especially the idea about getting fast at shorter distances before going for trying to PR in a marathon. Getting your 5K and 10K dialed in helps build the bridge to a fast half marathon, and ultimately a fast marathon.

  18. Great episode! I look forward to a new one every week!

  19. Did you guys announce the winner and I missed it? Thanks!

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